Your PlayStation Plus games for May: Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends

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Your PlayStation Plus games for May: Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends

Risen 3: Titan Lords, Eat Them, King Oddball and Furmins also join the monthly line-up

So, April’s been quiet, huh? No big games happening anywhere on PlayStation at all. Of course, I’m kidding! If you haven’t had a chance to dive into Sony Santa Monica’s critically-acclaimed God of War then let us assure you, you’ve got something spectacular to look forward to.

And that’s all we’re going to say – there are no spoilers here on PlayStation Blog. Besides, we came here to do a job and that job, like always, is to unveil next month’s PlayStation Plus titles. April was a bit motor-mad and dystopian, so for May we’ve got something a little different lined-up:

Beyond: Two Souls

With Detroit: Become Human set to launch in less than a month, what better time to catch up with the work of veteran French studio Quantic Dream?

Not only a technical showcase in its own right, Beyond: Two Souls not only raised the bar for true-to-life visuals in the last generation but also broadened the scope for interactive narrative in gaming.

Featuring phenomenal performances throughout from A-list acting talent, and a complex web of branching narratives, few games combine such high production values with such nuanced narrative-driven gameplay.

Rayman Legends


One of the high watermarks for the 2D platforming genre, few games demonstrate a greater level of polish or more distinctive artistic direction that Rayman Legends.

Ubisoft Montpellier’s Rayman Legends combines everything the studio has learnt during two decades of development, bringing together a vast cast of playable characters, dozens of varied stages, incredible hand-drawn 2D visuals and a range of multiplayer options.

If you love varied platforming challenges, hunting for secrets or bouncing along to a mariachi-styled reimagining of Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger (think Guitar Hero meets high-speed platforming), then this might just be the very thing for you.

Anything else?

As usual, we’ve two additional titles for both PS3 and PS Vita. The final line-up looks like this:

All these titles will be available to download for PS Plus members on Tuesday 1st May, which leaves a few days spare to pick up anything from last month’s line-up you might have missed. A reminder of those:

And, that’s it for another month – I’ll see you again towards the end of May!

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  • Played Beyond Two Souls but didn’t enjoy it. Rayman Legends is an excellent platformer that doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves from most folk. So yeah nothing new for me but these be two very different games so that’s at least variety.


  • Already own Beyond on PS3 and played it plenty, don’t think I’ll play it again on PS4. Heavy Rainwould’ve been a better choice (or both) as it has been a longer time ago… Will probably give Rayman Legends a download. Enjoyed the first one mildly, mostly because of the graphics.

    Still hoping for online costs to be eliminated or seperated from the PS+ subscription. 5 years and counting now…

  • 2 brilliant games for ps4

  • I played Beyond: Two Souls on PS3, it was my favourite previous gen game. Ever since it was remastered I wanted to buy it with Heavy Rain, and I think I will do that eventually anyway to have it on my shelf. Awesome lineup before Detroit, I can appreciate it. And Rayman is also a great fun.

  • Only six games this month and no cross buy across the different consoles? What blasphemy is this? But seriously lol, not a bad month. Beyond Two Souls timing is perfect, there are plenty of people who missed out on this as the PS4 came out around the same time. You should do that more, put a game on there that is relevant to a new release. Not feeling these PS3 games though especially with it being the last year of PS3 games on Plus.

    Could you not go all out and put some better PS3 games on there like Little Big Planet Karting or something, especially since the online is shutting down in a month or 2? I’d say to put something like Red Dead Redemtpion on it with the new one coming out but I believe it already was on Plus before along with many other top games. But surely there are a few more gems out there you could add to my Plus back catalogue for me that aren’t currently 2.99 in price?

  • I already have Beyond and Furmins(!), so just Rayman this month.

  • Oh no, now the leaderboards for Rayman will be revived and I’ll NEVER get that trophy…

    • But if everyone is bad it should make it easier shouldn’t it? Is it top 1% you need to be for it right? More people playing makes the top 1% a bigger range and if we are better than them we can get it! :D (I play on Vita but I think the leaderboards are shared (?))

  • PS4

    Another great month I don’t have these games.


    Risen 3 Tinan Lords it’s a good game and it’s long-lasting and exploring to do it had made platinum in the past.

    The rest of the games I do not know and I can not say anything more.

  • what happened to psvr titles for ps+?

    • Same to what happened to Vita, Move, PS2 games on PS4… 2 years and already burried under the rock.

    • I said it 2 years ago, that VR would be a fad like in 1990’s and i was right. Lack of killer games even in 2018, for a pricey add-on made for 1 player.

      The VR hype is long gone on PC too, and new VR games is becoming more and more rare.

    • Lack of killer games? Have you tried Wipeout Omega? Worth the headset alone.

    • Wipeout, like he said, is amazing. Rick and Morty isn’t so bad either.

