12 PS2 classics hit PS Now this month – here’s why you should play them

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12 PS2 classics hit PS Now this month – here’s why you should play them

Featuring Ape Escape 2, Forbidden Siren, Rogue Galaxy, FantaVision and more

To enjoy the rich range of PlayStation’s varied catalogue – both present and past – at the touch of a button, look no further than PS Now. The streaming service already offers a choice of over 500 titles, and from today a selection of classic PS2 games join the fray. All of these games are upgraded for PS4, with a fresh set of Trophies to collect.

Here’s our guide to what’s coming…

1. Dark Cloud

Developed by: Level-5

Originally released: September 2001

Why you need to play it:
Level-5’s work ranks amongst the RPG genre’s best. True today with the recent Ni No Kuni II, and true back in 2001 with this, the studio’s debut. Take up a quest against great evil… and rebuild the world, city-sim style, while you’re at it. A brilliantly inventive take on saving the world.

2. FantaVision


Developed by: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan

Originally released: November 2000

Why you need to play it:
One of the most unique titles among the original PS2 launch slate, this puzzle game offered a unique twist on the genre: chaining together firework detonations. As with the best puzzlers, it’s challenging yet strangely soothing…

3. Rogue Galaxy

Developed by: Level-5

Originally released: September 2007

Why you need to play it:
Explore the cel-shaded cosmos with a band of mighty (but well-intentioned) space pirates! The second (but not last) Level-5 entry in this list saw the studio go intergalactic in this fondly remembered action RPG.

4. Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

Developed by: Cattle Call

Originally released: January 2004

Why you need to play it:
Arc the Lad has an impressive PlayStation heritage – this is actually the sixth game in the series. Missed out on the tactical RPG franchise first time round? Now’s the time to get stuck in to this cracking entry – no previous series knowledge required!

5. Dark Chronicle

Developed by: Level-5

Originally released: September 2003

Why you need to play it:
So you’ve experienced Level-5’s first foray into the RPG genre with Dark Cloud. What next? Well, why not see the next evolution of its unique blend of action RPG and city-sim with this follow up?

6. Okage: Shadow King


Developed by: Zener Works

Originally released: N/A

Why you need to play it:
It’s easy to say this action RPG was a lost gem in PS2’s catalogue, given it never released in Europe. With its Tim Burton-esque aesthetics, it’s well worth educating yourself on this curio.

7. Everybody’s Tennis

Developed by: Clap Hanz

Originally released: April 2007

Why you need to play it:
This is the answer to the question “what would an arcade tennis game created by the talent behind Everybody’s Golf look like?”.

8. Kinetica

Developed by: Santa Monica Studio

Originally released: N/A

Why you need to play it:
17 years before it released the critically acclaimed God of War on PS4, Santa Monica produced this futuristic sci-fi racer. Worth trying not only for the fast-paced races, but to get a look at the first iteration of the graphics engine that, four years later, would power the original God of War.

9. Wild Arms 3

Developed by: Media Vision

Originally released: February 2003

Why you need to play it:
Media Vision had a clear grasp of what worked for its Western-style, generation-jumping RPG franchise come this third entry. So cue some genre experimentation: you’ll need to use clues from locals to search the world and find new dungeons to explore.

10. Primal

Developed by: SCE Studio Cambridge

Originally released: April 2003

Why you need to play it:
MediEvil fans may be curious to see where the game’s creator went next. After two entries into its successful MediEvil series, SCE Studio Cambridge decided to take a more mature approach to its horror fixation with this action adventure.

11. Forbidden Siren

Developed by: SCE Japan Studio

Originally released: March 2004

Why you need to play it:
A superlative slice of Japanese-infused horror, Forbidden Siren renounced the idea of heavily-armed heroes fighting the undead in favour of a stealth-based approach to avoid its terrors at all costs. Savour its taut gameplay – as good today as it was 14 years ago.

12. Ape Escape 2

Developed by: SCE Japan Studio

Originally released: March 2003

Why you need to play it:
The brilliantly quirky platformer returns for another bite of the banana. Aping the original but blending in its own brand of monkey business – including multiplayer mini-games – makes this a sequel worth taking a swing at.

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  • Re-release Ape Escape 3 you cowards.

  • When you gonna add Dragon Quest 8???????

    • That one is just a glaring omission on the PS2 on PS4 thing. Square Enix will rerelease/remake some of their more, erm, questionable quality RPGs in HD (multiple times) but not one of the better ones.

      We did get one SE/Level 5 game already, so maybe we’ll get another (hopefully as a PS2 on PS4 title, not on this thing).

  • Any chance we might finally see some new PS2 Classics on PS4. Maybe something besides SNK’s fighters? Something like the other Wild Arms-games would be nice. Or Ape Escape 3. Or the Shin Megami-games.

  • Stop being so anti-consumer Sony! Give us access to the PS4s backwards compatibility. PSNow is trash, stupidly expensive and not available in most countries. This is not the right direction, your customers resent you for it. Microsoft are at least trying to do the right thing, it’s not ideal but it’s infinitely better than this!

