How Milestone created the breathtaking biker’s paradise that is Strada della Forra in upcoming PS4 racer Ride 3

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How Milestone created the breathtaking biker’s paradise that is Strada della Forra in upcoming PS4 racer Ride 3

New video details the studio's renewed focus to find the perfect mix of fantasy and realism

The journey towards Ride 3 has just begun. While its release on 8th November this year is still some months away, here at Milestone headquarters we are already super-excited to show you how the game is shaping up.

Our main focus with Ride 3 is to provide you, gamers like us, with the most authentic motorcycle experience, and the best recipe to do so is simple but effective: amazing bikes + breathtaking and panoramic roads. Have a look at our approach in creating the latter:

Strada della Forra is one the most scenic country roads in Italy, near Lake of Garda. It’s not just a beautiful stretch of scenery: it’s an iconic location. It’s been the backdrop to key scenes in Hollywood movies, most notably the electrifying opening of Daniel Craig’s second outing as James Bond in Quantum of Solace.

But it’s not just this brush with Hollywood that fixed it in our minds as a must-have track for our motorcycle sequel. It’s personal appreciation. As we looked over a variety of maps and photos from across the globe, trying to find the perfect courses to bring to Ride 3, one of our team who’d rode Strada della Forra picked up its photo and simply said : “No route is as exciting as here”. We had our starting point and our inspiration for Ride 3.


And he was right. The track captures the very essence of the new Ride: freedom, speed, amazing scenery, and adrenaline. There is indeed a reason it’s been called the riders’ paradise: a road that feels like an incredible extension of the cliffs it snakes around, with amazing curves and beautiful scenery throughout.


Reproducing the amazing sensation of riding these curves has been a real challenge. And this time we really stepped our game up. Through aerial photogrammetry and drone-scanning, we gathered the data needed for a perfect recreation of all the “hot spots” from this amazing road.

Once inspired, our artists then created the rest of the track from scratch. This made for the perfect mix between realism and fantasy, allowing us to keep the look and feel of the original road, while creating a riding experience designed to fully satisfy the needs of the racers that’ll join us in the digital version of the track.

Be ready to roar through Strada della Forra at lightning speed and all the other amazing tracks in Ride 3, on 8th November.

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