XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion are your PlayStation Plus games for June

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XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion are your PlayStation Plus games for June

Squares, Atomic Ninjas, Zombie Drive HD and Ghost Recon Future Soldier also join the line-up

Well, here we are folks! Summer is just around the corner: the season of long, lazy evenings, outdoor eating and sun-soaked family holidays. We hope you’ve made some nice plans for the months ahead but, while you’re gallivanting around enjoying the weather, don’t forget your old pal PlayStation.

When it rains (and it probably will) or the sun goes down (a safe bet), you’ll need a friend with a little ‘indoor’ charm to keep the spirits high. The good news is that we’ll be here all summer long dishing out great new games every month on PlayStation Plus, so come rain or shine, you can count on us!

And, wouldn’t you know it? It’s that time again – time to see what’s in store for PS Plus members come 5th June:


Let’s start with the bad news: your beloved Earth has been overrun by a technologically-advanced, militaristic alien race with a soft spot for human annihilation and the only official human resistance (XCOM) has either surrendered, been killed in action or disappeared into hiding.

Not off to a good start, then… but that’s where you come in: rebuild the XCOM council from humanity’s scattered resistance and begin a campaign to overthrow the colonising alien forces. Develop your underground bunker into a fully-fledged base of operations from which to launch turn-based tactical operations to retake key locations, collect resources from the field, win humanity’s trust and finally send those extra-terrestrial invaders packing.

A smart blend of real-time strategy, RPG mechanics and resource management, XCOM 2 is the perfect game to sink a serious play session into.

Trials Fusion

They don’t make them like this anymore – but they absolutely should. The latest in the long-running Trials franchise, Fusion follows the classic formula, placing you behind the bars of a trials motorcycle and inviting you to undertake a death-defying series of flips, jumps and aerial stunts, all in pursuit of big thrills and high scores.

It’s not just about hitting the throttle and hoping the best though – modelled on meticulous real-world physics, the true challenge of Trails Fusion is in carefully judging your jumps, properly distributing your weight and keep a keen eye on the track ahead.

Go it alone, boot up online multiplayer and challenge your friends or even create your own tracks using the in-built track editor and see what chaotic trials runs you can come up with.

Anything else?

Naturally! Alongside these two beauties there’re four further titles: two for PS Vita and two more for PS3. Put that all together and June’s line-up looks like this:

All these will be available to download from PlayStation Store on the 5th June – until then, there’s a still a week left to pick up any titles you’ve missed from last month. A quick reminder of those:

And that’s all for this month – join us again next month as we unveil July’s PS Plus line-up.

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  • I don’t know what to think?!

    • Let me help you. XCOM 2 is a 10/10 game.

    • @Bjarno86 Have they at least fixed most of the bugs? I remember X Com 2 being just one, huge mess full of gamebreaking bugs.

    • @nolidor8

      I played “XCOM2” + “War of the Chosen” like 2 months ago and I didn’t experience any real issues. They have patched the PS4 version quite a bit.

    • I played it longer than that and game was almost unplayable. I remember frame rate being really bad on original PS4. How’s now?

    • xcom is a good game but it’s for a small niche of players, which i am not part of.

      0/10 month for me.

      this month doesn’t make sense, they won’t give us jrpgs because they want to appeal to the majority of players and then they give us one of the most niche games out there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sad my subscription ends next month, would’ve been a great month to skip.

    • XCOM2 is niche? I’d say JRPGs are even more niche. Not like there are many good JRPGson the PS4 that they could put up anyway. Exist Archive is pretty much the only one that springs to mind that that is most definately far more niche than XCOM2. The PS4 offerings are perfectly fine this month. Just because they might not be your style of game doesn’t mean that the offering is bad.

    • >The PS4 offerings are perfectly fine this month

      There are people who are not into X Com type games, nor Trails. I would probably enjoy X Com, but not Trails.

