‘Big in Japan’ discounts return to PlayStation Store today

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‘Big in Japan’ discounts return to PlayStation Store today

Huge savings on Japanese games, plus new Totally Digital promotion also kicks off

This week sees the return of our Big In Japan promotion, celebrating the incredible games that originate from Japan, available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. You can make great savings on the likes of Monster Hunter World, Nioh, Persona 5, Yakuza Kiwami, Shadow of the Colossus and much more on PS4.*

Big In Japan (25/04/18 – 09/05/18)

Here’s a look at everything that’s in the promotion; just head to PlayStation Store for regional pricing!

*Some titles may not be available in your region.

Deal of the Week (25/04/18 – 02/05/18)


Experience the real-driving simulator with this week’s PlayStation Store Deal of the Week, GT Sport.

Super-charge your ride with the GT Sport Digital Deluxe edition also at a discounted price. Head to PlayStation Store and save today!

Totally Digital (25/04/18 – 23/05/18)


Our Totally Digital promotion has begun! We have an amazing selection of PS4 digital and indie titles available on discount until the 23rd May.

Whether it’s Rocket League, Hellblade, Friday the 13th, What remains of Edith finch or Firewatch you’ll find plenty to get stuck into!

We also have content for free-to-play titles on offer. Head to PlayStation Store to find savings on content for the likes of Skyforge, World of Tanks, Warframe and more.

Totally Digital pre-orders

Not only that, if you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can save up to 20% on selected digital and indie pre-orders such as NBA Playground 2, Laser League, Everspace and more.

The Totally Digital category page on PlayStation Store has all your pricing details. Check it out to see what’s on offer.

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  • Friday the 13th for £7.99 was very welcome. Thank you. :)

  • Good sale, Big In Japan once again proving to be the best!

    Time for my annual recommendation of Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles on Vita

  • Finally some much needed variety for the sales, thank you! Even though none of my wishlist stuff was here, it’s still great to see these games being given a sale treatment after a long while.

    But the lack of any Atelier titles in a “Big in Japan” is very odd.

  • Is the singleplayer mode of DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ any good?

  • Ffix… Very tempted to re-buy this classic. Can you triple speed and stuff (cheat basically) like you could with the latest ff7 port?

  • so many games that are on my list. guess I’ll live off ramen in may ..

  • Finally! I love this sale.

    There’s some great stuff in the Digital sale too. My poor wallet.

  • very happy with this sale, thanks.

  • They are still charging 45€ for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 collection…. what in the world are they thinking.

  • Best sale in a long time!! :)

  • New sale, same [DELETED]. Persona 5 Ultimate Edition is 39,95€. Matching upgrades are 28,45€ + 11,95€ = 40,40€. So it would be cheaper to buy the game again than get the upgrades to game you already have. I’m sure right now there’s some [DELETED] thinking “then why not buy the whole package?”. Because I don’t like the concept of giving stuff away for people who don’t even have the game as opposed to those of us who were stupid enough to buy the game for full price. I’ve already spent more money in this game than a new customer is expected to spend for whole package and all I have is just the game itself. I know in time prices go down and you can’t expect the full price to stay forever but I can expect having paid the full price to mean something. It clearly doesn’t, so I’m sticking in my decision to never buy a full priced game again. That seems to be the only way to avoid the feeling of being cheated.<

    EDIT: Oh, so it was being moderated and not removed. My bad, should’ve used words “bovine manure” and “gluteus maximus headwear” instead.

    • FF XV is worse, full royal edition (including season pass) €33, separate season pass and royal upgrade are €40 ?

    • But why would you do that? Your language offers awesome words like…

      Turkanen sentään!

      Täältä ikuisuuteen

      Come on, do perkele things. <pokes>

  • If you’re selling a game (Persona 5) bundled up with the upgrades for cheaper than you’re selling all the upgrades for those who already have the game, you’re sending a message that people shouldn’t buy full-priced games. It’s the same thing EVERY TIME, especially with this one. I’m just glad I got the message long time ago and haven’t bought a full-priced game ever since Persona 5, nor I ever will.

