Your PlayStation Plus games for July are Absolver and Heavy Rain

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Your PlayStation Plus games for July are Absolver and Heavy Rain

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is also available to download as a special bonus until 11th July.

Phew! Well, that was one heck of an E3. Not only did we get to show off a whole raft of awesome exclusives, we also kick-started our massive Summer of Plus campaign, which will be bringing exclusive benefits to PS Plus members all throughout the summer.

During our E3 Showcase we announced Call of Duty: Black Ops III would be joining PS Plus as a special bonus title, available to download until 11th July (you can grab it here) and we’ll have more exclusive discounts and extras in the weeks and months ahead. Stay tuned for all that and more, or head over to for all the latest offers.

Just like always, we’ve also got our monthly line-up of games and wouldn’t you know it, it’s that time of the month again. The following are available for download from 3rd July:


Dust off your knuckles, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Part RPG, part fighting game, part shared-world online brawler, Absolver stands alone as something a little bit different.

What’s really special is how well it all meshes: playing either PVE or PVP you’ll set out into the lost empire of Adal as a humble prospect and build your own combat style as you progress, picking up weapons, meeting new combatants to hone your skills against or befriending fellow travellers to spar with, trade secrets and impart fighting wisdom.

If you’re looking for a unique online experience to play with or against friends and enjoy mastering deep gameplay mechanics, Absolver is the perfect thing for you.

Heavy Rain


Hot on the heels of the hugely successful Detroit: Become Human we’re keeping the Quantic Dream train rolling throughout July by revisiting its break-out PS3 exclusive Heavy Rain.

Set in a rain-soaked recreation of Philadelphia, you’ll follow the trail of a mysterious serial murderer known as the ‘Origami Killer’, through the actions of four main characters, each connected somehow to the criminal.

You’ll be challenged to make tough decisions and search for clues that will help track down the killer and save a missing child.

A deep, atmospheric narrative-driven gameplay experience, Heavy Rain established the branching story-telling approach which has become Quantic Dream’s signature. Remastered now for PS4, the game looks and plays better than ever. If you love a slow-burning crime drama, or have only recently discovered the studio’s work, then you’re in for a treat.

Anything else?

We’re topping off those two titles with a pair of games each for PS3 and PS Vita leaving July’s final line-up looking like this:

Not only this, as mentioned above Call of Duty: Black Ops III, is also available from now until 11th July as part of the monthly games line-up, so grab it while you can.

July’s regular line-up will be available to download on PlayStation Store from 3rd July. That leaves you with a few days to grab any games you might have missed from June:

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  • Best game is on Vita, not a great month unfortunately

  • Nice! Nearly bought Heavy Rain recently but it wouldn’t let me, bizarrely because I already had Beyond: Two Souls in my library from last month’s PS+. Happy with this month.

    Oh and anyone with a Vita should really play the previous Zero Escape games before playing the 3rd part in the trilogy which they’re giving away this month. It relies HEAVILY on previous events.

  • Heavy rain isn’t available in the saudi store. What will you replace it with?


  • Really happy to see Absolver. Always intrigued me. Heavy Rain is a bit of a classic. Nice to see a proper title for Vita (Zero Time Dilemma).

  • “Rayman HD”? Do you mean Rayman 3 HD? :)

  • wasn’t Heavy Rain the preorder bonus for Detroit?

    monthly crap fest..

    • Batman the QTEtale series was a preorder bonus for Batman the QTEtale series 2 and on PS+ shortly after. Soo, this isn’t the first time..

  • why some 10€ indie pixel platform game instead of Deception IV?

  • Oh god, I played Beyond: Two Souls in May, Detroit this month and now heavy rain is free next month. Too much Quantic Dream

  • I already have Heavy Rain and Zero Time Dilemma, so… Rayman for me this month… great…

  • Yessss, wanted heavy rain badly, I had a feeling it will be on ps plus this year and played it on ps3 long time before so i did not buy it so im very happy with this month ?

