How Detroit: Become Human’s pivotal ‘Interrogation’ scene came together

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How Detroit: Become Human’s pivotal ‘Interrogation’ scene came together

Director David Cage and actor Bryan Dechart look back at one of the game’s big moments

In a game full of big moments, Detroit: Become Human‘s ‘Interrogation’ scene is a stand-out.

Connor’s interrogation of the deviant android accused of murdering his owner, Carlos Ortiz, is a pure marriage of minimalist design and high stakes outcomes. It’s a pivotal, high-tension confrontation that can play out in a number of different ways.


While other sequences in the PS4 exclusive play out against lavish vistas or amid thrilling action sequences, Connor’s one-to-one interrogation of a battered and bloodstained HK400 series android is more subtle, relying not on reaction times or thorough attention to detail, but smart judgement on the part of the player.

Your approach here is everything: be it forceful, compassionate or rational, not only does it affect your success in getting the information you need, it also impacts Connor’s relationship with his human partner Hank – a core relationship in the game’s plotline that has significant ramifications on later events.


Just before the game launched last month, we paired-up the game’s creator, David Cage, and the actor who so memorably portrays Connor, Bryan Dechart, and filmed them reminiscing on how the sequence came together.

Now that you’ve had a few weeks to play through the game, we felt like it was the right time to publish that conversation. Check out the video above now. And if you took a different path through the game and didn’t get to experience this sequence, now’s the time to jump back in and see what you missed out on.

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  • Opening mission in Detroit where Connor has to save little girl from deviant Android who took her as hostage and did quite a mess is still one of my favorite parts of the Detroit.Its the level that i saw during E3 2016 PlayStation showcase that made me certian this game will be something special and it was.Everything i excpected and more

  • My favourite part in this sequence is when Connor stares into the mirror and Hank says: What the f..k is it doing? ?

    Btw, that android should have been more connected to the story because if you get the confession and you both survive, you can meet with the android back at the police hq. After that you speak with him, the android is just destroying himself.. ? And the info you’re getting is pretty much nothing. I wonder what could’ve happened if it gets shipped back to cyberlife.

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