      You claimed there aren’t that many good JRPG’s on PS4, but when you look at… Persona, Tales of Berseria (Zestiria – NOPE!), Lost Sphear Final Fantasy(some of the are good), Utawarerumono, Toukiden, God Eater, Tokyo Xanadu, Star Ocean(I know it’s PS2 on PS4 game, but still)… I don’t have full list in front of me, but at least those are one of the more interesting ones. I don’t have PS4, but I am sure you can find a lot of good JRPG’s on PS3, Vita and PS4. However we won’t be seeing them in EU/US Plus, because reasons.

    • last time i checked tactical turn-based strategic games were pretty niche…

      also ps4 has a lot of good jrpgs and jrpg is a much more played genre than tactical turn-based strategic games.

      and i never said it was a bad game, i said the game is objectively good but this month sucks for me because i’m not into that kind of games, like the majority of players.

    • Here´s the problem, I hate games that are turn based. Completely kills a game for me.

      for exemple I don’t like the first Ni No Kuni but I´m currently playing the first one and I like it, the combat is good but the game is way too easy

    • @Nolidior88 – There’s still a lot of bugs in there, but worse than the bugs is the performance. Still takes over 1 minute to load a save, still has unnecessary lag between turns, etc. And this is on a Pro. Just a poorly optimised port on BlindSquirrel’s part.

    • Well, Xcom2 is awesome game a probably the best Turn based strategy in a loooog time (at least two generatinos?). So good deal. Take it.

    • Yes totally agree. 10 out of 10 from 80% chance you will get a miss and enemy from 20% chance will get a crit.

    • xxSamuraiGirlxx

      I don’t understand this comment if you understand rules of probability.

      80% is not 100%. Neither is 20% but you took a risk you got a critical hit. That’s the point of the game…

  • feel-my-wraith1

    Amazing. Nearly bought XCOM 2 the other day – result!

  • What an absolute disappointment. But hey, you’ve already got my money.

  • weak!!! this why they made ps+ more expensive?

    • Don’t worry. They’re removing PS3 and Vita games next March just in case there was some people out there that still thought PS+ was good value.

      EDIT: I’d just like to add that I’ve been a PS+ member from day one. That was before it was mandatory for PS4 online play and we were getting great games each month including PS3 games, PS1 classics, retro games. PSP games and PSP Minis. It will was worth the £40 a year. The quality of PS+ has dropped in my opinion but it’s still a good service if you don’t compare it to how it was in the past.

      PS+ is now £49.99 and is removing PS3 and Vita titles in less than a year. Sony hasn’t done anything to justify the price hike. They know that they have people like me by the balls and I’m gonna pay up no matter what. I would lose online functionality and 8 years of PS+ games if I cancelled now. The only thing Sony has done is take features away or lock the old free features behind a paywall.

    • PS Plus is the single subscription-service I’d recommend to anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck. It’s crazy how little we pay to get some amazing games each month. I’m currently subbed ’till 2034 :)

    • Your kind will never be satisfied.

    • What, consumers that don’t want to pay more for less? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Nearly bought XCOM2 in the sale, glad I didn’t. Trials always fun to play. Decent month, will definitely be playing both.

  • Uhhh ummm *backs away quickly.

    I think the thought that eludes you is “poor”

  • if I wanted to play XCOM2 I probably would have bought it by now, don’t you think? make online free again!

  • What a disappointing month! With E3 just around the corner, you’d think they would up their game. Hopefully July is better.

  • XCOM 2!!! Thanks!!! Trials Fusion is nice, not excited for the rest.

  • X_Blood_Curse_X

    Those Vita games =

    But what else is new?

    • Where is Sony even finding these crap VITA games every month?

    • Lordy, I’m seeing a pattern here of 1 good ps4 game makes everything else ok I guess to most. Looks like we we’re just getting filler until they cut off support unfortunately :(

  • Both XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion are quite nice, imo, BUT the rest? Well, the trend of the past couple months continues, shoveling out garbage for ps3 and vita. Ok, not sure about GRFS, it may just not be my cup of tea. Oh yeah, and Trials without dlc is quite barebone, but it’s good for a quick round if you’re short on time and just waiting for a call or something like that. And even if you dislike both ps4 offerings, you can’t deny it’s something different. Would’ve appreciated the expanded version of XCOM 2, though.