  • I already have Heavy Rain (at least on PS3), Rayman 3 HD (I assume that’s what you mean by “Rayman HD”?) and Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma (Seriously: Anyone with a Vita – play this game). Extreme Exorcist hasn’t exactly gotten the best reviews, but I might try it, and Space Overlords has been absolutely destroyed by critics from what I can tell from Metacritic.

    The only game for me this month is Absolver, then. At least I’ve heard good things about that game. Overall, not a great month for me. But for anyone with a Vita that hasn’t played ZE: ZTD – play it. The entire Zero Escape series is just incredible. It’s honestly one of the most underappreciated video game series of all time in my opinion.

  • Ok these posts are getting out of hand!

    Rayman HD (PS3) : no such game exists on the PS Store! You have Rayman 3 HD (PS3) and PSOne Classics Rayman and Rayman 2 (both compatible with PS3/Vita/PSP)

    Extreme Exorcism (PS3) : there is 2 versions of this game on the PS Store, one is cross-buy PS4/PS3, the other is only for PS3 (yeah, I know, it’s weird!)… which one will be offered?

    It’s not the first month problems like these happens when the games are announced. Could you provide verified and precise information before making the announcements, please?

    • I think its pretty obvious, there is only 1 HD Rayman so obviously its Rayman 3, and Extreme Exorcism is also obviously the cross buy one.

    • I (obviously) agree with everything you said, but nothing should be “obvious” in these announcements, it should be explicitly clear. And I don’t see why it isn’t, it shouldn’t be that hard to check on the ps store the exact name of the game you’ll be offering, right?

  • Got heavy rain on PS4 . I used have it for PS3 great game.

  • So the EU gets: Extreme Exorcism,

    and the US gets Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess

    • I can’t even remember when US and EU last had different roster. It’s years. Would like to hear some explanation on it.

      But more than that, I’d like to hear someone explain how a well known Japanese franchise with history all the way down to PS1, and a stupid indie arena platformer are considered equally good offers.

    • When US had Abzu and we had some game I can’t remember.

      I have Deception ps3 & ps4 and Zero (physical US import). Not a great month for me

    • I think we had some shooter game about aliens or something.

    • We got the pretty good shooter Alienation.

  • Really bad month for me , only Heavy Rain interests me. I can see why they’ve stopped the PS3 and Vita as they’re scraping the barrel now but some months you get the impression they’re doing that with PS4 too.

  • Heavy Rain, thats a welcome addition in my books. Though Rob spoiled it for me when I watched one of his Friday features on PS Access.

    I downloaded Black Ops 3 via PS Plus during E3. I tried it and wow…I’m so bad at it

  • Seems most aren’t happy but I fancied trying Absolver for a while, Heavy Rain is decent and downloading Black Ops now. Not played COD in years, I’ll probably remember why in a few hours.

  • Ugh. Absolver might be ok, never played it. Had Heavy Rain on my PS3 and absolutely hated it (and I think my PS3 did too as it died shortly after that diaper changing nonsense, probably from shame). We’ve just had one of their games recently on Plus too. Oh well. Never mind.

  • I think Heavy Rain is scraping the barrel a bit, but I’ll give Absolver a go. It seems like that since they added Black Ops they haven’t worried too much about this month.

  • Played 2, not interested in 2, not a good month of freebies for me unfortunately

  • Heavy Rain was amazing when I played it on PS3. Been wanting it on PS4. I don’t understand what Absolver is about. Extreme Exorcism looks alright for a couple of hours of play, hope we’ll get the crossbuy version. Rayman should be good fun.

    • Glad you’re happy with the selection. From the reacts it looks like most people aren’t.

    • Yeah, I can understand why. It’s not the best month ever, but I guess I’m quite easily pleased. I still don’t get the Absolver game. I probably won’t like it much.

  • You’ve put ” ” as the link for every single game. Which doesn’t actually go anywhere!!

  • Great month. I already have these games but Heavy Rain and Zero Time Dilemma are some of my favorite games. Have fun everyone.

