This week’s big new PlayStation Store releases: Vampyr, Onrush, MotoGP18, more

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This week’s big new PlayStation Store releases: Vampyr, Onrush, MotoGP18, more

Plus, The Elder Scrolls Online's latest expansion and Far Cry 5’s new DLC pack also hit the shelves

Feeling the E3 fever yet? If you’re finding it hard to stop clock watching as we count down towards next week’s festivities, we’ve got the perfect distraction: in fact, we got a store full of ’em.

Work off that nervous energy with a blast around the track in MotoGP18 or perfecting your racing tricks in Onrush. Take an explosive trip to Vietnam to rescue soldiers in Far Cry 5’s Hours of Darkness DLC. Jungle trek not your thing? How about a stalk around Victorian London in Vampyr? Or exploring Summerset Isles in The Elder Scrolls Online?

And if you’re still fidgety for next week’s E3 Showcase, there are plenty more games out this week as well: get the full list below.

1. Vampyr

  • Why would should play it: It’s a third person action RPG in which you struggle between upholding the hippocratic oath and satisfying your bloodlust. Set in Victorian London, you play doctor turned vampire. And if that doesn’t whet your supernatural appetite, this slice of gothic horror is from the talented Dontnod studio, of Life is Strange fame.
  • Read more: How Vampyr’s combat works 
  • Available: Tuesday 5th June

2. MotoGP18

  • Why would should play it: The premier studio for two-wheeled racing sims returns to the iconic circuits of MotoGP. The 2018 edition comes complete with a fully fledged career mode, 19 official tracks, all imagined for the first time on Unreal Engine.
  • Available: Thursday 7th June

3. Far Cry 5 – Hours of Darkness

4. Onrush

  • Why you should play it: Ex-Motorstorm devs unleash a new vision for the arcade racing genre, fusing the thrills of an action-packed racer with the mechanics of a team-based, objective-focused shooter.
  • Read more: 6 expert tips to get you ready for Onrush. 
  • Available: Tuesday 5th June

5. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Isle

  • Why you should play it: Bethesda’s MMO keeps expanding its borders. Newly opened to adventurers is the Summerset Isles, offering you a chance to trade exploring the wilderness for a tour of beautiful Elven architecture. But it’s not all about sightseeing: new skill trees, abilities, quests await as well!
  • Available: Tuesday 5th June

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