Here’s your first look at Rage 2, coming soon to PS4

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Here’s your first look at Rage 2, coming soon to PS4

Avalanche Studios and id Software team up for an outrageous post-apocalyptic sequel

Fast-paced first-person action and outrageous vehicle combat come together in the wide-open wasteland of Rage 2, the brainchild of the brilliant minds at id Software and Avalanche Studios.

Armed with an array of devastating weapons and gadgets, plus a host of crazy abilities, you’ll face off against violent factions, monstrous mutants and the oppressive Authority – a returning threat from the first game. Explosions! Neon! Ridiculous vehicles and even more ridiculous guns! Witness all the carnage in our just-released gameplay reveal trailer.

The last ranger

When 80% of the Earth’s population was destroyed by an asteroid, the tyrannical Authority rose up to seek control and every scrap that slipped through their fingers was snatched up by those who remained.

Some survivors fought for what resources they could and banded together in an attempt to rebuild society, but many decided this lawless new world could be a land of opportunity. Bloodthirsty gangs rose up in the chaos and every faction warred to rule this wasteland.

You will play as Walker, the last Ranger. Robbed of your home and left for dead by the Authority, you’ll need to rage for your freedom using every tool at your disposal.

Bring the pain using a collection of upgradable weapons and gear, strange and powerful Nanotrite abilities, and Overdrive, a unique skill that lets you push your guns far beyond their mechanical limits. It’s up to you to crush the oppressive rule of The Authority once and for all!


Lush jungles mix with treacherous swamps and sun-scorched deserts. The wasteland is massive and varied, but you’ve got the arsenal and vehicles needed to fight for every inch.


Pedal to the metal

You’re going to need a way of getting around this huge world, but luckily for you, Rage 2 has a collection of wasteland-ready vehicles. From motorcycles to monster trucks to gyrocopters, you’ll have everything you need to turn the badlands into your personal playground of destruction.

Factions also have their own modes of weaponised transport, so always be on the lookout for a new ride. If you can see it, you can drive it.


Factions and foes

Walker’s road to take down The Authority is going to be a tough one. A rogue’s gallery of monsters, mutants, and madmen await you in the wasteland. Just don’t go into the sewers empty handed.


That’s all for now! Remember to keep a lookout for more information coming at E3!

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  • I never heard of the first game so had to look it up. Doesn’t seem like I missed much. I feel conflicted with this one because I hate first person shooters but Avalanche made Mad Max which is one of my fave games of this generation of consoles so I know they’re capable of making a great game (i just would prefer this be third person like that game cos I never got on with first person games. They’ve never felt right to me in motion or control or anything). Hope it’s a good game for the folk who buy it though.

    • right you liked mad max so i gave it a try last month. did nothing for me. didn’t like the combat, tap square 5 times, triangle when the prompt appears, repeat. felt very unsatisfying, especially since i had just spent a few weeks getting platinum in Dragon’s Dogma. graphics and animation were good though. but yea, Rage..i don’t know lol.

    • uh ok. I didn’t like Dragon’s Dogma at all but i loved Mad Max even though I didn’t expect to (especially since the recent film didn’t do much for me. I absolutely loved the combat in Mad Max. Felt very brutal and satisfying to me. Probably the only open world game I’ve truly had fun with.

    • Well i stopped after taking down the first outpost, with the watchtower and alarm guy etc.

      two complete different games for sure. I can’t really write up what makes DD so great because the comment boxes are limited in characters and I could write thousand of words praising this masterpiece !

  • Looks interesting…. A good range of studios involved so will be keeping an eye on this. I think they should of call is something else, as the first had mixed reviews. Hope there is an option to have 3rd and First person. Battlefront can do it, so why can’t the player decide which view they prefer.

  • I fell in love with the setting of the first game, and had some really interesting ideas, but felt short in some aspects.. especial de ending.. I hoped for a sequel.. but never expect to come out! I know it’s still early.. but for me.. I wanna see where the story is going from the fist one. Gona keep an eye on this one! ;)

  • I just want to know if the story is set after or before the first game AND are the areas and people from the first game in this one too, please tell me they are

    Oh and please for the love of God don’t make the collectibles like in Mad Max, there were just way too many

  • Essentially more mad max. I am up for that.

  • Well be picking this up Rage 2 but I’m not happy keep giveing leaks before E3 . Seems know E3 is dieing because of the internet and media . Long go there was suprises but know it’s not .

  • I loved the original but the PS3 struggled to run it so hopefully that’ll get a PS4 release too

  • I get a Mad Max vibe, not only because of the environment but also the characters and vehicles.

  • so soon to me means like July/August at the latest. But I’ve been hearing Spring 2019?

  • some kids & Sunday gamers never heard of Rage! It’s one of my favourite games of all time! It’s made by id software creators of doom & quake.. also 1st ever FPS game wolfenstein 3D.

  • I remember I felt the first one was very underrated. Almost nobody owned it. I remember being fairly impressed with the controls and graphics, and how it felt and played like a fast paced action shooter eventhough it wasn’t just that. I remember how some of the character models really stood out compared to other games and how a lot of characters had their own figure and physique (which I felt was very refreshing since in most games you see the same body models being used for everyone and this sort of gave more of a personality to the characters). Underrated is probably my main feeling about the first. Was definitely a game worth playing through. I’d describe it as a mix of Borderlands and Fallout. Will pick this up, although I read something about ID not being involved or something?

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