This week’s big new PlayStation Store releases: Vampyr, Onrush, MotoGP18, more

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This week’s big new PlayStation Store releases: Vampyr, Onrush, MotoGP18, more

Plus, The Elder Scrolls Online's latest expansion and Far Cry 5’s new DLC pack also hit the shelves

Feeling the E3 fever yet? If you’re finding it hard to stop clock watching as we count down towards next week’s festivities, we’ve got the perfect distraction: in fact, we got a store full of ’em.

Work off that nervous energy with a blast around the track in MotoGP18 or perfecting your racing tricks in Onrush. Take an explosive trip to Vietnam to rescue soldiers in Far Cry 5’s Hours of Darkness DLC. Jungle trek not your thing? How about a stalk around Victorian London in Vampyr? Or exploring Summerset Isles in The Elder Scrolls Online?

And if you’re still fidgety for next week’s E3 Showcase, there are plenty more games out this week as well: get the full list below.

1. Vampyr

  • Why would should play it: It’s a third person action RPG in which you struggle between upholding the hippocratic oath and satisfying your bloodlust. Set in Victorian London, you play doctor turned vampire. And if that doesn’t whet your supernatural appetite, this slice of gothic horror is from the talented Dontnod studio, of Life is Strange fame.
  • Read more: How Vampyr’s combat works 
  • Available: Tuesday 5th June

2. MotoGP18

  • Why would should play it: The premier studio for two-wheeled racing sims returns to the iconic circuits of MotoGP. The 2018 edition comes complete with a fully fledged career mode, 19 official tracks, all imagined for the first time on Unreal Engine.
  • Available: Thursday 7th June

3. Far Cry 5 – Hours of Darkness

4. Onrush

  • Why you should play it: Ex-Motorstorm devs unleash a new vision for the arcade racing genre, fusing the thrills of an action-packed racer with the mechanics of a team-based, objective-focused shooter.
  • Read more: 6 expert tips to get you ready for Onrush. 
  • Available: Tuesday 5th June

5. The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Isle

  • Why you should play it: Bethesda’s MMO keeps expanding its borders. Newly opened to adventurers is the Summerset Isles, offering you a chance to trade exploring the wilderness for a tour of beautiful Elven architecture. But it’s not all about sightseeing: new skill trees, abilities, quests await as well!
  • Available: Tuesday 5th June

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5th June

7th June

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  • “Cosmic Star Heroine – 5th June PS4”. Uh. Game has been out for a year. Or is this just to avoid the PS Vita section being too big cause the Vita version is out tomorrow? ~ Just another of those things we will never know before hand and have to figure out our-self..

    At least Muv-Luv is mentioned, so that’s something. And am picking both of those up, physical though.

    • I cant download CSH on my Vita :-( Searching for Cosmic in web store results in two PS4 versions. One with “download to PS4”, and one with “Tell me more”. By clicking the last one, it tells me that I cannot buy it since i already own it :-(

    • Yup. Same issue here, and Zeboyd Games said it was out today. Wouldn’t really surprise me if Sony messed it up. Wouldn’t be the first time :P

      Edit: Well, it’s now a bundle, but saying its unavailable.

    • So Cosmic Star Heroine shows up on the Vita store using search, and let me choose download for free because I own it on PS4, but there’s nothing to download. Only got a confirmation email, nothing downloaded and no Vita version appeared in my download list.

      Web store isn’t even working that well, like others have said! “You are not eligible to purchase or download this content” despite apparently owning it for both platforms.

    • Yeah. In the same boat @Aquabat. I purchased it, and its saying im not eligible to download the game. Thats the PS4 and Vita versions. And trying to download it on Vita, nothing happens. Click download and it just refreshes the page.

      Gonna give it a few more hours before contacting Zeboyd Games about it.

    • Yep, same thing’s happening to me.

    • Zeboyd are aware of it and are working on it. There’s a price error as well, which might be related~

  • These all start with “Why would should play it:” which is hurting my head.

  • Getting vampr on disc when comes aslo won’t be getting onrush didn’t like beta of it . I be getting far cry dlc since be playing that after finish far cry 5 since try find all side quests since hard find in that game . Will get dlc free since got gold edition. And more old retro games . Great week just in time for E32018.

  • is BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle not coming to Europe or what?

    • It is. But its still 2 weeks away, June 22nd.. If you mean digital pre-order, probably shouldn’t expect it.

    • As it’s an Arc System Works game, the real question you should be asking is “Are all 52301 DLCs coming to Europe?”..

      But, how can they have Persona 4 Ultimax characters but put in boring characters like Yosuke, Yukiko, Naoto (as DLC), Chie AND Kanji (as DLC), but not good ones like Mitsuru, that’s just wrong!! Also why no Guilty Gear instead of whatever that 4 letter nonsense is.

    • thanks, I was wondering because it’s out in America today.

      at least buying dlc gives you additional characters, unlike Marvelous where you pay for extra costumes. just let me play virtual dress up already!

      although I probably prefer having all the characters for free and missing out on some costumes..

    • it is curtsy PQUBE its gets released on the 22nd in Europe Anyway why should you care when it gets its US release today

  • Wait, Warface is coming out this week, you’d think there would be some sort of announcement beforehand?

  • Also 8th June railway empire mexico dlc it says so on their official twitter page it will be on ps4 xbox and pc

  • Wooooo! Nothing.. Maybe I’ll get Vampyr but it all depends on the reviews. Onrush (beta) was not fun at all. But the Far Cry dlc may worth a try. If I buy the pass, will I get the 3rd Far Cry too?


  • Just a small wish for the future, Playstation 5, March 2020, Motorstorm Remake, thank you in advance

  • Wow gee whiz they really have pushed the boat out this week 4 Neo Geo titles set for release

    for all of you who wanting Blaze blue cross tag battle the European version (Disc version ) is on the 22nd June why

  • it make laugh when they say Why should play then list a lot of games Only Available certain European countries or Pal Territories like New Zealand or Australia is this SCEE being childish that only a select few can play it

  • Make more Motorstorm!!! Or rerelease Apocalypse.

  • Anyone know what happened to rollercoaster tycoon joyride vr ?

  • Nice to see Muv Luv is finally here.

  • I would like to add, a better selection of vita games would be appreciated, I feel they are worthless, even free.

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