God of War is the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive ever, with more than 3.1 million units sold in three days

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God of War is the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive ever, with more than 3.1 million units sold in three days

Santa Monica Studio has a message for those that have joined Kratos and Atreus on their journey so far

One of PlayStation’s most iconic series is reaching new heights this week. Thanks to all of you, our fans, God of War has become the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive, with more than 3.1 million units sold globally in the first three days (20-22 April).

When we first revealed God of War less than two years ago, we knew we had something truly special. Fans reacted with tremendous excitement to this bold reimagining of the franchise, and we were thrilled to explore the unique father-son dynamic between Kratos and Atreus.

Fast-forward to present day with the game’s release, and we are humbled to see such positive reviews.

This wouldn’t have been made possible without the exceptional team at Santa Monica Studio, and studio head Shannon Studstill shares with us this personal message:

“I would like to personally thank the millions of fans around the world who decided to embark on Kratos’ latest adventure with us. Your support is truly inspiring, and it’s a reason why we push ourselves every day to go beyond the boundaries of play. I’d also like to thank our Creative Director, Cory Barlog, and Director of Product Development, Yumi Yang and our entire amazing team at Santa Monica Studio. The belief in the game’s vision and the passion for storytelling across the team is undeniable. We look forward to hearing more about how fans are creating new memories of their favorite God of War gameplay moments that will be remembered for a long time.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed playing the game as much as we loved the process of creating it for you!

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  • Good to hear.

    I was pleasantly surprised with the game. Didn’t expect it to be as good as it was and that it respected the player more than many other AAA games out there.

  • is one from the best game ever made

    Congrats ?

  • Glad to hear that. The game is awesome

  • Very nice ?

  • Carnivius_Prime

    Well deserved success. Sony and their development studios know that there’s still a huge demand for high quality single player games and they are providing them. I’ve absolutely loved this new God of War even more than I thought I would and it was worth every penny and then some. No need for micro-transactions and such, just make a truly excellent game and sell it well.

  • It deserves this, this is the first game in a long time that I’ve really put as much time in as possible. Now I’m older I have to carefully pick my games to have the time to play them. Cory and the rest of the team have done something wonderful, taken a beloved franchise and reignited it. Cannot wait to see what comes next.

  • I can’t wait to play this. Since the Witcher, I’ve not been able to sink my teeth into a game unless it has a great story. I finished Horizon and now I can look forward to GOW

  • So much for people not caring about single-player games any more. God of War made it to the top of the sales charts as well according to Eurogamer. That’s a single-player only game making it ahead of various multiplayer games, and doing so while only being available on one console.

  • It makes me very happy to hear that. For me personally it’s easily one of the best and most beautiful games I’ve played yet. Absolutely stunning what you guys have created here and you really deserve to have the best selling ps4 exclusive to date!

  • blacksheepwall_

    Finished last night just a few collectables and things to do. Straight up one of the best games I’ve ever played, if not the best. Saw an article that said it needs a score of it’s own and I agree with that. It blows pretty much every other 10/10 game away.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Finished the story a couple nights ago yet this evening spent another 4 hours on it doing various side quests and stuff I didn’t know existed yet and that’s even before I’ve started taking on more of the valkyries (they are tough so require some resource hunting and armour crafting). Tis a big awesome game. :)

  • And EA says we dont want singleplayer games lol when The singleplayer is a 5hr tact on experience to multiplayer then no we dont want that garbage but when its done right like god of war then we will buy them proof is in the pudding EA..well done cory barlog and staff at sony santa monica studios and sony for green lighting a fantastic piece of art well done

    • EA has to be the worst for doing this. They’re far from the only ones but shoehorning multiplayer/online elements into single-player games is like an obsession for them. Probably easier to put lootboxes and microtransactions into multiplayer, although Shadow of War showed that single-player only games aren’t totally immune to that either. Good on Santa Monica Studio and Sony for giving this game a chance, instead of taking the easier option of doing “God of War: Battle Royale Edition”.

  • That is insane numbers in just 3 days!! I applaud you Santa Monica Studio for making an absolutely incredible game!

  • Well deserved. Really good and great game in many aspects. They really managed to keep the soul of the game, yet improve on it and make it bigger, deeper, more mature without ruining.

    This game shows how reboots can be done.

  • A game when you just think wow and couldnt get any better or funnier or more serious at times it blows your mind and gets better funnier and gives you the feels so bad, well done to the team and thank you for the journey.

  • blacksheepwall_

    You know it’s a special game when not a single person has hit the yet. Usually more of them than anything else lol

    • Carnivius_Prime

      bah, two have now. But are easily outweighed by the numbers of positive clickers.

    • Some people just seem to enjoy being “against” any game that is popular.

    • Probably has some because it’s one of those cringe worthy “bottom kissing” articles rather than because the game is bad.

      Or people hate seeing masses of dirty facial hair. Maybe that.

  • No suprise Sony has given us some of the best games in this generation like Uncharted 4 or God of War and we still have some great titles to look foward to Last of Us II,Death Stranding,Days Gone,Spiderman,Detroit Become Human etc..

  • amazing and deserve even more this game is one of the greatest game ever <3

  • I bought one! Totally deserves it

  • Amazing game. Loved every minute of it!

  • So glad to read this! I’m a huge fan of the God of War franchise. At the beginning I was afraid this new adventure for GoW wouldn’t feel as good as the other ones or lose it’s identity but no, Santa Monica Studios created not only an amazing single player experience but it did make a point to other triple A companies. That this is possible to exist. Congrats to all the hard work Santa Monica Studios! You deserve it.

  • Amazing game! Great job!

  • Still playing through the game and yet to beat it. The scope and density of the experience is far above and beyond what I expected. Every single sale is well deserved. A game without all the modern gen trappings of micro transactions, open world, bloated map, loot boxes. Truly a gem of a game.

    • No open world is just what I wanted to hear, so many games these days just think quantity is better than quality. I’d rather play a 35 hour game that has no open-world and no 100+ pointless icons on the world map, than a generic 100+ hour game with barely any story and lifeless empty “open worlds”.

  • Amazing game? but i want ask you When will we be able to travel to Asgard and other realms ? DLC or TLC ?

  • Waiting for the sequel…..

  • 10/10 game, we need more devs like the ones at Santa Monica Studios.

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