    • The problem many people don’t seem to realize is that they can’t roll out games that have already been on PS+. So for people that missed out on these PS3 games (PS Vita just has a very slim library overall) they frankly don’t really have anyone to blame other than themselves. Keep in mind that PS+ has been going for 8 years. Look over the list of what games have been on there and are avaliable digitally and the list grows pretty thin.

      As for the expanded version of XCOM2. The reason why I think XCOM2 is on PS+ is because the trend of devs with DLC and Expansions can still earn more money beyond the set sum of money they get from Playstation (which I don’t think is that crazy).

    • There’s a lot of good JRPG’s on PS3, but what we’ve got was Mugen Souls working at 10 fps for 90% of the game. Saddly, no idea why they are not putting more JRPG’s in Plus. I would prefer JRPG over 10 years old mobile port.

    • This has been the biggest plan of all since the beginning of PS Plus. Releasing games that have DLC will usually end up with more profit. Atleast that’s the conclusion I made a while back. It usually follows a pattern, but the fact that you end up with good games is always a swing and miss. I’m happy that we get to try it out. Been wanting to play it since it came out. Guess it paid off for once not to buy it :)

      And I agree with you about the people who missed out on previous games. I did the same mistake on Xbox Gold. Now I have to take that blow buy buying every titles when it’s on sale…

  • Cheers, I’ve wanted xcom 2 for some time now. Trials will be fun too.

  • First time in a long time where I don’t own the ps4 games. Both appeal too so this is great.

    As a gamer across the board, I feel the nay-sayers here should look at Games with Gold

    1/3 of assassins creed chronicles and smite dlc. I have never been so disappointed.

  • Trials Fusion can be extremely fun & extremely frustrating. I’d say its a great game for PS+ if you were on the fence about buying it. Players will have fun with it…or should I say ‘fan’?

    As for the rest…..

  • A lot rubbish this month other months was better thumbs up ? if agree.

  • Brilliant been wondering whether to buy xcom 2 :D

  • It is the same games as Xbox One had about 3 mouth ago so think PlayStation is now just copying xbox now

  • hey, that’s pretty good!

  • Oh yeah! XCOM 2 alone is enough to make next month’s PS Plus lineup great!

  • With every passing month, it seems that PS3 and Vita will not go out with a BANG but with a whimper. :(

    They have so many games for those and with their lifespan in PS+ ending soon, it is a shame that they are scraping bottom of the barel.

    As for PS4, I can not say that Xcom is a bad thing, but neither that nor Trials are for me. I am still having fun with games from last months tough, and I appritiate having a quality game on here, so no complaints on that front.

    All I want from them is to muster up something better for the last year of PS3 & Vita in the service (especially for Vita, since in the niche scene, it is still very alive and kicking!)

  • Xcom 2 is amazing. Best strategy game on consoles by far.

    Almost bought Trials Fusion more than a couple of times.

    Really good month!

    • “Best strategy game on consoles” is like saying “best game involving giraffe racing on consoles”.

      All strategy games on PS4 are in the top 5 and bottom 5..

  • I just don’t know how or why you would put them PS3 games on… That’s like £2 worth of games that nobody will play! There is many good games you could give away for PS3, ridiculous you may as we’ll of given nothing for PS3 this month.

  • Well i can sell my physical Xcom2 copy now, thx

  • People whine because we get the amazing XCOM2 and not a stupid online shooter or sports game. This generation’s so called gamers disgust me

    • Yea that’s your opinion…

    • who wants an online shooter or sports game?

      xcom is a good game but a lot of people just can’t enjoy that type of game, while a game like the order would be enjoyable to most players and it’s reasonably old and cheap, plus a ps4 exclusive, would’ve been a better choice for the E3 month imo.

    • Those people who disgust you must be pretty annoyed by now. The last “online shooter” we got was over a year ago, and the last sports game 2 years before that..

