Wipeout Omega Collection demo is available for download from tomorrow

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Wipeout Omega Collection demo is available for download from tomorrow

Sample two tracks from last year’s PS4 release, as well as the new PS VR mode

Attention all new AG pilot recruits! You have been awaiting your opportunity to finally climb into the cockpit of an AG ship, and now you can with our new Wipeout Omega Collection demo!

You can sample either the original PS4 release, or if you have a PSVR headset you can try the acclaimed new VR mode. In VR you will really feel like you are racing in the future at speeds over 700KPH!

Select from the traditional Feisar ship, or the new Feisar VR ship and try a single race on two different tracks from HD and 2048 modes. Experience the twists and turns and the blinding sunset of Vineta K from Wipeout HD, then take on the stomach churning vertical drops and jumps of Altima from Wipeout 2048

For new players we’d recommend the default ‘Lock Camera To Cockpit’ controls. This ensures the most comfortable ride. For seasoned VR players, why not give ‘Lock Camera to Pilot’ a go where you can experience what it would be like to drive an AG craft in real life. You’ll literally feel every twist and turn as you move with the ship, and yes, when you barrel roll you can spin 360 degrees

Wipeout Omega Collection is the ultimate speed thrill. Try it now in both 2D and VR if you dare!

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  • Carnivius_Prime

    I would say again that demos should be standard for almost every game on the PS Store. Especially those asking for lots of (non-refundable) monies. Or at least some kinda PS Now-based trial version where you stream the full game for a short time to sample it. Did used to have a feature particularly on PS3 with some games where you could download the entire game and play for an hour before deciding to pay to unlock it fully.

    Anyways cheers for this. :)

  • Already bought the game and so glad I did. But just wanted to say thanks for all the effort gone into the PSVR support. It’s something I’ve always wanted and can’t believe how well it’s been implemented. It feels like it was built from the ground up as a VR game.

    The demo is just another example of how you guys are switched on. More VR games need Demos. I’ve been on the fence about a few games recently and a simple 5-10 mins would be enough to sway me one way or the other for most games.

    Anyways, good job to all involved.

  • A timely release! ?

  • Whaaat? Im gonna download it right now

    Wanted to try the vr mode for a long time

  • Never played Wipeout but i will try the demo to see whats what and who knows maybe i will buy full game it looks like good fun thats for sure…

  • Whatever happened to demos coming out before a games release?

    • VR mode was just added so your comment is not relevant to this particular release but you do have a point.

    • Sony wants to boost VR sales a bit, so, they need to do something. You know, VR is not exactly what we’d call a howling success.

  • well better late than never i guess

    I am prone to motion sickness so i wanted to try out the vr mode before purchasing.

    Now if only megadimension neptunia viir had a vr demo…..

  • Is it the demo not available anymore? I can find just the full game on PSN

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