Salvage wrecks and escape your rivals in PS VR sci-fi adventure Detached, out 5th July

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Salvage wrecks and escape your rivals in PS VR sci-fi adventure Detached, out 5th July

Race to refill your fuel as you explore the cosmos, or battle players in PvP modes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an astronaut? How does it feel to drift away beyond Earth’s orbit? Can you really do anything in zero gravity? Well, now you can find out without ever leaving your seat!

Hello, I’m Jakub Kwinta from Anshar Studios. We are very excited to inform you that Detached will appear on PS4 this July! You will be able to immerse yourself in a challenging PS VR adventure on an abandoned space station in a galaxy far, far away.

Detached VR

Detached is a space survival game where you face harsh conditions and challenges in zero-G. You’re a space scavenger who, together with your companion, is looking for scrap at the site of a cosmic battles.

Unfortunately, the takeover of the shuttle Big Zoe does not go well, especially when you encounter “colleagues” from the industry who have the same goal.

Now you’re on your own. Your supplies of oxygen and fuel are running out and you have to break through more sections of the space station in order to survive.

A journey into the unknown regions of the universe is also a chance to get to know the amazing beauty of the cosmos, which is at your fingertips with VR goggles. You will be especially delighted when you first exit the station and escape all the limits of gravity, becoming only a grain of sand in the vastness of an endless world.

Fortunately, you are wearing an EVA Suit with advanced modules available, such as self-guided missiles, shield, and boost. These will allow you to pass through challenging hubs like the Reactor Chamber, the Power Inverter, or the enemy spaceship.

Detached VR

In addition to single player mode, you can face the other player in PvP multiplayer mode. Choose from two different multiplayer modes:

  • Package Extraction (typical fight with Capture the Flag rules, where you have to take the package and carry it to base)
  • Race (get as many checkpoints as possible and cross the finish line in one piece!)
    Depending on the mode, you will need to use your EVA Suit modules appropriately in order to gain the advantage over your rival.

Detached VR

Sounds like a casual space simulation, huh? While we were working on the game, we had one more important feature in mind. We wanted to approach the subject unconventionally, giving the more demanding players the opportunity for deeper immersion in the VR world. If you think you can handle extreme sensations in VR, turn on simulation mode and feel 360-degree freedom of movement in zero-G!

Detached launches 5th July on PlayStation Store.

Detached VR

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