  • I love the Japan sale. No other sale saves me as much money as this one, as there are no games I want.

  • Finally, the best time of the year!

  • I find it very sneaky that the standard FF15 (which was £14.99 in the last sale) is no longer available and now the “Royal Edition” is the only one available (and at a higher price)

  • Holy hot damn, I’m literally drooling over here at work, can’t wait to finish nightshift to get home and make my wallet cry. This is why I love Sony so much, giving us so many Japanese goodies for the hungry masses for incredible prices. At least 6-7 from my 20 wishlist are here, also hope the prices will be a lovely surprise

  • Every Yakuza game except 5 and 6 are discounted. 6 is a new release, but what’s the reason for leaving out 5?

  • Why is there “Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun” in the Japan sale? This game was made in Germany, at least the PC version.

    • Imagine it’s referencing the setting of the game, rather than the publisher. As an FYI to prospective buyers, don’t be fooled into buying the (full priced) version with the theme, when the game itself is less than a tenner without the theme!

    • Well, the post says “celebrating the incredible games that originate from Japan”. OK, whatever :-)

  • Every single time a Guilty Gear Xrd game goes on sale it’s always the original Xrd “sign” and never Revelator 1 or 2.

    As Xrd Sign is just an old version of Revelator with less characters and no way of even buying some of the later content, it’s a bit weird.

    Also, Guilty Gear games have silly names.

    • Revelator 1 was in a sale in November 2016 for £10.99 cos I bought it then along with God of War III Remastered for £6.49 and Tearaway Unfolded for £4.89. £22.37 for a whole lot of hours of fun gaming. T’was a good day.

      And yes I got date and numbers from searching the word ‘Revelator’ in my Gmail account for the PSN receipt. :P

    • Revelator was on sale in February, for 92 Nkr (about €9), according to psprices.com. Also January and July 2017, and October and November 2016.

      Sign a little bit more often. Three times in 2016, five in 2017, and three so far in 2018.

    • According to that site, the most recent version, Revelator 2 has not been on sale once.

      Revelator 1 has been on sale 5 times total (2x in 2016, 2 in 2017 and only once in 2018), however the upgrade to Rev 2 hasn’t ever been reduced.

      The outdated Xrd Sign has been on sale 13 times, which is a bit silly.

  • Man this sale is absolutely fantastic! Glad to see so many games being discounted.

  • Not sure should i pick Final Fantasy XV or Persona 5 both look super intresting to me…

    • Persona 5 a billion times over, FFXV is probably only just about worth it if you get it for free and have no other games.

      FFXV is just a generic “open world” game (that isn’t even open world, just a slightly wider corridor), set in a generic world, with generic characters (yay 4 generic doods with those trope personalities you’ve seen a billion times before, the blonde annoying one, the “serious” one with glasses, the generic sad black haired one, and the strong one), real world product placements, a generic story (obvious plot twists, always killing off someone to cause drama), that is mostly contained in DLC and a separate film, easy generic combat (hold circle to win, teammates carry you most the time), endless fetch quests and “visit distant marker” quests and generic pretty much everything.

      Persona, is pretty much another persona game, but actually has a personality.

    • I liked ffxv. For me it was the first FF I’ve really enjoyed since ff10. I liked the story and characters. Watch the anime (4ish 20min episodes they released on YouTube) and film (much better) if you’re interested they set the scene and it’s all prequel content to the main game. I was invested in the characters before the game even began which I liked.

      The game has awful fetch side quests but none take long to complete and they all give you xp so no more battle grinding to level up. I never ran from a fight and don’t think I died at all, playing on the hardest difficulty available. Saying that I found combat fun to play but definitely lacking strategy however I personally could never get bored of warp strikes!

      It’s by no means the best “FF EVER” but it was fun to play.

  • I wonder if Middle-earth: Shadow of War will ever come on sale.

  • shame no attack on titan 2 here.

  • Thank you for this sale. It was awesome :)

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