    • It probably won’t happen because economics. I can buy some great wii and ds games for mere dollars. I slot them in their newer console versions and I’m ready to go. There is no money for sony if I am buying old secondhand games for pocket change.

  • PS No Thanks.

    Make them actual releases instead of this **** streaming lark.

  • I thought this was a PS2 on PS4 article originally, so i’m going to reply as if it was that…

    “The best reason to buy Wild Arms 3 is for the amusing scene right near the start involving the heroine. How dare she save the village!

    Also because of how everyone runs around aimlessly during combat.

    Hopefully there will be more games added to this at some point, as they’ve kind of stopped. Adding Tenchu 3, Dragon Quest VIII, Soul Calibur 2/3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Viewtiful etc. would be great. Maybe some lesser known titles like Kuri Kuri Mix (with co op playable online via shareplay). “

    Now i’m going to reply as if it was PS now article.

    Too expensive.

  • Dragon Quest 8 needs to be added next week if we have any hope of finishing it before XI.

    I will happily throw £19.99 at you for it. It’s the best PS2 game many did not play.

  • Apparently everyone needs more PS2 games.

  • Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec! Except not on PS now, just put it on the store.

  • There are now more Neo Geo games on the PS store than your own branded PS2 Classics on PS4, and now you’re shoving a bunch of the already released PS2 Classics on PS4 on PS Now

    FYI – I will never use PS Now as £12.99 p/m is excessive and you don’t even offer a yearly subscription

  • These are already out on ps4 writes dq 8 shadow hearts or other great PS2 titles not interested

  • When will we be able to play the digital PS1 & PS2 games we bought back in the PS3 days on the PS4?

  • Aren’t all these games already for purchase on the ps4 store? even though the price of PS now is over the top there is some nice games. i just wish i didn’t have to pay a subscription to play games i already bought digital for ps3.

  • I still own all my old games worth keeping. Give us backwards compatibility instead of robbing us via subscriptions (not bad enough you do so via PS+ for online?) and remasters.

  • So instead of adding PS2 games that aren’t available on PlayStation Store yet, Sony just duplicates the ones already available and puts them on PS Now. Microsoft have only recently just started making original Xbox games playable on Xbox One, but already they have some of the most noteworthy Xbox console exclusives on there like Morrowind and Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 1 & 2. I don’t have to pay a monthly subscription for this either and can even use the discs if I already have them.

    The PS4 is a good console and Sony have corrected all the mistakes they made with the PS3, but it’s important for them not to become complacent again. Sony thought that just because the PS2 did so well that meant they didn’t have to make an effort with the PS3. Look where that got them, a distant third place for most of the PS3 lifespan with Xbox 360 as the lead console instead. That could happen again next time if Sony aren’t careful.

    • You mean the silly Wii was the lead console, not the 360. The PS3 eventually got second place, even though it started much later.

      The main factor which decides the “winners” is usually the same thing every time. Cost.

      The PS2 was cheaper than the Xbox, Gamecube and Dreamcast, the PS1 was cheaper than the Saturn, and PS4 were cheaper than the Xbone. The PS3 was more expensive (thought it had better “stuff” in it), so didn’t really start selling until the price was dropped. As long as they don’t make the PS5 more expensive than the Xbone 2 or Xtwobone or whatever it’s called the same pattern will probably repeat.

    • It technically was sure, but the Wii wasn’t really a direct competitor to either console. It was too underpowered to get the majority of the same multiplatform games as PS3/360, and it was also the first to be replaced by a next-gen console. It did very well for the first few years, but most Wiis were probably gathering dust in a cupboard by the time the Wii U launched. Most PS3s and 360s would have still been in active use by that point.

    • It doesn’t really matter if they were or were not the same sales segment, it was still the biggest selling console of it’s generation.

      You also have to remember the original 360 had a ridiculously high rate of breakages (50%+). So there probably was a huge percentage of those in cupboards/elsewhere too.

    • Indeed it was. The same could be said about early PS3 models when it comes to breakages though. The “Yellow Light of Death” issue wasn’t as bad as what was going on with early 360 models, but it was still enough of an issue to be featured on the BBC’s Watchdog programme. All three current-gen consoles seem to be much more reliable than either PS3 or 360 ever were fortunately.

  • blackpanhandle66

    That’s all well and good how about bringing back the old ps2 game BLACK to ps4 if possible.

  • Could we get more new releases please? I’d love to gave stuff like DQ8 or shadow hearts or gitaroo man etc

  • Please get this service to Sweden. Its unfair we cant get “PS now” here.

    • Sweden will probably get it the same time Sony makes the PlayStation Video Store available there. Unless it’s the UK or a select few European countries, Sony don’t do these things with any particular speed.

  • I want Classic Ratchet and clank collection and Sly cooper collection to PS4 please

  • Soul Reaver 2 please^^

  • Bring back Crash 4 Crash Nitro Kart Crash twinsanity and Crash tag team racing to PS4

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