    • A “lot of people just can’t enjoy that type of game” isn’t a reason for it to not be included on PS+. Other people would say the same about The Order 1886, a lot of people don’t enjoy that style of game either. PlayStation Plus is supposed to have a good variety of games, not just exclusively what one type of player likes.

  • More trash, only highlight is Future Soldier, and that’s on an outdated platform.

  • Excellent month. Great job, Sony! I don’t have any of these games and I am aware of how awesome they are. Can’t wait!!

  • Its a good month if the ps4 games are for you. Don’t fancy either myself but will maybe give them a try.

    No point moaning if you don’t like the selection. Just makes you look like a brat

    • Why not moan these are not free I’m forced to pay for these to get online, I had plus since it started and the quality the last few years is terrible.

  • YEEEESS! After 3 or 4 months, there are finally 2 games which I don’t have! Always wanted to buy Trials Fusion, now I only have to buy the season pass for it. Thanks!

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Trials Fusion mght be worth a go. XCOM really isn’t for me. :)

  • I don’t understand why there is so much hate towards XCOM, I played both Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within on PS3, bought XCOM 2 for PS4 and recently XCOM for Vita.

    XCOM, is one of the best TBS out there atm, has an amazing story and great mechanics that makes you think before you move, since one wrong move can mean game over.

    I understand that this game isn’t for everyone, for example, I know that Skyrim or Final Fantasy are great games despite not liking how they are played, but I’m not talking trash saying they are not good at all…

    • Turn-based strategy games are a niche genre, more than other games that will never make it to the plus collection because considered extremely niche, that’s why people are complaining.

      That and for the E3 month it would’ve been a much better choice to give out a ps exclusive (killzone or gravity rush like japan already got months ago, or the order) instead of a pc port.

      That’s just my opinion though.

    • Being a niche genre isn’t a reason for a game to not be on Plus, or else the PS Vita would have nothing almost every month. PS+ is supposed to have a wide variety of games so it won’t just be what you want every single month, or multiple months in a row. There are bound to be at least some people who will have discovered the XCOM series through PS+, who otherwise probably wouldn’t have played it.

  • Naturally! Alongside these two beauties there’re four further titles: two for PS Vita and two more for PS3.

    Not being funny why not say it how it is and say ‘along these two beauties we have 2 bargain basement rubbish for vita and 2 ps3 games no one cares about

  • Nice month. Almost bought XCom 2 the other day, now I don’t have to. Will definitely play Trials too

  • You gotta love people who wrote on this blog….

    No matter what games are we getting, there will be whining constantly…

    Xcom 2 is a good game, but hey, it’s not jRPG or much bigger problem…it’s turn based….

    I think of this like a nice way to try some new stuff that i wouldn’t play or buy. Sure, maybe there are games that i prefer more, but this is nice month for PS4 users.

    Yes, it is possible, not every game is ment for everybody and with this attitude, even if they gave 10 games a month, some of you wouldn’t be satisfied with that either….

    • Or instead of having us complain give us an online only option so we are not FORCED to pay for games we have no interest in whatsoever.

    • Agree with this. I’ve played some great games I never would’ve expected to enjoy such as Gravity Rush, Virtues Last Reward and XCOM Enemy Unknown. Doesn’t bother me particularly the whole pricing of Plus and needing it for online play, though I’m set for a couple of years now with it, but I suppose it’d be a good option to have to just have online plus package, maybe remove the games and discounts or something and just have a PlayStation Online subscription.

    • Go buy an xbox then, see how that’s better.

  • Another 2 games i already own lol

  • Ugh, so sick of PS+. Always have been, only I didn’t used to get forced into subbing to it… Not going to get into the quality of the games, for me it’s just the principle of having to pay for one thing, to get another (or more accurately, to merely have the option to pay for the other). It’s bad enough being charged for online gaming in the first place (which is absurd in itself since we pay our provider for that, you’re basically charging us to use something we already paid for, like having bought a house that you still need to pay rent on Oo), this PS+ combo is just killing me, and I only get the reminder of that every month… Well, clearly easy profits got in the way of common sense and I’ll continue to be pushed toward PC for online gaming. Battlefield is the only multiplayer series I really enjoy and that’s better on PC anyway, other than that it’s just the games that force you to be online, so I really don’t use online that much either way.

