BioWare’s huge living-world shooter Anthem has a PS4 release date

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BioWare’s huge living-world shooter Anthem has a PS4 release date

Pilot one of four Javelin exo-suit models - Ranger, Colossus, Storm or Interceptor - from 22nd February 2019

From the studio that created Mass Effect and Dragon Age comes a new world full of mystery and danger, Anthem. It’s been a while since the unveiling, and now it’s back with a better look at the intriguing gameplay.

In Anthem, you and up to three teammates are Freelancers, donning powered exosuits called Javelins to take on the biggest threats to humanity. Javelin armour is designed to provide its pilot with incredible offensive and defensive capabilities. You’ll move at incredible speed, rocket across the skies, and safely roam watery depths, progressing both your own abilities as a Javelin pilot and the combat and traversal capabilities of your exosuits.

There are four models of Javelin: the versatile Ranger, the heavy-hitting Colossus, the destructive Storm, and the lightning-fast Interceptor. While the suits all play differently, they still all dish out plenty of firepower. Players will be able to collect a full arsenal of exosuits, so they can match their play style to the mission, or to just how they happen to feel that day.


Each Javelin is highly customisable, from your gear and weapon loadouts to the look of the Javelins themselves. All gear and weaponry will be unlocked through progression and the only microtransaction content will be cosmetic items. That means no pay-to-win and no loot boxes.

The world itself will be shared across the entire Anthem community, Whether it’s night or day, whether there’s stormy or clear weather, every player in Anthem experiences it at the same time.

The world will be changing as well, with the promise of new stories and missions being added after release along with the possibility of some world-shaking events. All of this is made possible because every game is hosted on dedicated servers.


While the game is meant to be played as a group, you can play through the story on your own. BioWare has stressed that grouping up will be as painless and rewarding as possible, to incentivize even the hermits among us to find a squad to join.

Anthem launches 22nd February 2019. You can pre-order now and get VIP access to pre-launch playable demos.


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  • Unsurprisingly, the new demo is already massively downgraded since the last E3.

    • I don’t even think ‘massively’ is a good word. It is beyond any words. I knew it was pimped up last year but it was 100% different thing. Like everything was prerendered animation.

  • There is no way this game will look the way they presented it aggre this thing will be massively downgraded and release date this early with amount of work they still have and what they promised us its something we should be carefull about it especialy since its EA and BioWare

  • Our same day as Days Gone?!?

  • It will be definitely Delayed! those concept arts thou lol…

  • It doesn’t have a PS4 release date, it has a release date. It will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, on February 22.

  • There’s a few obvious issues here.

    “All games will be hosted on dedicated servers” means both terrible overload at launch. Then when the player numbers drop the servers get switched off and the game is unplayable. (Or of course if your connection drops)

    “The only microtransaction content will be cosmetic items.” Why are there microtransactions at all, is it going to be free to play?

  • No interest whatsoever, I never thought I’d say that about a BioWare game. What about a story DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda to finish that game’s story? How about Dragon Age 4? Or do BioWare just not do single-player games any more? EA referring to solo players as “hermits” says it all really about their attitude to single-player.

    • Yeah. I still slightly remember the times, when I bought Biware game just beucase it was done by Bioware and it was guarantee of high quality. Now it is just oposite. :-/

      And this game just looks like any other “default” online shooter. Just with new skin of enviromnent and enemies. They did not show anything interesting. :-/

  • Looks perfectly good but not really on my radar for two reasons.

    1) Bioware

    2) EA

    Hope everyone else enjoys it anyway.

    • Clearly nobody else here cares and I think its the same everywhere in the world after that terrible conference.

  • What an abysmal conference that was. And this game just looks like more Destiny style crap that we all know is a failure since the 2nd game. Shame Bioware didn’t know this before starting and wasting time developing this chasing the next trend. Quick guys, there is still time to throw all development out the window again and just make it “royals” like Battlefield V’s rushed announced feature with not a single screenshot.

  • I think it’s going ro be a beautiful game and I really wanna buy it! Bioware has shown us through time what they can do and create… I think it’s going to be a masterpiece as all the games of Bioware. I’m also excited to see the mechanics that Bioware has concidered with the multiplayer system.

  • I also have high hopes for this game, it just looks absolutely astonishing, a living futuristic world in which you wanna live in. Haters are just hating because this is what brings them thumbs up these days

    • You (and the one other positive poster) might have an issue.

      “Network Players 1-4 – Full game requires PlayStation®Plus membership to access online multiplayer“, no offline/singleplayer option listed.

      So, as it’s “online only”, sounds like you need PS+, which neither of you currently have.

    • @11. It’s called having an opinion. If you are looking forward to this game then good for you. Some people are just unhappy because EA has shown virtually nothing for solo players, and Dragon Age 4 is being held up by this online game Anthem because BioWare have almost all their studios on it.

  • The hates or “mehs” at the top of this article are just beautiful. So glad to see most gamers not falling for this unappealing, meh looking, Destiny clone.

  • Not something I’m majorly excited for but does look like I’ll be playing it for a while to see what it’s all about. I don’t really see why all the comparison with Destiny other than that it’s sci fi/futuristic and forced online.

    For one, this is third person and is with sort of mechs, that’s entirely different from an FPS. The traversal alone should make it different.

  • anyone else see 12/31/2019 for the release date when doing a pre order? 546d from now, lol?

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