    • NoobBlast and Nolidior above don’t have a clue what they are talking about never mind actually trying the likes of Wipeout. Plenty of VR games still to release this year including the likes of Firewall Zero Hour, Ace Combat 7, Golem, Marvel Powers VR, Star Child, Blood and Truth plus more and even more in 2019. Probably a lot more to be revealed at E3.

      They are just typical modern day internet users. If they don’t like something they will pull comments out their [DELETED] and state them as facts.

    • It doesn’t make much sense to give away VR titles when less than 2% of PS4 owners own one.

      There’s also barely any quality titles to give away. Not sure making some of the piles of shovelware “free” would help much.

    • @ocelot07 You claim I have no idea what I am talking about? What exactly do you mean? You used “typical modern day internet users” as an insult to do what? Where I stand this really means nothing and without even proving what I made wrong makes you silly as a person. From the way you create your sentences I can assume you are very young, inexperienced person, but whatever, you probably just write and read on the interent, books are no-no. I can give you examples from my own experience if you really need them, not to mention I posted couple of examples, yet you responded only to just one. Move died 2 years after release and most of the games supporting it were nothing special. Friend bought Move when it came out and we used it couple times, because how boring gameplay with it was. Vita was burried by European Sony 2 years after the release with 50-60% less games than Japan or US store, with most of them being for “young kids” like Lego games. PS2 games on PS4 are being released once in a really long time and VR in it’s current state says to me “not worth my money”. If you say “Oh man, there are literally 5 games VR is worth getting” I will laugh in your face. Are we in Wii U situation? That console had couple good games, and same goes for current state of VR. I will say it’s not for me, but there wasn’t even one game that could make me “want” to buy VR at all. VR is almost as Nintendo Labo, something new and different, but at the same time overpriced toy. Have a nice day.

  • SWEET!! I loved Heavy Rain but I never got around to play Beyond: Two Souls.

  • Wow, Vita is getting total garbage lately. Why even bother anymore? I wish Rayman was cross platform, that diamond cup daily challenge trophy in Vita version of the game would get significantly easier to get.

  • I hate when big games like Bloodborne and Beyond come to Plus because I’ve always already played them!

  • Not bad.

    I’ve been curious about ‘Beyond: Two Souls’, but not curious enough to purchase it even when on sale.

    Already have Rayman Legends on PS3, so I don’t mind the upgrade (and I use this term loosely).

  • Even though I didn’t like Beyond Two Souls as much as their previous games (expecially Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain) it’s still a great game! Have fun everyone. But why no Risen 3 for PS4? :p tzz

    • I was about to ask the same thing. Risen 3 should be added to PS4 as well. It was in the discount bin for years now anyway.

  • Good picks this month, Beyond two souls is a good game not sure if I want to play it again I have played it a few too many times already on PS3, would of rather had Rayman on Vita or on both, but I might give it a play on PS4 . SO even if this month isn’t really for me its still good quality games so I appreciate it.

  • At least put in an effort with the other systems losing support, especially Vita.

    • Sony: “W E A R E L I S T E N I N G!”

    • Reason ending support ps vita because Sony try to sale ps vita and they try put a lot games for it . At end didn’t sale so decide end support of PSP vita . Blame fans who went to ninendo with there 3Ds portable . Plus not enough 3 party support for PSP vita because didn’t sale.

    • Are you joking? Sony abandoned the Vita without barely even trying. Terrible marketing & ridiculously expensive memory cards didn’t help either.

    • No I’m not joking you forgot that Ninendo had SD Cards for there portable consle and it sold and plus some SD cards don’t work on ninendo 3ds at all .

  • Beyond and Rayman being PS3 games originally, you think Sony would have offered them on PS3 as well.


    • Rayman Legends were natively made for Wii U from ground up, and later ported to other systems.

      Murphy is only controllable on Wii U, because it requires touch screen. The ports are dumbed down and easier to play.

    • He’s also controlable on Vita. I’d say Vita is direct Wii U port. But nobody except hardcore maniacs plays it anymore so achieving platinum (because of Champion trophy) is impossible.

  • Cool. Next month I’d like to have TLOU: remastered and a HUGE 2019 line-up on E3. Kbye

  • Rubbish again for Vita. Really goin out with a bang.

    You’ve scraped the bottom of the barrel so hard you’re actually carving a hole into the ground underneath.

  • Just FYI:

    Rayman is amazing, but it does NOT have online MP, not even via Share Play. The reason, most likely, is that some levels require absolute exact timing that any lag or delay would make impossible. It is great fun as couch co-op, though. And it is definitely a great upgrade from the PS3 version, with pretty much no loading times as all.

    Beyond is interesting,but not my cup of tea. Very happy for everyone to enjoy Rayman, though. Sooooo much content, so much fun :)

    • Yeah Rayman Legends is the only game I’ve tried with Shareplay that actively blocks it which is a shame cos I’ve rarely ever had chance to play it in multiplayer. Such a gorgeously crafted platform game and the musical stages are hugely fun.