    • You do still pay ‘rent’ when you buy a house. You need to pay ground tax (in Germany) or council tax in the uk. Nothing is free my friend!

    • Whilst I disagree with most of your arguments I absolutely agree that the playstation online subscription should be available separately from the PS+ monthly games package. Always have, always will.

      Unfortunately, voting with our wallets would be the only useful course of action. With this comes sacrifice though which is why I imagine most people come here to moan and complain instead of just cancelling their subscription.

      Like you, Battlefield is my predominant online game of choice and for the amount of time I put into that game I’m fine with an online fee. If I can get 4-5 games (per year) that I like out of the monthly games then I figure the £50 a year isn’t too bad.

      Unless you’re already a PC gamer then the PS+ subscription will be a drop in the ocean compared to switching over and maintaining a gaming rig so that if money is an issue I’d forget all about that.

      All that said, Sony doesn’t offer a particularly “good” online service to say they are charging for it and it was a shady move forcing people into the monthly games service just for online access so I’m happy to admit that I’m never that far away from the unsub button myself. Sony’s just about hanging in there with what I’ll let them fleece out of me.

  • People calling this “garbage” or “crap” really have a weird definition of quality.

    If it’s not to your liking or not a game you would normally consider buying, why not be happy that you get a chance to play it now?

    And people saying these games are not free: you pay for online play. And get bonus games. Xbox never had free online play. It only recently introduced Games with Gold.

    Yes, online on PS3 used to be free. But it was also crap, I mean even worse than PSN is now. Doesn’t anyone remember when it was just not working for about a month? And people were complaining but since they didn’t pay for it, there was really no recourse for them. You really want to go back to that?

    Online infrastructure, especially with higher bandwidth requirements, takes money. Get that into your heads. If you don’t want to pay for online, don’t play online or get a PC.

    XCom 2 is supposedly even better than the first, and that was amazing. I have been thinking about buying it for a while, but just haven’t had the time for a game like that. (I used to sneak down into the cellar at night to play the original PC game on our family PC and lost lots of sleep and I can’t afford to do that anymore :)

    Trials Fusion is fun, then gets addictively frustrating – as in really hard. But it’s a great game, lots of fun.

    Ghost Recon Future Soldier is my favorite Ghost Recon game. It’s almost like a puzzle shooter, having to solve encounters more than go through by sheer force. It’s especially great with three more people to play with.

    The other games are meh, but XCom alone makes this an amazing month, with Trials being a great bonus for a quick 10 minutes (that turn into three hours) of playing.

    • I wouldn’t presume to tell you you’re wrong, but it’s how you look at it. You clearly (and correct me if I’m wrong) come from primarily being an Xbox player and have a different mentality than me, having been primarily with Playstation all the time.  You don’t directly pay for online (that’s part of what I’ve got issues with), you basically pay for PS+ and the service that entails (game rentals) and get online access as an extra like all the other stuff you get (discounts, online storage,..). Now from your point of view I can understand your position, since you come from way worse on Xbox where you had to pay that amount just for online access (and in a way can even understand your love for PS+ since it made Xbox gold a better service in the end, compared to before) but here that’s just a misconception. It’s even more obvious since PS+ is at about the same price as it was on PS3 as an optional service, so they basically just halfhazardly threw online access into that deal and sat back for easy, dirty profits, and miraculously pulled it off (if it was up to me they’d be out of business after a stunt like that).

