Introducing PlayStation Hits – acclaimed PS4 games for only €19.99/£15.99 RRP

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Introducing PlayStation Hits – acclaimed PS4 games for only €19.99/£15.99 RRP

Catch up on the best of PS4 with this new value range of great titles

If you’ve missed out on playing some of the most acclaimed PlayStation 4 games of recent years then we have exciting news for you. On 18th July we’re launching the PlayStation Hits range, a selection of some of the best PS4 games available at a great new price.

From award-winning epics to family-friendly favourites, PlayStation Hits offers an awesome line-up of titles for just €19.99/£15.99 RRP each. The range is available both digitally through PlayStation Store and physically via select retailers across the region.



Here’s the list of over 20 games* that will be available on 18th July:

Available in select markets only* is the PlayStation Hits-packed PS4 bundle at amazing value, €349.99 RRP, containing:


We’ll continue to add to the PlayStation Hits line-up, so stay tuned for more – and let us know which games you’ll be picking up in the comments below.

*PS Hits game availability may vary between countries. Visit for more information.

*PlayStation Hits PS4 bundle is available in: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Monte Negro, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Albania, Finland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Israel, Cyprus, Malta, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Check local retailers for availability.

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  • Yikes this formatting

  • Haha, most of those games you can probably buy for about £3.99 on eBay nowadays anyway. Even digital you can get them in a sale for half that price.

    • Yeah, Sony really is clueless when it comes to pricing, especially for digital in NZ where retail is often 20% cheaper for new games. They need to comb their store and permanently lower the price of almost every older game. I guess they wouldn’t have any reason to do repeat sales every couple of months if their digital games were priced reasonably…

  • Nice….if only I had the time for so many games.

  • Why no Playstation Pro Hits bundle?

    Any plans for more Pro stock in general? it’s been pretty hard to get hold of online for a good 6-7 weeks or so now. I’ve seen Amazon 3rd parties at times selling it at ridiculous prices well over £400 for the Pro on its own.

    I’m just looking for that really sweet deal and I’ll upgrade. The RRP of £349 just feels a bit too high, even with a game chucked in for me.

    • Go Argos for it. 349 with 2 games in bundle. Generally has stock in. I had same issue as you but this is best deal in UK at the moment

    • The ‘Platinum’ and ‘Greatest Hits’ range were designed for gamers on a budget, so high quality games at value prices.

      A expensive Pro console does not fit into the criteria of ‘value’ for parents wanting to get their kids a new system with decent games, especially come Christmas time. That’s the way it’s always been.

  • Batman Arkham Knight,Last of Us,Uncharted 4 and Ratchet & Clank truly deserve the title PlayStation hits can’t really tell with which game i had more fun since i bought PS4 but all i can say is this titles are must play if you planing to get PS4 or maybe you havent played them..You will have time of your life at least i had

    • I agree with all those except that first one. I got Arkham Knight with my original non-Pro PS4 (the Arkham bundle) and sold the game within two days. Absolutely detested it. But yep the others you list (and many more) are amazing games worth buying the console for. :D

    • I was always a Batman fan so you have to understand why Arkham Knight is among thosse games i love Batman in any form live action,animated,comics so to be able to control Batman and interact with story,characters and the world around Batman rather than just watching or reading was dream come true for me…and thats why this game is there among PlayStation Hits at least for me

  • late and expensive…

    the price 14.99 would be more appropriate

  • A few games in that list I haven’t got around to playing just yet so this is good news for me. For a while it looked like Sony weren’t going to introduce a budget range for PS4. I also like the box art for the PlayStation Hits range with 90% of it still being the original game box art. I don’t normally judge a game by its cover, but those yellow/silver PS3 Platinum box arts looked awful especially when compared to Xbox 360’s Classics range.

    • Yeah, I wonder what the discs are like though. I always hated those PS1 Platinum game disc art lol with no colour and a very generic font naming the game.

    • Our PS1 Platinum range in the PAL region was a hell of a lot better than those god-awful neon green atrocities that the NTSC regions had.

  • Pretty expensive for some of those games black flag was 8 quid on digital. But most games you can even get for 4 like killzone and watchdogs. Uncharted is good for price. 5 year old dated games which weren’t good to start with shouldn’t be sold at this price. You have already undersold them.

  • Hate how these always ruin the cover (like a lot of Deluxe or whatever versions nowadays too) . The only ones I did sort of like, were the Platinum ones on PS2. I get that they have to show that banner, I just wish it was a lot more subtle or better incorporated in the original.

    As for the games, nothing I don’t own or still need. In fact, I owned a bunch of these on or around launch already.

  • A lot of these games have GOTY editions all ready available for around the same price. Which includes the all ready released DLC. The likes of Bloodborne and Battlefield 4 looks like the standard edition covers. Surely these will also include the DLC right?

    • These are designed as value games, so they will just be the base game.

      If you want GOTY, then buy GOTY.

  • hahah Sony!

    Here in Greece most of these games are under €19.99

  • For all the people that say that you can buy a game for £3.99 used. These are not for you. These are for people who like buying brand new games cheap and at the same time support the developers. Sony will not use used game prices on a brand new sealed copy realistically . But saying that even these titles will more than likely be available cheaper at certain retailers .

  • I will be buying some of these new value range titles. Support developers and support physical releases.

  • So it’s 20 euros, and 20 bucks in the US, but the Canadians get the best deal with the games going for twenty dollars, despite their weaker dollar. Though aussie and Canadian dollars are at parity I bet these go for $29.99 here.

  • Dear Mr/Mrs Marketing person. Please, Don’t change the thumb nails that appear on our XMB. I bought 14 of those games on release and would hate to see budget artwork on my screen.

    You ruined the Nathan Drake collection thumbnail for no reason.

  • It’s amazing to see Yakuza 0 included in this batch of greatest hits. Well deserved for that mind blowing game, and a great price for people who haven’t bought it yet!

    Let’s hope this exposes even more people to the awesomeness of disco dancing and karaoke in Kamurocho.

    edit: And then I see it’s currently on sale for even less. Oh well. Just keep in mind that, while these “greatest hits” collections inevitably contain some inferior content, Yakuza 0 truly deserves to be in this list. And buy it now :)

  • €19.99 for all makes more sense since most of those games were free for PS Plus users. You can also buy them way cheaper than 20 from ebay or other used games retailers.

  • Please add ALIEN ISOLATION to playstation hits list!!!

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