Play Destiny 2 for free from this Friday as Bungie’s shared world shooter gets trial weekend on PS4

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Play Destiny 2 for free from this Friday as Bungie’s shared world shooter gets trial weekend on PS4

Experience the full game campaign and keep your progress if you decide to continue your adventure

If you haven’t joined the Destiny 2 community yet, or if you’re a Guardian who missed out on your chance to defend the City against a new enemy, a free trial is about to start on PS4. It starts on Friday, 29th June at 8:01 am BST / 9.01am CEST and runs until Monday, 2nd July at 6:00 pm BST / 7.00pm CEST , but you can start the pre-load right now.

Throughout this trial, you can experience the full Destiny 2 campaign, from the invasion of our home to the final battle against Ghaul of the Red Legion.

You can create your own character and collect the weapons and gear you’ll need to become more powerful. Experience all the improvements and changes to the game since the launch in September, including our Go Fast Update. Take on your fellow players in the Crucible or pledge your loyalties to a Faction that will send you back out to the stars with a whole new set of orders.

Best of all, your progress will carry through if you decide to continue your adventures in the full version of the game.

Check out this trailer to learn more.

We hope to see you in the Tower for the opening fight, and out there in the wild for the rest of your story.

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  • It is strange that there is no standard edition for destiny 2 in the PS Store! They just sell bundles, and it means basically there is no game if you don’t have passes… or make the standard version totally free or just sell season passes!

  • excuse me, but, HOW can I start the pre-load period?

  • I’ve still no intention of buying this but I’ll happily play the campaign for free, thanks ?

    • Oh right this entire blog post must be a lie then ?

      I’m sure the store will update soon enough, remember that the EU Blog just gets things like this copy and pasted from the US Blog. It’s probably already available on the US store and will arrive on the EU store in tomorrow’s update

    • so what? where is the pre-load? :D

    • Well I was giving them the benefit of the doubt, unfortunately I don’t manage the Store or Blog, it’d be correct if I did ?

      The US Store has a very obvious “Destiny 2 – Free Weekend”, download while the EU Store still shows nothing of the sort. There’s a demo option on the main game page but it’s unclear whether this is a shortened demo or the free weekend.

      I don’t like to give unwarranted criticism but it really is about time that SIE got their act together, it really can’t be that difficult to manage a weekly store update and include correct information in blog posts.

    • try free demo is the free weekend option

  • Never really was into the Destiny a lot of pepole say that i didn’t miss anything special while other half say i don’t know what real FPS feels like,so i am kind of torn apart by both sides i think i might try it to see whats what

  • This game is so bad even if it was totally free I wouldn’t downloaded it anyway

  • I’d rather play Call of Duty, and I hate that.

  • Who cares? I mean, for real.

  • If you don’t enjoy it, then so be it. I find destiny to be amazing in a lot of ways. It has flaws, like every other game. But seriously, Destiny has been getting a lot of hate for stupid reasons. It feels like a lot of people who complain are also not as good at the game either. They usually lack the patience to go through with something when it’s difficult or challenging. Now moreover there are some legit complaints on the subreddit with possible solutions that usually ends up with one thinking: ” that would be a great solution” or “I never thought of that”.

    Now bungie might have made some bad moves with the game’s developement over the year, put they are doing what they can in order to make it entertaining. So try out the game instead of bashing it before you have played it. Who knows, you might end up liking it and create your own opinion instead of repeating the words of others.

    • You sound addicted or in denial that is has changed so much from the first installment. Delete it and go cold turkey. There are much better titles out there to play.

    • Destiny difficult and challenging. Lol now I know you’re trolling.

    • What I hated was the fact that I was forced to shell out more money for DLC as it locked out Daily quests and levelling up on the base game if you didn’t.

    • Of course it had it’s changes, so be it. We can’t just go with D1’s functions. I didn’t mind the changes, it doesn’t bother my way of playing the game to be honest. And yes, there are plenty of other games to play, but right now I’m enjoying Destiny the most.

    • It has it’s challenges man, specially when it comes to mods. However, like every other FPS game you just need patience. The fact that you are negative towards that statement is not much of feedback to work with. I enjoy the game as much as anyone else who plays it. Am i not allowed to bring that to the table for others to see? Yet the ones who hate the game and spread negativity about is welcoming. Quite poisons ways of treating something.

  • Only paying me hourly to play it would get me to download this.

  • Don’t know what’s with all the hate for Destiny. It’s one of the only good FPS on PS4. Tight controls, nice SciFi setting, great music and voice acting. It’s definitely worth playing for free, and it’s also worth 25 Eur once the base game+expansions+dlc whatever drops to that price combined.

    The pople complaining are the one’s that pre-ordered for 120 Eur or so. That’s on you. Whining about some stupid skin only being available via MTX etc…you don’t need that. Go out shopping and buy a t-shirt for that money.

    And yes, Bungie are using questionable tactics like employing behavioralists who ensure their gameplay loop is addicting, but that doesn’t mean you’re at their whim. Just play as long as it’s fun then delete it.

    It’s certainly better than that CoD crap and its glorification of the US war machinery.

    • The dlc is great – particularly the way they repackage stuff you use to get for free and sell it back as “new content”. Sticking old game areas behind pay walls. That’s the bungie way.

    • yeah that’s pretty disgusting, if that’s what the hate is about I can understand it.

      Like I said, i think the game is great if you hold out until it’s complete and heavily discounted, at least that’s how I felt about Destiny 1 which I bought complete at 20 or 30 Eur.

      So I’m still waiting, eventhough the base game is 15 Eur at Amazon, but you’re looking at 60 extra for expansion pack and Forsaken, which is insane.

      people who bought it at launch hopefully learned their lesson.

  • Sure, the free trial weekend has been on the US store for a good while now, but as of this moment, it’s still not available in the EU PSN store.

    So much for pre-loading then :P

  • I Want To Let Everyone Know That If You Trying To Find The Pre Load For Destiny 2 Free Weekend.

    There’s Option On Main Game Page On Playstation Store Which Says “Try Free Demo”. This Is The Free Weekend Option.

    Click On It and it will download the game and once it’s finish you can start play right away

    • No, that’s the old demo – not the full game as advertised as “free” for the weekend. They’ve messed up – it is not out in Europe.

  • This is only a demo, Nessus not available, was asked to purchase full game. What a waste of time.

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