Play team-based arcade stunt racer Onrush next week with PS4 open beta

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Play team-based arcade stunt racer Onrush next week with PS4 open beta

Try out two modes as the trial roars onto console from 17th May, with unlocks carrying over to full game

Over the last few months, you’ll have heard a lot about Onrush. We announced it on stage with PlayStation back in October at Paris Games Week, and since then we’ve dropped all sorts of trailers and interviews telling you what our brand new title is all about. However, here at Onrush HQ, we think there’s only one way for you to really understand what the game’s about – and that’s to play it!

Because of this, we’re holding an open beta from 17th May to 20th May – and we’re very excited for you all to experience your first hit of Onrush. All you’ll need to play is a PSN account and an internet connection to get started – and if you’ve pre-ordered the game digitally on PS4, then you’ll even get access to the beta 48 hours earlier than everyone else!

So, if you think you’re ready for the rush, let us run you through everything you need to know about Onrush…

1. It’s made by the team formerly known as Evolution Studios

Remember Driveclub and the MotorStorm series? The developers of those games joined Codemasters a couple of years ago, and they’ve been working on Onrush ever since. If you’re looking for an arcade game made by developers with an impressive track record (see what we did there?) then look no further: Onrush is the one you want.

2. It’s a racing game – sort of…


Forget about the perfect racing line or the chequered flag. Traditional racing gets a revamp with Onrush, where the focus shifts from leading the pack to being the most audacious player in the heart of the Stampede. Tricks, near-misses, style and flair all help you win the round, whereas racing ahead will take you out of the action.

Think of Onrush as a party; it’s all about being the life and soul of it, rather than being the first one to go home.

3. It’s a team sport


Onrush is a team-based racing game. It’s a 6v6 scenario that takes place across four different game modes, all with their own specific objectives for scoring points and snagging the victory.

Because it’s team-based, and the task at hand varies from mode to mode, there are strands of strategy to Onrush. You have eight different vehicle classes – all with their different strengths, weaknesses and Rush ultimates – and you have to choose wisely to complement your team mates and the game mode at hand. Make the right strategic selection and your squad of six will be unstoppable, but create a mis-matched line-up and you’ll be vulnerable to attack.

4. You’ll get to play a breadth of content in the beta


The open beta will give you the opportunity to try two of Onrush game modes: Countdown and Overdrive. We’ll also be cycling new content into the experience throughout the course of the beta to keep you on your toes and ensure your experience stays fresh and fun. We’ll keep you updated on what we’ll be introducing and when over on Twitter, so head to @onrushgame to keep updated!

5. Beta participants will be rewarded with goodies at launch


Everyone who takes part in the open beta also has the opportunity to bag some goodies for when Onrush launches! So when you pick up the game and play it at launch, you’ll already have a whole heap of cool customisations to apply to your racers.

Top tip: if you make it to Level 25, then you’ll bag all of the rewards.

Now we’ve taken you on a whistle-stop tour of all things Onrush, there’s only one thing left for it – and that’s for you to dive into the beta! It all kicks off on the 17th May, so we’ll see you in the lobbies then. But until then, we have one piece advice for you: get ready for the RUSH!

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  • It’s looking great! Will the full game have an offline campaign as well, so we can hone our skills?

    • It will! Superstar mode is the name of the offline campaign, but the campaign can also be played online co-op if that’s how you’d like to tackle it. A flavour of Superstar will be also available in the open beta!

    • Thanks Christina! ??

  • Really looking forward to this. Loved Motorstorm: Apocalypse for it’s abstract/dynamic level design, and while not a natural disaster, this is still giving me similar Motorstorm vibes. I like the twist too, how it’s more about doing cool things, as opposed to just being in first.

    One question though, is the game going to offer local multiplayer of any sort?

  • Carnivius_Prime

    I barely remember Driveclub, sorry. But oh heck yeah I totally remember Motorstorm. 1, 2, Apocalypse and the PSP’s Arctic Edge. Good times. So yes I will check this out.

  • I was excited about this because it’s Evolution, but upon reading team based racing, you lost me.

    I’m in games for solo, i’m tired of forced multiplayer all the time.

  • I wonder if there will be ranked competitive seasons with rewards and such!?

  • Great news! I’ve enjoyed very much all motorstorm games on ps3 & psp! Any ps4 pro support ? Like favouring preformence ? 60fps 1080p?

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