Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy gets new level, HDR support & faster loading in free update

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Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy gets new level, HDR support & faster loading in free update

Check out Future Tense, a brand-new level designed for the original Crash trilogy

Here we are just a year later, and Crash is back again! All of us at Vicarious Visions are so excited for the release of our brand-new Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped level, Future Tense, which will be available at no additional charge for PS4 players who own Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

We can’t wait to see your reactions to the new level and watch as you all try (and try, and try) to fully conquer the level, including the bonus area, death route, and of course the platinum relic. But before we talk more about Future Tense, let’s talk about what else PS4 players have to look forward to!

Stormy Ascent

For those of you who bought the game last year, you may or may not have picked up our first DLC level, Stormy Ascent. Stormy Ascent is now also available at no additional charge for all PS4 players; just head to the PlayStation Store and download it!

If you’re just now picking up the N. Sane Trilogy for the first time, Stormy Ascent is a notoriously difficult level that was cut during Naughty Dog’s original development of Crash Bandicoot. Last year, we rebuilt it and released it along with a brand-new bonus area for the level. If you’re a fan of hardcore challenges, you won’t want to miss it!

Crash Bandicoot Stormy Ascent

New game updates

Additionally, fans will notice some new updates to the game starting today. These include improved loading times, as PS4 fans will get to experience our exciting new Nitro loading technology! With this new loading behaviour, the game will start loading level content into memory predictively while you play, in addition to dynamically keeping the most frequently used asset in memory.

The result of these optimisations is that you should typically experience loading times nearly as fast as Crash can say “Woah!” I’m also happy to say that we are bringing HDR support to PS4 and PS4 Pro! If both your TV and console support it, HDR will automatically enable when you start the game.

Future Tense

And finally, most exciting of all we have Future Tense, the first ever brand-new level designed for the original Crash Bandicoot trilogy! We’ve built a difficult, dangerous level full of hidden areas to discover. If you haven’t unlocked all of Crash’s abilities in Warped, don’t worry – you’ll still be able to complete the level. But for the completionists and speed runners, you’re going to want to tackle this level with every ability you’ve got.

Future Tense combines the old with the new. While the focus was to design a brand-new level, we still wanted to give the hardcore Crash Bandicoot fans that are versed in development lore something they could recognize, so we paid homage to the Crash Bandicoot cut Waterfall level in a few ways.

The Waterfall level was based on ascending a giant waterfall in a dense jungle, using logs to launch you higher as you go. Future Tense has you ascending a giant skyscraper in an urban jungle, using elevators to take you to the next floor.

We’ve also added the iconic “Waterwheel” hazard from the cut level, and keen-eyed players may spot an area or two of the level that matches silhouettes from the Waterfall level.

Crash Bandicoot Future Tense

With today’s release of Future Tense, Stormy Ascent becoming available at no additional charge, and the PS4 updates, there are more reasons than ever to jump into the world of Crash Bandicoot! We look forward to seeing you there!

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  • A year later I think I still have it installed on my PS4

  • Awesome! I already fully completed all 3 games a long time ago (including all the platinum relics – and yes, Stormy Ascent as well), so I wholeheartedly welcome this new challenge. And it just so happens to come on the same day that I just finished up my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science? What wonderful timing! Cheers guys!

  • I love the way put the game back up to 29.99……..

  • I still need to get this set at some point. That update sounds pretty incredible with a new level and the major complaint of the set (long loading times) being fixed. :)

  • Why did you release the original PlayStation trilogy on those other bad platforms?


    • Because Activision owns Crash Bandicoot and to Activision more platforms = more money.

    • They could have released any other of their Trash Bandicoot games on other platforms, but no they had to tarnish the original gems.

    • Lol tarnished? How is letting more people play it in anyway tarnishing the remake or the original?

    • Exclusives exist for a reason.

    • And Crash Bandicoot hasn’t been fully exclusive since Activision bought the rights all those years ago. I don’t see how these are tarnished by being on other systems in addition to PlayStation. Does your enjoyment of them actually decrease knowing that out there someplace are non-PlayStation gamers enjoying them too? :O

    • Releasing it on other platforms gives more people the chance to play it who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Remember a significant number of people who like Crash Bandicoot, are younger players who will only be allowed to have one console by their parents. If they happen to only have an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch then keeping Crash Bandicoot exclusive would block them from playing it, just because they have the so-called “wrong” console. That doesn’t seem fair to me.

      £29.99 to play Crash Bandicoot NSane Trilogy on a console you already have, or £200+ for a PS4 then the cost of the game itself? Try explaining to a parent that you need yet another expensive console for just one game and see how that goes. Anyway good single-player games should be on as many platforms as reasonably possible. Single-player games are at risk of being totally pushed out of gaming, and a lot of younger players at this rate will never have played any game that isn’t online like Fortnite or Minecraft.

  • I can’t access the Future Tense level. I’ve redeemed on the Store and the game states that the DLC is installed, but when I step on the Level 31 Warp button in the new area, it still states that DLC is required.

  • I still havent played that game on my PS4 last time i played it was on original PlayStation like everyone else but its cool that new generations can get the chance to play it and enjoy it..

  • Now you can give this for free with ps plus.

  • I look forward to seeing this in HDR when my account starts working again. Currently cannot download anything I own from the PS4 console and the webstore is hit and miss (I tried re-downloading God of War and only got the artbook)

  • It was only ever a timed exclusive.

    The original trilogy was exclusive to PS1 due to a deal.

    It won’t sell as well on Xbox one as it did on ps4 as it’s been out a year and most people who wanted it will have played it on PS4.

    Switch version could sell loads though. Got to say if I didn’t already own it id have bought it on switch for handheld mode

    • You should buy it on Switch, it’s a pretty solid port.

      Only difference is that the resolution is noticeably lower and no one has fur.

  • Does the faster loading time means you can skip the irritating intro? ??

  • Yeah but when will it be on PLUS ?

    • No it won’t. At least not for a few years but I wouldn’t hold your breath. If you want it. Buy it or wait for a sale

  • CaptainWitwicky

    I think I’m dreaming. 2 new levels for my favorite marsupial? Good thing those fast loading times will get me there faster! Can’t wait to play them!!

  • In all fairness, there should never have been long load times. How did they manage to make it worse than PS1 cd-rom load times lol?

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