Introducing 7 new games coming soon to PlayLink, including UNO, Chimparty, more

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Introducing 7 new games coming soon to PlayLink, including UNO, Chimparty, more

Your first look at a fresh batch of titles specially designed for group play

This time last year we introduced PlayLink – a new range of PlayStation 4 multiplayer games with a twist. Utilising your smartphone or tablet with the free companion app as the controller, PlayLink titles are designed specifically to bring friends and family together through social play, no matter what type of gamer they are.

Following the launch of That’s You!, Hidden Agenda, Knowledge is Power and Frantics, we’re now ready to tell you about the next batch of titles coming down the pipe. In addition to the already-announced interactive thriller Erica, we’ve got seven new titles in the works, offering a range of great multiplayer experiences.

Read on to find out more…

Just Deal With It

Just Deal With It! delivers a whole new twist on five classic card games. Play Poker, Blackjack, Crazy Eights, Rummy and Hearts locally or on-line. Team up with friends and family, launch attacks, sabotage the competition, and go all in for the win, in this joyous card game party!


Grab your smart device and stake your claim as a jungle VIP in this multiplayer PlayLink game, from the studio who created Frantics, where up to four players battle it out across 18 wacky mini-games.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to gaming or a seasoned veteran, there’s something for everyone here, from flinging your chimps through basketball hoops, to escaping your rivals in a maniac game of tag.


WordHunters is a globe-trotting word game. Face off against friends and family in a series of competitive minigames set in different cities around the world. With beautiful art, moreish gameplay and a deep metagame that’ll keep you hooked for weeks, this is just the thing for you wordsmiths out there.


UNO is coming to PlayLink! Play against up to three friends locally and enjoy the fun of the classic card game! Race against others to empty your hand before everyone else in Classic Play or customise your experience in House Rules to ensure you and your friends never play the same game twice!

Melbits World

Melbits World is a cute collaborative puzzle-platformer in which rhythm and coordination are the key to success. Collect and guide the digital creatures through a series of fiendish levels by teaming up with friends to control platforms, obstacles and traps; all that while dodging viruses, gathering seeds and spreading good vibes across the internet.

Ticket To Ride

Simple, elegant gameplay and some intense strategy come together in Ticket to Ride. You’ll need to collect cards showing various types of trains and then use them to claim railway routes across the map. The longer the routes, the more points you earn. Additional points come to those who fulfil Destination Tickets – goal cards that connect distant cities – and to the player who builds the longest continuous route.

Knowledge is Power: Decades

Knowledge is Power: Decades is the third PlayLink title from Wish Studios; the same studio behind That’s You! and the original Knowledge is Power. In this high-energy quiz gameshow set across the ’80s, ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s, put your pop culture trivia smarts to the test with tactical Power Plays and touchscreen challenges that recreate a TV game show for players of all ages. Can you battle your way to the apex of the Pyramid of Knowledge and claim victory in the grand finale?

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for more on all these titles in the coming months.

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  • Would prefer DLC for Knowledge is Power: Decades rather than a new separate game. adding more questions to the base is better than a new pool of them.

  • Will all of these titles be localized again ? I loved that knowledge is power had dutch spoken words and text .. made it easy for the whole family to play.

  • Still no Buzz? Why, Sony, why?

  • As long as you need to download an app this is too cumbersome. Even once in the app it’s cumbersome. Jackbox system is elegant, simple, easy and much more use friendly. You really need to look into switching to that system.

  • Seems weird playing a card game where everyone is forced to sit round a TV holding a phone. You might as well just play the card game normally.

    I suppose if you were playing with someone in quarantine it might have a benefit.

  • Please, patch Knowledge Is Power! The game critically needs the option to get rid of those time-consuming tutorials that everybody knows too well after even single playthrough…

    A clean no-Power Play mode would be cool as well.

    And an option to accelerate the debuffs’ animations. Me and my friends would love to play KIP more but all this time-wasting kills the fun :(

  • Please give us online multiplayer for all Playlink games so we can play with friends who just can’t be in the same house!!! Just like Buzz! did… Sofa vs Sofa ftw!!

  • I can not wait for chimparty!!! When is the release date?!?!

    It would be nice to see the old buzz games released on playlink too!!

  • Great additions! Keep them coming! PlayLink games are a great way to play with your friends or family in house!

    I hope that the new games will be localized again as the previous ones (in Greek at least ).

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