Days of Play returns with 11 days of big discounts and a new limited edition PS4

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Days of Play returns with 11 days of big discounts and a new limited edition PS4

Plus, take part in our Days of Play competition to win a massive prize package

We’re very excited to announce that we’re bringing back Days of Play this year – a global promotion that celebrates the passionate PlayStation community and your endless support by offering epic deals at participating retailers.

From 8th to 18th June, we are offering discounts on hardware, peripherals and PlayStation 4 exclusive games.

Additionally, we will be introducing a Days of Play Limited Edition PS4 system on 8th June, priced €299.99 RRP*. The limited-edition console in Days of Play Blue, features the iconic PlayStation symbols in a gold design.

The system comes with two matching DualShock 4 wireless controllers, which also feature subtle gold PlayStation shapes on the touchpad. This special Days of Play PS4 will be available at a promotional price during Days of Play only, so make sure not to miss out!

Days of Play

Days of Play

The discounts throughout the 11 days include:

  • PS4 Days of Play Limited Edition with two wireless controllers €299.99 RRP*
  • PS VR Starter Pack with additional software bundle €249.99 RRP
  • DualShock 4 and Limited Edition DualShock 4 from €39.99 RRP
  • God Of War for €49.99 RRP
  • GT Sport for €19.99 RRP
  • Shadow of the Colossus for €19.99 RRP
  • Uncharted: Lost Legacy for €19.99 RRP
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for €29.99 RRP
  • Uncharted 4 for €19.99 RRP
  • PS VR games from €19.99 RRP
  • And much more

Days of Play

What’s more, PlayStation Store will be offering promotions on popular games and network service memberships starting 8th June – look out for deals on PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions.

You’ll find great savings on merchandise at too, with fresh deals being added throughout the sale on clothing, collectables and more.

To celebrate the Days of Play sale we are also hosting a Days of Play competition for the chance to win the following:

  • A Limited Edition Days of Play 500GB PlayStation 4, with two matching controllers
  • A PlayStation VR Starter Pack (which includes a PS VR Headset, PlayStation Camera, and a PlayStation Store voucher code for PlayStation VR Worlds)
  • 12-month PlayStation Plus membership
  • 12 x €70 PlayStation Store credit – delivered in 12 monthly instalments

To be in with a chance of winning, you’ll need to register your interest on, then win at least one Trophy in any game or games each day of the Days of Play promotion.

Following a tie-breaker round, there will be one winner for every country taking part and three lucky runners-up who’ll receive a 12-month subscription to PlayStation Plus.

Registration is open now and will close at 10.00am BST on 8th June – so make haste.

Days of Play

We hope you enjoy the great deals that are being offered throughout the 11 days. And finally, Jim Ryan, Deputy President and Head of Global Sales & Marketing, also extends his thanks for all your tremendous support that makes PlayStation the best place to play:

“It is great to see Days of Play returning in 2018. For us it’s all about thanking the fans – making sure they get the chance to play the latest blockbusters or enjoy completely new or enhanced experiences on PlayStation.

“This year even more PlayStation products will be offered at a great value, along with launching a Limited Edition PS4, designed especially for Days of Play.

“It’s the passionate community which makes PlayStation the best place to play and Days of Play is our way of helping people discover new experiences and play more.”

*PlayStation 4 Days of Play Limited Edition console available while stocks last. RRP: €299.99 8th – 18th June. After 18th June RRP: €329.99.

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  • Let us buy the standard editions of Sony exclusive games on the EU PS Store! Why only sell the Deluxe editions? They’re needlessly expensive! Give us the choice!

    • This comment baffles me. Games are usually £54.99 so getting the deluxe edition £2 cheaper is a win in my book.

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while.

      USA has the option to choose between the Standard and the Deluxe versions of the PS4 exclusives.

      10€ is not much, but is something.

      Why are they doing this to us? Are we less important than them?

    • Oh yes… when the Horizon Zero Dawn DLC dropped, US account holders got 25% off if they pre-ordered… EU users got 10% off.

    • Sweet!