    • So close to platinum rayman on vita. Great game but the challenges are a nightmare. 5 years in the making!

    • Back then it took me like 3 years as well.

  • Off topic but was wondering when we’ll get an update on coolpaintr?

  • Wow, two PS3 games for PS4. ? I would genuinely rather be able to play Risen on PS4…

  • Perfect, wanted to play beyond before detroit but never got round to playing it and rayman will be a fun couch co op game!

  • It took me literally months to complete (1000/1000) Rayman Legends on Xbox, and I’m not about to do it again on PS4. Ahh, who am I kidding of course I’ll do it again.

  • I feel like making Beyond free is marketing for Detroit. Even though I have an interest in Detroit I have never played David Cage game before. I’ve heard the PS4 is a lot better since you can play the storey linearly

  • Played and good beyond good souls got on disc on PS4 . I guess I try Rayman since never played one since ps2 days.

  • Terrible selection for Vita! I would be more upset if I didn’t have a 30+ game backlog.

  • I’m looking forward to playing Beyond: Two souls again on PS4 not that keen on Rayman though

  • Such a same Sony dishing out crappy awful PlayStation 3 and Vita games with less than a year left before you cut them out from the plus subscription. So many great games you could offer especially to people who still play on these systems

  • Very old Rayman & boring 2 Souls …


    The Rayman only for PS4 – not in cross-buy ???


    Where are games for PSVR ?



    I want retro like good old title: Arcade Archives CONTRA instead of 2 Souls and other boring games like this one. Or logical: The Talos Principle



    What about PSVita – I use PSV for play after go out from home. This games are crap. What about game like: Project Root ?

  • I must be the only one who actually liked King Oddball!!! Completed it on the PS4 – but never played the Vita version.

  • Knew it 99% that they will offer a David Cage game this month, even if I was hoping for Heavy Rain, but Beyond also looks pretty damn cool as a free offer. Rayman on the other hand is hands down a top 3 platformer, hence another great month Sony!

  • Wow, amazing, been waiting months for games I wanted (that I didn’t already have) and they’ve hit the bullseye both times! Literally thank you.

  • You don’t need to look here for GoW spoilers, GoW kind of “spoils” itself. If anyone on your friends list does basically anything, it spams your feed with

    “Your buddy is doing this thing”.

    “Your buddy reached this area!”

    “Your buddy has met this character!”

    “Your buddy is fighting this boss!”

    “Your buddy has done all these secret things!”

  • Im really not sure if letting people play Beyong is a great step to advertise Detroid :-D

  • Excellent! Beyond: Two Souls is one of my all time favourite games, and I already own it on PS3 for which it is still stunning, but I’ll appreciate the extra definition and detail on my new PS4. Also, I played Risen 3 on PC and it’s a fairly solid entry in the series, if somewhat forgettable, so no doubt will grab it for PS3 too.

  • I bought Beyond on the Playstation Exclusives only sale, but the store says, I can’t buy Heavy Rain, because I already own it. It’s far from the truth…

    Btw. I have both games. I think Splasher is a better platformer in every way, and this game is just a speedrun thing.

  • Rayman Legends is awesome, but alas I already have that. Beyond: Two Souls is most definitely not my type of game (I find those QTE style games pretty dull) so not a great month for me, or not AS great as the last few months. Still, Sony are knocking it out of the park consistently with the quality of titles on Plus at the moment.

  • As some who never played Beyond or Rayman i am happy with next months PS Plus games both of thosse games look intresting but i was never sure if should spend my money on it…so i am happy that i will get them.for free

  • i’m willing to pay for the PS4 to stop attempting to update my privacy settings everytime i sign in. I mean once i get, but everytime afterwards. What you want me to change something? no. And if the PS4 continues to do some, come May 25th I’ll be putting something forward. GDPR after all. so fix it now

    • Every time you sign in? There’s something wrong with your PS4 or PSN account, buddy.

      I’ve had it happen twice in the last month or so, but that’s because Sony added new privacy options, so making you go through the process ensures you see them and have the option of setting them to exactly what you want rather than them sneaking something past you.

  • Beyond Two Souls is the only game that’s going to get me to re-subscribe in May. I loved it on PS3, so the PS4 version will be a pleasure to experience. Rayman can sit on the store until something better takes its place.

  • Good article with meaningful thought.It’s an informative post.Thanks for this article.

  • Yes, I can’t wait!!! I’m play Heavy Rain to the best end of the game, through PS NOW subscription, and I very like interactive drama…. This month for me is the best. When this games come out? Tomorrow or after tommorow?

    • The games usually get announced on the last Wednesday and released on the first Tuesday of the next month (though I might have the Wednesday/Tuesday backwards). So this time on the 1st.

  • I bought Beyond Souls 5 years ago then the game came out for the PS4 around 2015 Rayman is ok but quickly got bored playing it…. i thought plus was to get better

  • It always sucks when you get a game that you’ve already bought!

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