Intense free-to-play multiplayer shooter Warface deploys on PS4 this August

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Intense free-to-play multiplayer shooter Warface deploys on PS4 this August

Play quick missions or full-scale raids in PvE or battle the rest of the world's best in PvP

Dear players, we are happy to announce that soon the world-renowned shooter Warface will soon be available on PlayStation. You can look forward to exciting battles and full-scale raids around the world, from the dangerous jungles of Africa to the snow-covered capes of Siberia. Prepare for an incoming fight!

The background story of Warface


In the not too distant future. The world is in flames. A private military corporation Blackwood has started a series of armed conflicts in order to control the vital resources and achieve global domination. Illegal arms trading, human experiments, the massacre of civilians – Blackwood is achieving the set objectives with any means necessary.

Its well-trained mercenaries kill everyone who stands in their way without any remorse. But this was before Warface entered the stage. The professional soldiers of Warface have challenged the evil corporation to bring peace back to our planet.

Choose your role from Warface’s four classes


The first thing you need to do before leaving for a mission is to choose a class out of the four available ones. Each comes with its own set of tactical skills and a specific weapon type.

  • Rifleman

A universal class, armed with assault rifles and heavy machine guns. The first class to rush into the battle, watering down the fortifications of the enemy with lead, and the last one to retreat, covering the allies.

  • Medic

A virtuoso with a shotgun, which makes this class a deadly enemy at close range. Will be able to heal wounded allies and bring back the fallen ones with the help of a portable defibrillator.

  • Engineer

Uses quick-firing submachine guns. Perfect for the confrontation at short and medium distances. Engineer’s antipersonnel mines will make it possible to turn the enemy’s offensive into a hell incarnate.

  • Sniper

Masterfully handles sniper rifles, destroying key targets from a safe distance. Thanks to the crushing damage, a sniper is able to neutralize an enemy with one shot.

Play quick missions or full-scale raids in PvE…


The game class has been chosen, the weapons and equipment – selected. Now it is time to dive into battle! There are several short but exciting missions to choose from, or you can take part full-scale raids. The higher the difficulty – the greater the reward!

…or test your abilities in PvP


Do you want to test your mettle against other players? No problems! You are in for various PvP modes, from time tested classics to bold experiments. The most experienced fighters will be able to take part in ranking matches, prove their skills and get well-deserved rewards.

Earn in-game trophies to show off your skill to the world

For your accomplishments you can get more than three hundred unique achievements. These come in a form of marks, badges and stripes, displayable on your profile. They will be seen by thousands other players! But remember – those trophies will take effort!

A wide range of weapons and attachments to switch between in battle

Do you love weapons? Warface offers hundreds of weapon models. They have been made with stunning accuracy, a range of camouflage items and attachments that can be changed right in the heat of battle to turn its tide.

Pay special attention to the selection of equipment – various bulletproof vests, helmets, tactical gloves and much more. The right set is the key to success!

Warface will be available on PlayStation 4 this August. In the meantime, get ready for the fight. Decide on whose side you are!

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  • Looks great really love pve so definately going to check this out when it releases love the sound of the futuristic tone ???

  • Hmm interesting, for the longest time I was expecting this to come to Xbox One seeing as it had a minor stint on the 360 albeit at the cost of serious performance issues. Nice to see this come back to consoles again and hopefully take advantage of that additional horsepower on the Pro

    Haven’t played it in a while on the PC so I’m sure things have changed a lot since. Though being in September Spyro Collection may bide my time instead ;)

  • Might give this a look as Call of Duty and Battlefield both seem to have dropped the ball.

    • What exactly don’t you like about Battlefield? Having tried it hands on I can tell you it is SOLID!

  • Since I’m not buying BFV or Blops 4, this might be a good alternative

  • Looks too much like cod with exoskeletons, futuristic weapons and zombies.

    I thought we were past that.

    Might check it out since it’s free

  • This game came out in 2013 on other platforms, this game is Pay2Win and have loot boxes called random boxes,

    Premium loot boxes can only be opened using premium currency bought with real money,

    loot boxes contain over powered weapons, the chance to get the weapon permanent is very low, some people spend 300€ to get 1 item,

    Game has no Voice Chat, No First Person Kill Cam, Have Teleport and DeSync issues, No Separate Loadout for PvE and PvP, No item restriction in competitive Ranked Mode, which means players will use fully automatic weapons and other low skill items, PvE custom room interface is not friendly, 2018 and still not fixed anything, same game ported to another platform because players from other platform does not put any money into the game since, the developers are not fixing the game.

    If anyone have any doubt, just search about the game in YouTube.

    I encourage everyone to try the game.

    • Wasn’t it blacklight retribution? All i remember was that it was lifeless, this might be fun, will give a chance anyhow.

  • Will this come with the battle royale mode

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