      As for online on ps3 being crap, that’s just false, at least in my experience. I never felt disadvantaged on that network despite it being free. In fact, overall, it was a way better experience than online this generation on PS4. Whether that’s due to more traffic now despite being supposedly better, I don’t know, I can only tell from my personal experience. But I’m fairly sure it’s naive to think it’s better because it’s paid for. It’s a part of their overall services and should be held at the highest standards regardless (same goes for security, really). As for the infamous PS3 hack, that could have just as well happened to Microsoft and their ‘supposedly better because paid for’ network. It’s simply a matter of who’s being targeted and how heavily. Could’ve just as well happened to them a month after or tomorrow… In any case, if they really, really have to make their profits that way and most people are already ready and willing to pay for online, so be it, but what’s your explanation for them combining it with PS+? Surely, that won’t result in a better network?

    • @P4NCH0: The games are no extra cherry on top, they are what you pay for. PS+ has been a monthly games service since 2010. They just realized they could force it onto everybody by only allowing PS+ members to use the online services of *other companies*.

      what you and a lot of other seem to think, is that you’re paying for online infrastructure, which you’re not. The psn servers, accounts, etc are built around the store with the purpose to sell games. Online gaming doesn’t need any of their services and we shouldn’t have to pay for the services they need to sell us games, that’s their business expenses. you wouldn’t pay a monthly fee to pay for amazon’s server infrastructure, would you?

      it’s just that sony wont allow games to let people access online servers without going through a ps+ check first. unless they are F2P, which makes it even weirder. why can I not access Blizzard’s server when I payed full price for Overwatch, but someone who downloaded Fortnite for free is allowed to access Epic servers?

      paying Sony for online gaming is like paying your laptop manufacturer a monthly fee to watch videos on youtube. the console’s online capabilities are being limited and you are prohibited from accessing certain servers unless you pay a fee.

      Next gen they’ll only allow you to capture videos and screenshots if you have a PS Now subscription..

  • Lets face it, the REAL reason they are giving out utter dross on PS3 and VITA is so that when they take them off the PS+ games list they can come out with some statement that will justify their decision and make them look good, something like “Yes, well, we found that only 2% of PS Plus members were actually downloading and playing the PS3 And VITA titles” Yeah, and we ALL know why that is!!!

    • I find myself downloading PS3 and Vita titles much more often than PS4 ones, in fact. But I’m probably an exception to the rule :)

  • Good grief those Vita games are insulting, you can do better that this Sony.

  • Not the worst games. Though Trials Fusion has been on sale so many times. Most people who were really interested have bought it. Though I do also understand that PS+ instant game collection is also about people who would normally not buy them game (if it’s not their style) but then they may end up liking it. So in the end I don’t mind owning the games on PS+ just if there from time to time comes a game that is positively surprising. I have had several games like that on PS3 when I first subscribed.

    Hopefully next month there will be more for me. Yea I know I am selfish… Sorry.

  • I am done with ps plus. With the all the sales i get soo much more for my eighty bucks just buying games.

  • Don’t care about XCOM 2 – I have it on PC. Trials is not for me but I might give it a chance at some point in the future. PS3 titles not to my taste. But I must admit I didn’t know about Squares and this game looks like a lot of fun – I’m happy for this month just thanks to Squares :)

  • GRFS for PS3, wow

    I’ve got a reason to turn on my PS3

    BTW, one of my friends is member of GRFS develop team

  • Haven’t played XCOM 2 nor Trials Fusion. More free goodness in my library

  • Amazing month for ps4 users! Thank you! Can’t wait to play xcom. It’s one of the best games!

  • With games like these you may as well drop Vita from PS+ altogether. Why even bother when all we get are mobile games? PS4 line up has been stellar these past few months, though. PS3 is somewhere in the middle. One month you offer Risen or Ghost Recon, the other some total garbage on Vita’s level.

  • Still don’t get the essence of PlayStation Plus – for your monthly subscription fee you get either

    * indie crap

    * games you have never wanted to play

    * decent games you beat many years ago

    What’s the point in it?

  • I’m sure Sony has a special person who follows me and watches what games I bought to give them in a month free of charge on the Plus subscription. Straightly presented as Sony’s office: “Silly gaijin bought XCOM2, urgently release this game in Plus!” * Angrily laugh in Japanese *

  • xxSamuraiGirlxx

    Xcom2 cool?

    I already have it, I hope this means war of the chosen will go on sale now?

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