The 2018 Days of Play sale starts today

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The 2018 Days of Play sale starts today

Pick up big savings on hardware, games, services, accessories and merchandise

The Days of Play sale is now live on PlayStation Store and participating retailers. Over the next 11 days, we’re offering big savings on blockbuster games, PlayStation hardware, accessories, services and merchandise.

And to cap it off, Days of Play PlayStation 4 Limited Edition* hits the shelves today to mark the occasion.

Head over to PlayStation Gear now to save up to 40% on a huge selection of PlayStation clothing, accessories and more.

Hardware and accessories:

Starting today, you can pick the following deals on PS4 consoles, PlayStation VR and accessories at your preferred retailer:

    • Days of Play PlayStation 4 Limited Edition €299.99RRP**
  • PlayStation 4 (500GB) €269.99RRP
  • PlayStation 4 (1TB) bundles €329.99RRP
  • PlayStation VR Starter Pack with additional game for €249.99RRP
  • Dualshock 4 and Limited Edition Dualshock 4 from €39.99 RRP
  • Gold Wireless Headset for €59.99 RRP
  • Platinum Wireless Headset €149.99 RRP


  • 12-month PlayStation Plus membership for only €41.99 – a 30% saving
  • 12-month PlayStation Now membership for €69.99 – save €30 and stream over 500 PS4, PS3 and PS2 classics for a year.


We’ve a huge range of blockbuster PS4 games discounted – including God of War, Far Cry 5, Gran Turismo Sport, Call of Duty: WWII and Shadow of the Colossus – as well as a great selection of immersive PS VR titles – including Doom VFR, Resident Evil 7, Batman: Arkham VR and Wipeout Omega Collection**.

Here’s the full list of offers available on the PlayStation Store – click through for local pricing details:



Head over to PlayStation Gear now to save up to 40% on a huge selection of PlayStation clothing, accessories and more.

Deals include 40% off the stylish PS ’94 Bomber Jackets, up to 35% off select T-shirts and a third off the inflatable Dualshock 4 wireless controller chair.

You’ll also find savings on a huge line up of God of War merchandise, including 30% off the popular Kratos black hoodie and 30% off stunning framed artwork.

And that’s only the start, we’ll be adding even more deals throughout the sale on merchandise from some of your favourite games, so keep checking back.

Remember, all offers end on Monday 18th June so don’t miss out!

Also, for those that registered for the Days of Play competition, don’t forget you need to win one trophy each day of the sale to qualify to the tie-breaker stage.

It can be any one trophy from any PS4 game or games. Find out more at

* PlayStation 4 Days of Play Limited Edition console available while stocks last. RRP: €299.99 from 8th to 18th June. After 18th June, RRP is €329.99.
** Some titles may not be available in your market.

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  • Apart from a few games this is a really poor sale. £45 for Far Cry 5 haha seriously?

    • I just bought horizon zero dawn and now it’s on sale and I wanted to buy the bloodborne DLC and now it’s on sale. So, this is not a crappy sale at all! It’s one of the best for me.

  • I’ve been monitoring prices since 10 hours before midnight…. either there aren’t any discounts…. or they haven’t been applied to the store yet…

    • i just checked the Microsoft website… and they have most of the non console exclusive games at 20% lower prices…. Im pretty sure someone someone at corporate forgot to push a button. example (monster hunter base edition ps4…59.99? xbox…38.99? funny thing is they ahve a deal that last 11 days.. same as playstation event… im sensing 2 things. 1 Playstation forgot to turn on the discounts. and 2.. why are both systems dropping so many tittles. im sensing something is gona hit E3 so big that people wont buy games for older consoles….given this event will last untill june 18th. and e3 is june 9th to june 12… i suggest you all hold your. …knickers… for a few hours untill pandoras box is open before buying

      PS: to whoever in finance is managing the discounts on the PS store.. Wake up, you didnt turn them on.

      and IF they are turned on….. all prices are 20% higher than all xbox games atm. do dmg control buddy

    • i just made a nifty picture detailing the prices, but cant post it

      that said here are the links for comparison

      Ps4 monster hunter Worlds–> “”

      Xbox one monster hunter Worlds–> “”

      and last the comparison.

      i uploaded image to and this is the link “”

    • nobody forget anything, it is starting 11:00 CET

    • Also, this is the EU (EUropean) blog, not US.

    • Eejit.

