PlayStation Plus Double Discounts kick off today on PlayStation Store

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PlayStation Plus Double Discounts kick off today on PlayStation Store

Pick up some big savings on Persona 5, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Hitman, more

This week sees the return of PlayStation Store’s regular PlayStation Plus Double Discounts promotion. There are big savings to be had on over great 100 PS4 games and, as subtly hinted at in the title, PS Plus members get special treatment.


You’ve got until 25th July to grab yourself a hefty discount on the likes of Persona 5, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition and Hitman: Game of the Year Edition.

Read on for the full list of discounted games, then click through to PlayStation Store for pricing in your area.

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  • All these sales going on, this is getting to Steam levels of crazy. Was hoping there would be Kingdom Hearts though

  • Busy in watching World Cup 2018. But if i were still living in Europe, i would choose to voyage in summer not play video games.

    I’m still waiting for Shovel Knights to be on sale.

  • Seriously, what’s up with leaving Vita versions out? The sale is full of titles that are available for both PS4 and Vita, yet Vita versions are not included at all. Why would you do something like that?

    • Sony – “What the hell is a Vita?”

    • Carnivius_Prime

      they’d be like “oh you mean Vee-Arr? Not Vee-tah” I want more Vita games dammit, the VR stuff is fine for those people but those people are not my people and my people want Vita!

    • If only they’d put 2% of the effort they put into advertising and making games for the Vita as they do for VR.

      I mean the Vita has sold many times more, but still.

    • If only they read their own blog or listen to some of their customers. They’d know VR was a niche waste from the start and that dedicated portable gaming is far from dead. I feel like these guys are so out of touch sometimes now… It’s like they refuse to accept that no one ever really cared about VR in gaming and they just did it anyway, and the dedicated portable stuff that we all kept saying isn’t dead, and shouldn’t die, despite the mobile phone’s success, they let die even when they had some of the best portable hardware since the Gameboy… And unless they copy the Switch’s concept (as they often do, copy Nintendo concepts) it doesn’t seem like they’re interested in getting into portable gaming again… Oh well, it’s their business…

    • @Stonesthrow: Have you tried VR? Games like Wipeout Omega and Resident Evil 7 have a completely different level of immersion to just playing them on a telly. Over 2 million PS VR owners is hardly ‘no-one’ either. For first-gen tech that’s a respectable number. It’s certainly not a waste for owners like me, and the tech is only going to improve for next gen.

    • PS VR isn’t really first gen anything. VR has been around for a long long time, in basically the same form since the 90s (or earlier). The unit itself is also almost a direct copy of a previously released Sony HMD too.

      You have to remember marketing language. There’s been (apparently) 2 million units “shipped”, so “owners” would be less than that. As they’re always in stock you can kind of guess that a large percentage of those haven’t been bought by anyone. So a safer guess would be between 1-1.5 million at most. Even so, even if it was 2 million it would be less than 2% of the PS4 userbase and less than most big titles. If we include rentals then the Virtual Boy wasn’t far behind in a shorter time period.

      Every hardware developer who’s “in the lead” seems to go down the path of gimmicks, and VR is a popular one. Sony are pretty much just repeating the steps of Atari, Sega and Nintendo who all produced a VR headset of varying quality during their dominant periods.

    • I’m sure that there are a lot of people who do enjoy it, but I imagine that public is much smaller and more niche than that of the portable audience.

      Personally I’m not a fan because, I don’t like gimmicky (motion) stuff to begin with, and I’m a big supporter of technically superior games and big AAA production values etc. whereas I feel VR takes major steps back in that aspect.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    dang, none of the 30+ games on my wishlist are here. Ok let’s have a look anyways… hm Odin Sphere Leifthrasir for £16.49 instead of £54.99 might be fun. Only 1 player though? Those kinds of games are way more fun with a friend or two.

  • Submerged is twice as cheap on Xbox One on this weeks sale, so i bought it on Xbox instead.

    It’s weird that Xbox version have have 50% off on top of PS4 sale price, same week. I paid only 3 bucks for it yesterday.

  • Onrush discounted by 50% a month after release not sure what to make of that.

    Despite the “double discount” some titles have been much cheaper in other sales. Having said that there are still a few tempting deals for me.

  • Why would you not post a link to the store lol….you guys suck. I don’t want a goddam yahoo login prompt to access flikr!

    Was that hard?

  • The Surge gets more expensive with every sale. 11, 15, 20 and now 31?

  • nothing for me, as I already own Wolfensteins and Uncharteds :)

  • I suppose it’s absolutely impossible to include Persona 5 add-ons in these sales and stop crapping on people who already have the game.

  • Thinking about picking Persona 5 during sale that game looks like a good fun

    • If I didn’t already own it through the ps store, I’d buy it again! It’s so incredibly good!

    • I’m going to wait until there’s a much bigger discount.

