Everything you need to know about World of Tanks: Mercenaries, out today on PS4

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Everything you need to know about World of Tanks: Mercenaries, out today on PS4

The tank-battling phenomenon gets a host of major new features, maps and vehicles for PS4

Prepare to roll out and fight for fortune, Commanders! World of Tanks: Mercenaries, the next and biggest evolution of the global tanking phenomenon, is free to download from 26th June.

Set against the backdrop of a war without end, it’s time to fight for yourself and be your own hero. Mercenaries shakes up the classic World of Tanks formula with a host of new vehicles to use, maps to explore, stories to tell, and game features to dive into.

This is the perfect time for new players to check out World of Tanks: Mercenaries on PlayStation 4, and if you’ve never played World of Tanks before, here are a handful of things you need to know to get you started on your career as a soldier of fortune in the world of Mercenaries.

Enter the Mercenary nation


Guns for hire are fighting for themselves in a world governed by lawlessness, which has given rise to the new Mercenary nation. Joining the game’s nine existing nations, including the UK, Japan, and France, vehicles from the new Mercenary nation are available to fight in multiplayer battles alongside history’s finest war machines.

Take the reins on new Mercenary vehicles

Mercenaries scour the world for parts and weapons to use to survive. The new vehicles in World of Tanks: Mercenaries are brought to life using parts scavenged from tanks from other nations – some tanks are made up of several different vehicles from a host of different nations! The result is an armada of unique, combat-ready vehicles that would strike fear into the hearts of even the most seasoned tank commanders.



Earn Mercenary vehicles with the contract system

Traditionally, new vehicles must be purchased using XP and Silver earned from battles. The contract system is brand-new to World of Tanks: Mercenaries, and lets you take on missions to put together a new Mercenary vehicle. If you don’t fancy the grind, the contracts can be bought out for Gold – but the fun is most definitely in the thrill of the hunt!



Battle with powerful new crews and commanders

Each Mercenary vehicle comes with a fully trained Elite Crew, consisting of incredibly powerful and skilled soldiers who are more than prepared to take on dangerous missions and deadly skirmishes.

The first five Mercenary Crews introduced with the new tanks can be seen in our launch trailer for Mercenaries, from the erratic Crazy Snake to the furious Fallen Knight, and the bombastic Storm Hunter!

Discover a new world

In World of Tanks: Mercenaries, World War II dragged on for so long it reshaped the entire world. You can explore the new landscape that serves as the backdrop of the Mercenaries universe, shaped and ravaged by years of war, in a series of new and revamped battlegrounds to fight on in Multiplayer.

Fan-favourite maps have been completely changed to fit in with the new world, with the lush Liberty Falls and a war-torn Himmelsdorf available to fight in with or against players around the world.



Steal from a coalition of chaos in War Stories: The Heist

A brand-new War Stories campaign serves as the entry point to the Mercenaries universe. In ‘The Heist’ you can embark on an action-packed mission full of espionage, nuclear tensions, and epic tank battles.

The story-exclusive Trinity tank, helmed by a motley crew of Mercenaries, is your vehicle as you take on a dangerous assignment. When a shadowy agent with atomic ambitions tasks our ‘heroes’ with stealing nuclear material, they soon find themselves at the mercy of an unprecedented partnership between the United States and the Soviet Union.

It’s an explosive, dangerous, and totally awesome way to get acquainted with the new world!






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  • Nice….lets start grinding.

  • You have lost your mind completely. You should focus on improving this game, on really something important for us, your clients first of all.And what we get instead of rebalancing or buffing tanks that really need it??? Tons of prem tanks to buy or even tech tree re-skin tanks to buy or damn hybrid tanks  (mercenaries) and you planned to put them into a random battles facing normal tanks.Well done. If you there are on some medicine I suggest to take only half of the dose or to change the doctor.

    • 100% agreed with you. There is so much space of game improvement. It is nice what they have done with the update but unfortunately not what most of the people waiting. Maybe if they will work with the graphics improvements or changing a bit of the inside tank experience (eg. The aiming sistem) or to give the player the chance to personalize the tanks in a personal way ( i mean not to choose from a limited numbers of items). An improvement it will be from my point of view, to create an engine inside of the game that it will let you to be very original. But in a way as you like it. That it will be close to the players. So far i don’t like those tanks from mercenaries tech tree and beside that, why the hell all my tanks are in the jungle? Seriously? They can do better than that.

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