    • Maybe it’s because you don’t know what I’m talking about. The Standard edition of games like God of War and Detroit Become Human are not available on the EU store, only the Deluxe edition is. The standard edition of these games is usually about $90-95NZ at retail and based on previous pricing of Sony exclusives on the PlayStation store when new. While the Digital Deluxe version is $120NZ for a few extra skins. No, a few worthless in-game items shouldn’t be forced on digital buyers for an extra $30!

      We want the OPTION of being able to but the Standard edition for $90 instead of only having the option of the Deluxe $120. I only buy digital, so while I could save some money and by a physical copy, I don’t want to buy physical. So I’m forced to wait for a sale just to get the game at a reasonable price

    • I wholeheartedly agree!!! Who fing cares about some random outfits for $15? Just sell the normal base games.

    • Cause SCEE are always incompetent when it comes to offers, sales and promotions and then occasionally screw up with some game on ps plus while its fine in america.

    • Let’s not forget that when EU gets 50% off, its 75% off in USA.

      This is also annoying on Origin too. When Titanfall 2 were only 5$ in USA, EU at the same time were 12$ on same “global sale”.

  • Will this console be exclusive on the Playstation online store or will be also available at select retailers in Europe?

  • There is no register button on the site?

  • The registration button to participate in the Days of Play competition is either absent or doesn’t work (only shows a log in button).

    Could you please fix this, thank you kindly!

  • Somehow my comment disappeared, so I’ll try again…

    If one of the offers is 1 year of PS Now for 100 Euro’s, I’ll bite!

  • Missed my chance to grab the Platinum headset last year. so I am hoping its included this year as well and of course even cheaper than last year.

  • StevenJamesHyde

    £200 for the PSVR bundles is a great price. Seriously tempted

    • I’d only buy it if it’s the v2 version, because of the cable and hdr business. Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    • Trust me when I say go for it. My husband had a windfall and we got PSVR just before it dropped to £259.99. But I don’t feel short changed. I know everyone says it but you HAVE to experience it to understand just how amazing it is. There’s already a huge library of games and a handful that I would call essential that will make the purchase worthwhile. Do it, you won’t regret it.

    • Problem is, even if the headset drops to a reasonable cost (200 should have been the starting price), the few games it has are all massively overpriced.

      Not paying 25 for a 2 hour “experience”.

    • I feel u on that one btw add me rell-low_

  • What about UK?

  • Great Colour Scheme!

  • The registration button to participate in the Days of Play competition is not working!

  • God Of War is already getting a discount?

    I guess it’s a good thing i held off.

    • Same here, but I still think €50 is too expensive, but I buy a lot of games so I have to be smart with my money, haha!

  • Just a quick thing for clarification. It says here we need to earn “at least one trophy” every day. But in the T’s and C’s it says;

    c) win one (1) trophy each day while playing one or multiple games on the PlayStation®4 between 8 June 2018 at 00:01 and 18 June 2018 at 23:59 for a total of eleven (11) trophies won between 8 June 2018 and 18 June 2018;

    So is it exactly 1 trophy a day, or at least 1 trophy a day?

    • Splitting hairs.. If you earn 2 or more, you’ve actually won one too… Of course it’s a minimum amount.

    • I was just wondering because of the wording there. Didn’t want to rule myself out because I earned more than 1 a day!

    • But do you have more chance of winning of you get more trophies? Since the e-mail said you’ll need to answer two questions in case of a tie. If so, I’m afraid I can’t complete with unemployed trophy hunters… ?

    • The questions will be a tie breaker. So usually everyone who gets a trophy a day is eligible then the closest to the tie breaker correct answer wins.

    • They probably just count one trophy.

    • joaohenriquegonc

      At least

  • In cyprus the vr is very expensive :(

    • Maybe you can have someone else buy you one in a country where it’s cheaper and have it mailed to you? ;)

  • Where do we sign up for the competition?

    On the Belgium site there’s nothing about the competition.

  • PSVR is very tempting, can anyone confirm if this is V1 or V2 please. Thanks!

    • No idea but I’m pretty sure they’re likely to be V2 as V1 was discontinued a while ago now and they had a huge sale just after V2 launched. I got a V2 from PC World and that was only about two months after V2 came out.

  • When is the start date and end date? Also how do i go about getting a ps4 headset? How much is it?