      40% doesn’t really feel like much of a reduction when the game was so expensive to start with. It’s basically as expensive as a non discounted title still.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    MIght get Diablo 3 ultimate edition for £7.99. A friend of mine plays it so maybe I’ll join them. :)

    craaap it was PS3 version… I’ve paid money and bought the ps3 version. :(

    Ok well i’ve filled in the Refund form thingy on the website and explained my idiocy.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Phew. Got email this morning saying they see i haven’t downloaded the game (my PS3’s packed away in cupboard) so they’ve refunded my £7.99 back to my PS wallet. That’s nice of them. :) This wouldn’t have happened if i’d been using the store on the PS4 cos the PS3 game doesn’t show up on there, I was using the PC website based version of the store which shows everything. :P

    • Good to see you got your money back.

      I only use the web store to purchase PS Plus titles. When I saw the first line of your original post I thought I must have missed a great deal on PS4 store. But then read what you had done and sympathised as I have done similar things on other digital platforms (and not always got refunds either).

    • Thanks. :) Yeah I guess i forgot the PS3 was even a thing since i haven’t used mine in a few years since fully transferring to PS4 so it didn’t even occur to me it was the PS3 version had mistakenly put on my wishlist (which i scan through everytime there’s a sale to see if any of my games in it have been reduced). yep, glad i got the refund without any issue. :) Sorry you haven’t always got yours on other services.

  • You should, I picked it up a couple of months ago and fell in love with it

  • Nothing for me this time, because most of the games on my wishlist are for the Vita.

  • Not the best sale we’ve seen. Some games are increased in price from previous sales such as The Bioshock collection which is now £13.49 but was £9.49 a few weeks ago. £27.49 for Shadow of War standard edition is also ridiculous, I can purchase it for half that price on disc.

  • Persona 5 still doesn’t feel cheap enough to buy…

    40 whatevers for the full version doesn’t really “feel” like a sale when titles like DQ XI are full price and only 5 more

  • Really Sony? We get zero escape 3 on vita and now first two zero escape games (I heard it’s recommended to play 1 and 2 before playing 3) are on sale but only on ps4 and not on vita? Really Sony? Shameful act

  • Horrible sale. Besides a few selections, the same as always. And none of the prices are any better with the PS+ discount than in a regular sale. Good to see you wasting our PS+ profits on useless sales that pretty much amount to the same as a regular sale. Not that it matters to someone who doesn’t buy digital. God, I hate PS+ so much. By far the worst concept and service I have ever encountered, and I actually have to sub to it and support it :o

    • Not being funny mate a lot of these prices are the lowest they’ve ever been. All the CoDs, both Skyrim and Skyrim VR, Elite Dangerous, Dead Rising 4, all the DMC games, Assetto Corsa, Final Fantasy 12, Hitman, Mass Effect, Metal Gear, there are quite literally too many games on this list that are either the cheapest they’ve ever been or joint cheapest they’ve ever been in a sale that you saying it’s no better than usual is just the usual whining bull [DELETED] about PS+ not being worth anything when it clearly is. I’ve been subbed for four years and the savings I make in digital sales far exceeds the amount I pay for the sub itself not even factoring in the PS+ monthly games.

    • That’s good for you pal, but people who don’t buy digital literally get nothing out of this, and still have to pay. Just like I’ve been subbing for over half a decade and got literally nothing out of it but my basic online functions. They absolutely need to seperate the subs soon. To each his own, you’re entitled to your own opinion but don’t expect me to fall in line with it :)

  • No summer sale or something? this is sorry excuse for a sale.

    • Summer sale probably kicks of later this month. But I doubt prices would be any better than this.

  • Skyrim VR for £14.99, I’m so happy! And straight after it got updated too.

  • Why is the Ps4 version of extreme Exorcism not available for PS+ members in the EU? The US got the Ps3 and Ps4 version…

  • One VR game, which is out of this world if anybody has not got this in VR yet get it!  However USA gets tons of sales on VR and we get naff all! Come on playstation give us a reason to buy some VR titles to keep this going. Plus can i ask also any idea of a release date of Robot rescue that is day 1 as long as i can get physical too.

  • I guess no more Vita game sales.

  • Quite disappointed PS3 games are absent from that deal. There are more than a few titles I’d stil love to purchase.

  • I think that’s it, I’m done with playstation, there are just so many slightly disappointing titles, load times are too long, the only games worth waiting to load were Diablo 3, borderlands, shadow of mordor and gta 5 (and debatably Destiny 1 when it was new and solely because it was a new concept), but i’ve played them to death now, and that’s how many years of the ps4 being out now?!? If you just look at all the care and attention to the little details was in older games, it’s no wonder remasters are so popular right now. It’s like nowadays every mechanic, every ability, every skill, has been fine tuned to be just slightly disappointing in the name of balance, because everyone is scared to death of making a fun offline game so everything has to be online balanced.

    I set up a ps2 emulator the other day and within 60s of launching it I was in a race with my first car, and before I knew it I had played for 2h, simple, gripping fun. Because you’re not worried about micro transactions or your on…

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