PlayStation at E3 2018: The journey begins on 12th June

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PlayStation at E3 2018: The journey begins on 12th June

Tune in for updates on The Last of Us pt. 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man and much more

It’s been an exceptional year for games, thanks to genre-defining masterworks like A Way Out, Far Cry 5, God of War, Monster Hunter World, and Moss.

But 2018 is just getting started. To ring in a new year of incredible gaming experiences, the PlayStation team is planning a new E3 Showcase — and we’re inviting all of our closest friends. That means you!

Join us on Tuesday 12th June starting at 2.00am BST/3.00am CEST as we share a preview of what’s next for PlayStation. We’ll broadcast the show live from E3 2018 in Los Angeles, California via, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.


In a rare break from tradition, we wanted to give you an early glimpse at what to expect heading into the Showcase on 12th June. PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios will be at E3 in full force to provide you with an exclusive look at four upcoming titles: Death Stranding from Kojima Productions, Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch, Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, and The Last of Us Part II from Naughty Dog.

Of course, we’ll have stellar announcements from third-party publishers and independent developers, who are all busy devising innovative new experiences that will make your heart race and your emotions soar — whether you’re playing on PS4, PS4 Pro, or PS VR.

Stay tuned to PlayStation Blog to learn a bit more about what’s in store as we count down to 12th June 2018 and another exciting E3 season.

Our journey begins Tuesday 12th June starting at 2.00am BST/3.00am CEST. Will you join us?

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  • Going to bed, wake me up when TLOUP2 is being shown. Thanks.

  • Why do they always end up being middle of the night compared to Microsoft and other Publishers?! It’s soo annoying!

    • I kinda like that. Gives off a more special atmosphere or whatever (or maybe it’s just because I’m most interested in Sony or it’s the extra wait) than the others during the day.

    • Its always hilarious because it still ends up being the most watched conference worldwide regardless. Then again, I absolutely ignore the Xbox conferences when they are on and then the fact that even the most hardcore Xbox fans still NEED to see the Playstation conference is probably the resaon for this.

    • Well since it is in the US the time difference ends up being at night in the EU.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    I dunno if I care unless something super interesting. The main game I’m looking forward to is Spider-Man and that’s out in a few months so I don’t wanna see anything new from. Am curious to see if Sony can pull off something as epic as the God of War reveal at E3 2016 though. The live orchestra and gameplay was pretty darn awesome.

    • The 2016 reveal had loooads of new games. But as most of them were barely finished it meant that the same few games kept turning up over and over in later shows, which made them a bit samey and predictable (Sony aren’t the only ones guilty of this, E3 2017 was a bit of a complete 2016 rehash).

      Some of the E3 2016 games still aren’t out, so we’ll still get those (again), but hopefully we do get something new and exciting.

  • Carnivius_Prime

    “whether you’re playing on PS4, PS4 Pro, or PS VR.” <- *scribbles “or PS Vita” on screen*

  • We just want Bloodborne 2!!!!!!!!!

    • That might take a while, as From are working on that other thing (which is hopefully a Tenchu title) along with Armored core and something else.

      To be honest, i’d prefer a proper Souls title, or another spin off series (they did say something about making a “futuristic one”). Bloodborne is a bit messy and unfinished.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      i don’t even want bloodborne 1!!!!!

  • I’d be surprised if Death Stranding was a PS5 title.. I mean the PS6 is probably only 12 years away.

  • Still waiting for ff7… 5 years to go

    • You mean FF VII episode 1!

      Then another 5 years for episode 2..

      (seriously SE, stop making Tetsuya Nomura the director of anything)

    • I know I think because the creator of KH series doing ff7 remake as well as KH3 that’s why gameing long time. But let’s hope see update on ff7 at sqaureenix confence.

    • I don’t think episode 2 or 3 will be more than a two year wait, right at the moment FF7 is in production hell (well rumoured to be) they had to redo work with cyberconnect, which has made their man power lacking and it more expensive and Tetsuya Nomura is apparently focusing his energies on KH3 and not much on FF7. After episode one they will have the world, the desigins, the gameplay all nailed and the rest will be a continuation. I think FF7 will only start making good progress after KH3 then after episode 1, if it sells well they will just focus on finishing the rest after, I would be very suprised to see it at this E3 although I would love to.

  • Dear Sony i like your confence but please don’t give us update on Spider-Man or days gone because seen gameplay already . Show us last of us 2 gameplay and update on dreams and death standing I also want you show new games what haven’t seen or heard also show more exclusives and show us 3rd party games like cyberpunk 2077 and show us that have better confidence than last year show but don’t do confence what we have last year that’s all thanks.

    • We know that CDPR will NOT be at Sony’s E3 event. They love to be in bed with Xbox and I have no idea why. Plus, I find it very hard to get excited for a game that will probably take 6 months to get a patch (after 2 major game delays) that will make it run at 30fps on PS4. The latest PS4 Pro patch blunder by this team just makes no sense whatsoever. What is complex about a solid GDDR5 architecture console over 4 years into the gen???

  • Are we going to have a conference so just an in depth look at those 4 titles and a few third party ones sprinkled in?

    It’s on at 2am and I need to book the time off. If its just a showcase like PSX I might just skip it.

  • Can’t wait. As always, hoping to see plenty of new AAA reveals. The rest is just filler.

  • Wish it was a bit earlier but I’ll be still watching it live anyway

  • Waiting to Resistance: Fall of Man get hes remaster!

  • I hope we will see traditional Sony Confrence with Mr Shawn Layden as host i love the way he speaks to the public,gamers,media and the way he talks about games the guys is so cool and passionte about the gaming in general…so it would be cool to see it but i will watch it anyway….

  • Dont forgot about PSVR at E3. Would love some decent content.

  • Just let know I look what Sony have at conference it was on ps4 news when I google is. They said 4 exclusives at confence there are death standing , Spider-Man , last of us 2 and days gone and rest 3 party games if true wow miss our dreams what meant come out 2018 . I hope pierce news not true.

  • Yea I read they’re going to focus on those 4. Personally I would love nothing more than just a whole bunch of new reveals and unforgettably beautiful CGI trailers:p While I do need to see a little bit of gameplay now and then to see the technical state of the game, I think extensive gameplay sessions are more spoilers than anything. Majorly interested in Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima, but that’s exactly why I don’t want to have seen everything about them by the time they release… ‘Tis a delicate balance, it is :)

    • Ar CG trailers? I don’t think we have had a CG trailer of a game at a PlayStation conference once this gen. Well definitely not any 1st or 2nd party exclusives anyway. What game can you name that gave away everything in trailers by the time it released? God of War? The Last of Us? Uncharted 4 or any Uncharted game for that matter? Horizon Zero Dawn had a memorable reveal to this day because it was an ingame trailer that blew people’s minds when it went straight into a 5 minute 100% gameplay bit.

  • What about Days Gone?

  • the last of us part 2

  • Its not gonna happen but I’d love them to announce that all the virtua cop, house of the dead and time crisis games are coming to vr

  • Ready to greatness

  • I am just waiting for The last of us part 2 because they always creates a massive story and amazing gameplay

  • Can’t wait to watch the trailers for these doubt I will watch live, the one from a couple of years ago with Shenmue and FF7 that was great to watch, since then its been okay, I am hyped for stuff will probably just watch the trailers on Youtube.

  • Announce something about a new PlayStation All-Stars, please.

    There are fans who have been wanting a sequel for years now.

  • Would love to see this live, but im sure i wont be able to. Hope there will be pre-recorded show later to see it

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