  • Saad-SkullCrusha

    How to register?? Can’t find anything which says ‘register’

  • I’m getting GT Sport at this price. The reason why i waited is that GT Sport were kinda barebone on release.

    I bought Forza 7 instead back then which had far more content.

  • Oh my god oh my god oh my god you just got so,eone extra paying fr one o them

  • Btw skullcrusha look at the dates it comes out and ends

  • Oops would have entered but missing the first day as I was in Manchester all day & to see Jeff Noon read from Vurt was probably a better way to spend the day.

  • So if I live in the USA I pretty much don’t have the option to register nor participate even though I have a PS4 and pay PSN. Well done Sony…

    • This is the European PS Blog for the people who live in Europe. Maybe see if the US Blog is doing the same or similar competition?

    • Nope. There are many non European countries available to participate from but USA is not one of them, I was all excited too. I saw some people complaining about sales being better in the US, at least you guys get cool competitions ?

  • I would definitely go for Ps Now sub, but can’t since we don’t have it in Sweden. And to be honest, it seems that i’m the only one who wants it.

  • PSN and PS4 is a joke, thats why Im selling my gear, there is nothing good to play and prices are sky high even on discounts. Shure there are some good games but they are quickly completed and then what ? – Im goint back to PC good old days. PSN is becoming greedy.

    • Thanks for letting us know. Good bye!

    • Says the bloke with Kratos in his avatar? Yeah dude there’s really nothing to play hey?

    • If they’re not letting us take our library over to PS5 I’ll be coming with you mate, full steam ahead. Or at least I’ll switch it up a bit for all the indie games that I’m currently still buying on Playstation.

    • @corder

      Kratos existed before the crappy PS4 reboot. BalkanIto might prefer the PS2/PS3 days when God of War was still a great series.

  • England gamers, who has the bargain price for move controllers online? Amazon?

  • No mention of the Pro? US gamers get a $50 reduction and I can barely find one in stock in the UK for a decent price.

  • Can you confirm Fred whether this will be the newer version 2.0 VR headset, the one which is HDR compatible?

  • why is the comment section for Mega Man 11 closed? I have a comment on a matter that is of utter importance and needs to be brought to Capcom’s attention immediately

    • It’s not the first games article to have that. Usually it seems to be games that will probably get lots of negative comments..

    • I wasn’t even gonna say anything about Mighty No. 11. I have a brilliant business plan, how to successfully bring Dragon’s Dogma Online to EU. But Capcom seems to fear profit, just like they fear comments..

    • You went and mentioned “that game”. Now you wont be able to comment on any articles to do with Mega Man for the next 6 months!!

      Not sure how successful that other game would be though, as the original wasn’t exactly setting sales on fire. Plus their main audience is Japan, the west tends to not go so well, with MHW being a kind of exception. Then again MHW did have that huge “controversy” in the West about how they were going to add paid for character change tokens (that never happened, nor was it ever announced, just some baseless rumor) which probably made them a bit uneasy and caused a few problems.

    • they already have DDO and they were afraid to invest in servers for Europe. But now since they have the servers and infrastructure for MHW it can’t be that much more of an effort and investment to add some racks or whatever they need, make some space on that computers so people here can finally play DDO.


    • Not sure if MHW really has proper “servers” as the actual games are player hosted, and maybe the gathering hub is too (according to Capcom the reason the PC port is taking another 6 months is due to them having to write an infrastructure/matchmaking server client thingy rather than the “automatic” one via PSN etc). They probably have one to hand out events and stuff like that, but probably not on the level of a full hosted MMORPG kind of thing.

      Pluuus that game would have a pile of translation work needed for 5-7+ languages, and as Capcoms translation team is a bit, erm, you know (they can’t even translate “lightning” properly), it might not be pretty.

    • I didn’t know MHW was p2p. I shall come up with a new plan..

      But my main takeaway from all this, Capcom needs to get their stuff together and they don’t know what they’re doing.. mada mada!

  • Those “discounts” are hilarious.

  • anyone know how i can get a blue ps4 in California?

  • esse ano eu ganho

  • Does this Days of Play competition include Croatia. When i try to register it brings me to a 404 error page.