  • On ps4 only heavy rain…but for me not..i buy this ;) .Heavy rain its a good game…very good..and Detroit Become Human is a masterpiece ..Detroit is not a game is a movie .IT’s inspired from Blade Runner ,Artificial Inteligence,I Robot . Absolver >/dev/null.

  • Finally! Vita gets a decent game. Zero Escape should be great. I loved Danganronpas and Virtue’s Last Reward. Rayman 3 isn’t too bad for PS3 either. I feel like everybody already played Heavy Rain but it’s nice to have it in my library on PS4 if I ever want to replay it. No complains this month. I hope you’ll continue with giving us some good Vita games since you’re cutting it out of PS+ line up next year.

  • Might replay Heavy rain and Beyond some time on ps4 so I’m good with that. All the rest is negligible to say the least, as always.

  • Okay, this is getting ridiculous! I purchase all my games digitally, and bought the Heavy Rain/Beyond bundle when it came out. When Detroit was released on the PlayStation Store, the only edition available was (and still is) the Deluxe Edition, where Heavy Rain came with it for free. Back then I complained that fans of Quantic Dreams’ games were getting a bit short-changed, as most would already own or have played Heavy Rain. Now, a mere month after the release of Detroit, you put up Heavy Rain as a PS Plus game? This means that anybody who bought the Deluxe Edition of Detroit from your store have one less PS Plus game to look forward to next month, and the aforementioned fans are getting yet another middle finger from Sony

    • How is it that? The Plus game are up for everyone to try. So in case you haven’t tried out Detroit then Heavy Rain might be a good way to understand what Quantic does with their games.

      Now if you buy all of your games digitally, you should know that there’s always a risk with buying a game before it’s announced on Plus. I do the same. I managed to save myself with Absolver, so happy.

    • I’m not upset that a game I bought is on PS Plus, that’s fine. What upsets me is that I was forced to pay a higher price to essentially re-buy Heavy Rain when buying Detroit, and now the money I pay for Plus goes to the game a third time.

      Also, who would want to download Detroit next month, after getting Heavy Rain free? It’s stil only the Deluxe Edition available, so any Plus subscriber who downloads HR next month will automatically be charged an overprice for the game, since they already own part of the “bundle”.

    • Or maybe it’ll be not available anymore, because you already bought Heavy Rain…that would be sweet.

  • Please, I don’t want more David Cage. I really, really, really dislike him.

    • Don’t worry, only Fahrenheit left. Unless we get a remaster of Omicron, which would be awesome, I want me some holographic Bowie…

  • Came here expecting to be disappointed. And I was disappointed. So does that mean my expectations were met?

  • Have to say I’m pretty disappointed with this set of Plus games. I had Heavy Rain on PS3 and found it really boring. Tried Beyond Two Souls last month again I found that boring….. While some people find these types of games interesting I tend to find them boring has I prefer something with a bit more action in it.

    As for absolver it seem like an interesting concept but I have a feeling that it is going to be one of those “Short Lived” games where people start dropping off. Its not to knock the developers as the art style and game in general does look cool but when you look at games of the similar type they don’t stick around for a long time.

    Now Looking to see what games are coming our way come August. Hopefully it will be something more action based and not a watch a video sequence then select Square, Triangle, Circle or Cross to input your choice.

  • Off topic where is full game of captain spirit . Sony needs new mangerment bring back Andrew house since captain spirit full game not on store .

    • You mad? I’ve played through it twice already and deleted it on wednesday…or did I delete it from the store by mistake? Uh oh…

  • Hope Sony gives us Last Guardian i wanted to buy it since the moment i brought my beautifull PS4 slim i always miss that game during PS Store or any other Sale and that game looks like good fun with Detroit and God of War finished i think i might finally buy rather than wait for it.

  • I played Heavy Rain on the ps3 and don’t really want to play again, but its still a good choice Absolver looks interesting, both Rayman 3, and Zero Time Delema are great games you usually give the PS3 and Vita trash which makes me think what is the point on them being on plus, and this is a month where I will actually play both of them. Overall an alright month three games I will play, not the best not the worst, its worth what I pay.

