Pilot a superhuman robot in free-form PS VR platformer To The Top, out 29th May

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Pilot a superhuman robot in free-form PS VR platformer To The Top, out 29th May

Gameplay mechanics, time attack, robotic customisation and more detailed as first trailer debuts

Hello, PlayStation folks – My name is Adam Creighton, Studio Head for independent game developer and publisher Panic Button.

I am excited to announce we are bringing visceral parkour title To The Top to PlayStation VR, available for pre-order in Europe now, and launches in Europe 29th May 2018!

Developer Electric Hat Games has created a fast-paced virtual reality platforming experience for PS VR, representing a cool milestone for our employees and company.

To The Top is the first title published under Panic Button’s “employee-made” umbrella, where we take promising, in-development external titles involving our employees, bring them in-house, choose the perfect platform partner, and publish and release the game to the world.

At Panic Button, we encourage and support independent game development for each of our employees. To The Top co-creator Dan Dunham is also an engineer for Panic Button. When Dan and co-creator / Electric Hat Games co-owner Richard Matey were looking for a way to bring the game’s unique first-person platforming gameplay to the PlayStation audience, we jumped in to make that happen.

In the future…

To The Top

The backdrop for the game is in the future, Super Bots are human-piloted robots, engineered with super powers to protect and serve the people.

To The Top Academy is a rigorous training program that will test your skills and see if you are capable of piloting one of these machines.

Movement made for virtual reality

Using futuristic, superhuman abilities, you will conquer dozens of levels, filled with obstacles and challenges, explore the environment on your own, or compete against other players online for the fastest times.

To The Top supports PS VR play with two PlayStation Move controllers, or a single DualShock 4 controller.

  • Move horizontally and vertically to learn the best paths through the levels
  • Leverage wall runs to overcome environmental obstacles
  • Discover hidden paths to earn medals
  • Customize your robot’s hands, torso, and head
  • Beat each level’s multiple time goals
  • Explore each level to discover Geoms and hidden medals
  • Speed run for the best times on the online leaderboards
  • Jump into online sessions and compete for the best time against other players.

To The Top

  • Grab with one hand at a time, across surfaces, up, over, and even around objects
  • Grab-look-release, and chain consecutive leaps to build up speed and power
  • While leaping through the air, control your fall to maximize movement and time savings
  • Grab select surfaces and glide quickly between objectives
  • Once equipped with Jet Hands, you’ll be able to fly through the sky

You can find more information about To The Top here, and more information about Panic Button here.

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