  • HELP I’m having trouble registering!! When I hit register it keeps coming up with “Please enter your date of birth correctly (DD, MM, YYYY)” Which I’ve already done but it keeps coming up and won’t let me register! :'( Can anyone help please?

    • I just put it in again and it worked.

      Maybe make sure there’s a 0 before single digits. 01/02 etc.

    • Hello, the page seems to have an issue: The format seems to be MM/DD/YYYY and not DD/MM/YYYY.

      Insert 0X for one digit day or month.

      This applies to the german version, perhaps to the version for other languages as well?

      In my opinion it is much more worse that you get no mail for a successfull registration or something like that. You just see the green checkmark that the regsitration is successfull on the page. No mail or something like this is sent to you.

  • I also have problems with registering. Hope they’ll fix it. Also how will be these deals available, e.g. in Slovakia? I’ll be able to order Dualshock 4 right from the PS web or sellers will “have to” put discount on controllers? Anyone with experience from previous year?

  • The registration page keeps saying that date of birth has been entered incorrectly. Tried Firefox, Chrome and IE.

    • Hello, the page seems to have an issue: The format seems to be MM/DD/YYYY and not DD/MM/YYYY. Insert 0X for one digit day or month. This applies to the german version, perhaps to the version for other languages as well?

    • Have the same problem and I will try Geridian’s method now.

  • These games on sale such as gran turismo, will they be hard disk copies or digital downloads?

  • Why in the US and Canada they have a discount on the PS4 Pro and here nothing in Europe about this ? My PS4 Fat just died one month ago, i’ve waited for these Days of Play to have a discount on a new PS4 pro but this is absolutely incredible… Why is there differences between continents for a same offer ? I don’t understand.

  • Just in case anyone is having issues registering for the competition. Every time I clicked ‘register’ It said my DoB was wrong. It shows UK format which is [DD] [MM] [YYYY]. This is clearly day, month, year right? in my case it is [14] [04] [****]. This was apparently wrong on the multiple occasions that I tried and also on multiple devices too. First my mobile browser, then PS4’s web browser and finally a laptop. I figured using a laptops browser would display the web page in its most appropriate form and that maybe the issue would go away. STILL NO!! Just out of interest I input my DoB but using American format which shows [MM] [DD] [YYYY]. It worked!!? The website clearly shows (for me anyway) UK format as I did double check this.

    Also are you meant to receive a confirmation email that you have successfully registered to the competition because I have not?

  • joaohenriquegonc

    And the playstation Pro will it have discounts! I see Brazil and the Usa will -have! Aint fair if Europe wont get thay discount! ?

  • Definitely… Waiting for a discount on PRO too. On the other side if there’s no PRO offers the Xbox X is lowering prices…

  • PS Now and PS Plus subscription discounts pleeease. €15/pm is too much for Now.

  • I can’t register why ? I’m from Slovenia help please

  • This is pretty cool. Does it include North America (mainly concerned about Canada) too for the trophy-entry contest? And I click on the registration link and it says the page does not exist. Where are we supposed to enter?

  • Bluntedfishlips

    I can’t register to do the days of play challenge but it hasn’t even started yet and on the blog post it said registration lasted till June 8, 8AM. What the heck Sony >:(

  • How many of consoles will be produced? Its limited but how many exactly will be shipped to stores?

  • i am concerned as i signed up to the competition but never got an email confirming it and it mentions something about tie breakers page in terms and conditions. So i have no idea what’s going on.

    • Me neither… I’ve got all trophies for all the days in this campaign, but I have not received any mail from Sony.

      By registering, i got a confirmation page stating that I was registered, and that I would receive an email from Sony. This has yet to come.

    • Same here. No email from Sony i registered for the competition and had at least one earned trophy every day.

  • Got the trophies but didn’t get any confirmation email after registering which contained the tiebreaker question. Was this legit competition?

  • Found this on twitter, regarding this competition:

    Ask PlayStation UK‏Verified account @AskPS_UK Jun 18

    Replying to @IntronDepotHi there, the competition isn’t over yet! Today is another day you need to earn a PS4 trophy. The tiebreaker emails will be sent between the 19th and 28th of June. Here are the full terms:

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