  • And xbox gold and gamepass just getting better.

    Sony are getting greedy.

    They raised the price on ps+ and still not giving us premium content.

    • Yes the xbox exclusives are amazing! (if you can find any)

      Xbox live gold has dragged behind sony for months now as for Gamepass it’s okay if you have 7.99 knocking around but after a few months you’ll question its worth.

      Sony showcase at e3 outshined microsoft.

      I have both if it was not for Halo and Gears my 360 and xbone would gone to cex long ago

  • $9 PS3 indie game instead of Deception IV? How is that a fair trade? Why don’t we get Deception IV?

    • This is ridiculous, really!

      US always got good stuff, including PSP games has +Plus games! Wht Europe got when they where given those titles? Cellphone games(aka Indis) GREAT!

      I love how we are treated here in Europe… *sarcasm*

  • We got Beyond Two Souls quite a while ago; can we move forward in time, not back? These plus games keep getting older and cheaper. Give us some value would ya? I’d rather buy a game outright for $5 than have them included as glorified Plus rentals. You hardly save any money with this model. Well, Sony does, just not their customers.

  • I don’t think there’s been a good free game this year. Its usually a lot of average indie stuff.

    Can we have a single player first person shooter please? Or something that sold well? With a good story?

    I’d prefer getting a quarterly update if it had something worth downloading.

    • Yes. Tiny indie games such as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Bloodborne, Ratchet & Clank and Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Just pixelated nonsense. Practically no one had even heard of those gamed.

    • Yeah, from you’re comment above you’re unusually happy with all the games. And good for you. Not everyone has the same taste as you. The selection has been poor this year. But if it’s good enough for you, great. That doesn’t make it good though. I’ll admit Bloodborne was great. But that’s one game, all year.

    • Single player fps with a good story? Dude, you just invented a new genre.

    • Haha, they’re hard to find alright.

    • Titanfall 2 was decent, actually.

    • The games I mentioned aren’t necessarily my favourite games, but they certainly aren’t average indie games, they did sell quite well, and they’re all PS+ games this year.

  • I want to play zero time, but my psvita screen is broke

  • Absolver looks great! And Heavy Rain was superb. Good games!

  • So we’re back to different titles in EU and US? What’s next? Trade Tariffs on microtransactions?

  • Why did you toke away

    Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess (PlayStation 3)

    For Europe? WHY? Why are we getting trash stuff and Americans the good stuff? WHY?

  • الساعه كم بتنزل Absolver?

  • Tried to download Heavy rain but its saying that its not available for purchase as i already own beyond two souls!! I can however buy Heavy rain for £7.99. You need to fix this!!

  • Scrap my last comment. I managed to sort it by going into my ps plus section on the ps4 main screen. Downloading it now lol ??

  • Heavy Rain: “You are not able to purchase this product for the following reason(s):You already ownBEYOND: Two Souls™”

  • Apparently I can’t download Heavy Rain cause I already own Beyond:TS, ridiculous…. Sort it Sony

  • Zero Escape is not showing as free, but £32.99 . Is anyone else seeing this?

  • This is a joke… Firstly most of them aren’t free yet but absolver is, the rest are asking for real money on the monthly game page. Secondly Heavy Rain… Unavailable because you already bought Beyond: Two Souls, you mean you already got Beyond: Two Souls in a previous PS monthly game lot, so why the hell would you put a game up that anyone who had PS plus for a while cannot have.

    • I saw that too but if you add them to cart they will be discounted to free on the checkout screen. I will try what @Hamster8U did for Heavy Rain. ” I managed to sort it by going into my ps plus section on the ps4 main screen”

  • I have added BEYOND: Two Souls™ as bonus game for May, now PSN store says that Heavy Rain™ is not available for purchase because I own BEYOND: Two Souls™. Is it a joke SONY? because it is ain’t funny

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