4 big new releases to look out for on PlayStation Store this week

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4 big new releases to look out for on PlayStation Store this week

Plus the full release schedule for this week on PlayStation Store

Whimsical adventures rub shoulders with neo-noir thrillers and horror sequels this week on PlayStation Store. Let’s dive right in to the release highlights, and also take a look at what else is hitting your digital storefront in the days ahead.

1. The Swords of Ditto

Explore dungeons and adventure across the centuries in onebitbeyond’s colourful action game!
Every time your hero perishes their items and upgrades will carry over to a new sword bearer a 100 years later, who’ll embark on a wholly unique journey to save the world.

  • Why you should play it: With multiple ‘micro’ quests unique to each adventurer, and a world reshaped based on your predecessor’s successes or failures, The Swords of Ditto is a unique approach to the classic fantasy epic.
  • Find out more: The Swords of Ditto gets a LocoRoco crossover quest
  • Available: Tuesday 24th April

2. Detroit: Become Human demo

Sample a slice of Quantic Dream’s upcoming neo-noir thriller as you play Connor, an android deployed to assist the city’s police force in a tense hostage negotiation.

  • Why you should play it: The Hostage demo will give you the chance to replay one scene from the game and test out Detroit’s branching narrative to see just how big the repercussions are from every single decision you make.
  • Find out more: Meet Detroit’s three complex protagonists
  • Available: Tuesday 24th April

3. Emily Wants To Play Too

If creepy dolls are anywhere in your top 5 “nope” list, then you may want to brace yourself for this horror tale of a delivery guy whose nightmares start to come to life as he goes about his nighttime shifts.

4. Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War Movie Level Pack

Excited for this week’s cinema release of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War? Then you’ll want to check out this tie-in DLC for Marvel’s Lego Super Heroes 2, that’ll allow you to control Thanos and his Black Order in an all-new level.

LEGO Marvel

  • Why you should play it: Along with a Infinity Gauntlet-wielding Thanos, completing this DLC will unlock both Groot and the Hulkbuster 2.0 characters from the movie.
  • Available: Tuesday 24th April

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  • Sword of Ditto looks fun to me (reminds me a bit of Rogue Legacy) though am still busy with God of War. Also nice to see a bunch more of Neo Geo games recently as I had worried they’d stopped doing those. :)

    • I’ve had my eyes on Swords of Ditto since they first featured on the blog. Love the gameplay and the art style.

      I was really happy to see there was a preorder for it too. Waiting for it to unlock as we speak.

    • Same here! The first impressions are good. You can select 1080p and 1440p for output (it scales on HD tvs), the itself looks absolutely gorgeous, controls REALLY well (the combat is super fun!), and it’s just good ol’ plain fun to play (I’m not far into it, obviously). I’m glad I picked this up. :-)

      And yeah, glad the arcade are finally back!

    • Me too, but first GOD OF WAR!

  • Helllo ea games alot of us already have them dlc’s for the sims 4 on ps4 you should of made that bundle ages ago and given us NEW DLC insted but because ea games fired alot of people and moved some staff to the sims mobile it looks like they broken a promice to add all dlc that pc has to consoles wish i didnt buy the sims4 now!

  • Swords of Ditto for me!

  • I can’t seem to buy Ditto at present. It takes me to an inactive Pre-Order page with no way to buy or ‘pre-order’ it. I’ll look again later. I don’t even know how much the game is. :P

  • the indie generation, where you have to squeeze a demo into a “new release” news segment. less indie 16 bit games please or low quality ones – that’s why i have a tablet and mobile phone for that cr**.

    sigh, to think the next thing is the conan survival game on the 8th may. bleugh.

    Can you not at least bring legends of heroes: trails of cold steel to the PS4. Or even the dead space trilogy. Or something that says “we still do good games, not just god of war honest”

  • In case someone’s wondering, Death Road to Canada was delayed due to an unfortunate incident not related to the game but that would just seem wrong to launch a game with that name so soon.

    The game’s cool though, you should check it out when they announce a new release date for PS4.

  • Just played the Detroit demo 2 days ago and I found it quite interesting and different to be honest. The controls are something to get used to but I like the different decisions mode that eventually provides different outcomes. Although the demo’s rather short, I will however play it again, making different decisions in order to see the game’s full potential. If this type of game suits your personal preference, it’s a must have to add to your collection.

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