    • I really hope you’re right about “flipping the switch”. I’m in the US and came to the EU Blog by a search result. We have a measly 43 sale items right now. Granted, these are great games and many exclusives, but I was hoping for what I’m seeing for the list on this site. I have an XB1 X as well, but always find myself gravitating back to the PS4 despite the power difference. I was willing to re-buy some games and get DLC and replay games I already own on both.

  • I put qube2 in the cart a few days ago to grab it on sale, but I kept browsing the store and then it crashed and I never finished the purchase. fml

  • Where can i find the 12 month subscription for playstation now? Can’t find it in the Netherlands store

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Burnout Paradise Remastered down from £34.99 to £11.99? See, now that’s actually very tempting.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Gave in to temptation and am loving being back in Paradise City. Thanks very much for the sale. :)

    • AnalogueAutomat

      Yeah, I had to get it. It gave me my first platinum trophy on Ps3 and might be my 20th or 21st on Ps4. Fun times, even more so with a wheel and pedals.

  • Wake up this morning to pick something up from all thosse games that are discounted only to find there is no Days of Play deal still in Croatia,hope it will not miss us last year i brought Horizon Zero Dawn during that sale and when i see the list of games for this year i just know i will get something if it doesn’t miss us….

  • I didn’t even know we had a 12 months subscription offer for PS Now, but at this price I’m interested. Can anyone provide a link to the offer? Can’t find it in the Store..

  • It starts at 11:00 CET as already mentioned.

  • At those prices?! I thought it was supposed to be a sale. Most of those games have been discounted lower than that before. Think I’ll keep my hand in my pocket.

  • Why is the PS4 Pro completely unavailable in our country??? (Netherlands)

    (for several weeks now. I waited to receive my vacation money to buy one, but it’s not available now)

  • For anyone that know, if I buy the Royal Pack for FFXV does it include all the character episodes? Thanks

    • It does, although there are more coming.

    • It doesn’t, it’s separate dlc. The Royal edition that includes the main game does contain the season pass and therefore the mentioned character dlc. Check the descriptions in the store to see what you are getting.

    • Ok thanks. So I want the royal edition.

    • If you don’t have the game then yes! If you already have ffxv just get the season pass

  • Guys, i still can’t see any discounts on any of the above digital games. Is there any issue with PS store?

  • @Sony

    Well, just so you know — NONE of your “participating” retailers in France are offering the discounted Gold headset. It’s always full price or (surprise, surprise) out of stock. Not so surprisingly however, the overpriced Platinum is available everywhere.

  • Is Destiny 2 season pass worth getting at this price (for the same price you can get Nioh) ?

  • I just got another controller on sale in my local gameshop since my previous was all worn out from BF. Would not at all mind seeing more sales on official controllers like that, would definitely inspire me to renew my controllers more often. ;)

  • Too much hype. It’s just another boring sale.

  • I want to grab the Witcher III but I don’t actually see the price discounted at all. Is it just me or will they discount that as the week moves on?


    Am i crazy or about 90 pecent of these titles are not even listed in the U.S store? i have continued to check and vast majority of this list is not even listed in the ps store. Is there a difference between US/EU store or are they going to be released in different waves or did someone forget to upload the correct discounts because all i see when i click is the current MSRP and not the discounted price. Did someone drop the ball or are they different sales for each country?


      Replying to my own comment. Customer service is as useless at tits on a bull. Turns out is that EU has a better deal than US when it comes to this sale. Im glad you guys get the offers, but i would really wish playstation would just make one site that has both sales listed and show what upcoming sales were for each region rather than people having to search aimlessly and clueless until getting bland results from live chat.

    • Yes the US and EU stores are completely different and run different sales and offers. It’s been like that for years.

    • Thanks for looking into that. It certainty is disappointing. Did they say if they would be progressing the sales as the week goes on?

    • The easiest way around that problem is to create accounts for that sector. It’s good to have a Japanese, EU and US account to see just what is happening in sales and IGC.

  • Very disappointing sale, really regret waiting for these now and missing out on stuff a few days ago.

  • So it means that no more games with discounts will be shown in US PS Store? only in EU store?

  • Traded in my ‘day one’ PS4 500GB along with a second old controller at GAME yesterday for the Days of Play PlayStation 4 Limited Edition. £74 for brand new great looking console with two upgraded controllers, one years warranty, quieter, less power consumption = NO BRAINER!!

  • Ghostrider_2507

    So will these sales update soon or do they remain like this for 11 days

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