See the magnificent 4K remaster of cult fantasy RPG Dragon’s Crown Pro in action

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See the magnificent 4K remaster of cult fantasy RPG Dragon’s Crown Pro in action

Get a feel for the new look and re-recorded score as it marches towards its 15th May release date

The launch of Dragon’s Crown Pro is right around the corner! Whether you’re a veteran adventurer transferring hundreds of hours of progress from the original, or a fledgling recruit seeking riches and glory, there’s a lot to look forward to in this PS4 remaster on 15th May.

The team at Vanillaware has put in every effort to ensure that Dragon’s Crown Pro maintains the original game’s signature storybook aesthetic while enhancing it with 4K support. You can see the results of their work for yourself in our latest 1080p vs. 4K comparison trailer.

Dragon's Crown Pro

4K support isn’t the only thing that Dragon’s Crown Pro is bringing to the table. The entire soundtrack, composed by legendary video game music composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, has been re-recorded with a live orchestra. This re-recording breathes new life into each track, highlighting the performance of each instrument in the orchestra. Sakimoto has composed breathtaking soundtracks for several Atlus-published Vanillaware games, including Odin Sphere and the upcoming 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim.

To hear just how much of a difference the orchestral re-recording makes, here’s a comparison of the original and orchestral soundtracks in Dragon’s Crown Pro using the first track in the game, “Dragon’s Crown”:

That percussion, those strings! Just in case you prefer the original version, you can switch between them on the fly in the options menu.

Look forward to experiencing the rest of the orchestral tracks, 4K graphics, and more in the fully-enhanced release of Dragon’s Crown Pro when it launches on 15th May!

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  • Great game, back then. Looking forward to this remastered version.

  • Looking forward to this remastered release, and considering its cross-play compatibility and how the PS3/Vita versions got updated for that I hope this also means the missing DLCs might get fixed for the previous platforms, as I am still missing the narrator’s DLC I purchased for the Vita while I see it can still be downloaded for the PS3. I miss being able to hear my own heroes narrating their adventure on the go. D=

  • Whilst a pretty good game in its own right, the fact that they are charging as much as a AAA game is absolutely ludicrous. I, for one, will be passing on this and, consequently, I predict an epic fail for sales numbers on this game.

    Greed is ruining this industry recently.

    • my thoughts also, its bad enough with all the remastered releases anyway but at least charge a reasonable price for it , 45 pounds on amazon is a p take, assassins creed rogue came out last month, 20 quid, okami 15 quid there the kind of good remastered prices

    • I’m not really a big fan either of all these PS4 remasters, but I would love to play this one on the PS4. So, I think I have to make an exception for this one. The price, of course, could be a bit lower.

    • It takes the [DELETED] when Microsoft are doing free 4k patches for 360 games that this is considered as much value as God of War?

    • Yes, this is way waaay too expensive for a port of a 5 year old game.

      The thing is, when prices are raised all it seems to do is make people wait longer for sales. If the game was a reasonable amount to start with, they’d probably make more money.

    • Carnivius_Prime

      Does seem quite overpriced when you got things like Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy which has three great games completely rebuilt from the ground up still far cheaper than this. I wouldn’t mind buying this game but eh… maybe under £15.

  • why are we not getting the digital artbook stuff that japan and other asian countries got?

  • Does this also mean that the Vita and ps3 versions will be re-released back onto the store after they were pulled somewhere in 2016 due License expiration?

  • $50 for this when Shadow of the Colossus was $40? Really?

  • If it has separate user/profile support on PS4 I’ll consider picking it up for a 3rd time. Playing couch coop was a nightmare on PS3 in regards to separate character/player progression

  • Pre ordered already for that lovely steelbook and art card set, excited to finally play this co-op

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