Listen to God of War’s epic soundtrack now on PlayStation Music

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Listen to God of War’s epic soundtrack now on PlayStation Music

Composer Bear McCreary details how he created the score for the critically-acclaimed game

Hey PlayStation Blog readers! With only one week until the return of Kratos, I’m delighted to announce that the full God of War soundtrack is live today on Spotify, available on PlayStation Music!

When Santa Monica Studio asked me to compose the score to the new God of War, I was awestruck, because I’m such a fan of the original games in the franchise.

As I collaborated with game director Cory Barlog, it became clear that this new game would require wholly new music that did not revisit the memorable scores of the original games, but instead ventured forth into new musical territory.

I took my memories of that classic God of War soundtrack – the deep choirs, pounding drums, and shrieking brass – and reinvented them for a Norse age. I wrote new themes, and introduced to the music exotic instrumentation and languages from various Northern European folk traditions.

Of all the new pieces that I wrote for God of War, the song that means the most to me personally is probably “Memories of Mother.”

This was the first theme I wrote for God of War, and it was not for the Mother, it was for Kratos himself!

Inspired by the new game’s shockingly emotional story, I set out to completely reinvent the musical language of this character, to compose an unexpectedly beautiful theme for Kratos.

My initial musical sketches were built entirely out of variations of this melancholy theme, and produced nearly four years ago for an early prototype of the game.


As the game moved into full production, the Sony creative team and I realised that the theme was actually too sad and lyrical to represent Kratos. So, I shelved it and set out to write a new theme, a piece that would ultimately debut at E3 2016 with a live orchestra before the announcement of the game. That melody is more reflective of the qualities one associates with Kratos: masculine, relentless, and badass.

About a year after I started writing, I shifted focus to scoring cinematics, and it became clear I would need a theme to represent Atreus’ mother.

That’s when I remembered the beautiful melody I had abandoned! It was exactly the theme I needed. The Mother Theme was then woven into dozens of scenes, and is now featured in the score as much as, if not more than, Kratos’ main theme.

“Memories of Mother” was the melody I first imagined years ago, when I was tasked with finding a new sound for the franchise. I hope that fans will be deeply moved by it as they play through this epic adventure on 20th April.

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  • that ain’t gonna do it for me. the music needs to grow on me during actually playing the game and become epic and unforgetable because of being the soundtrack to a great gaming experience. so how about instead of releasing the ost you give us a demo of the game and let us hear some of the music throughout the first hour of the game while actually playing? *pretty please*

  • This game is getting a ton of good reviews. I was gonna wait before buying it cos I am poor but I’mma gonna have to sell some stuffs and buy it cos I don’t want any spoilers ruining any of it for me.

  • WARNING: stay away from the soundtrack if you don’t want to be subject to SPOILERS!

    Thankfully I was warned early enough that not only are the song titles direct spoilers of events of the game, they are also in order of appearance. Great for listening later on when you beat the game (which I am doing for sure), but really really bad for suggesting this before the game is even released. :(

  • Like I wasn’t hyped enough for the game already. Amazing composer!

  • Spotify abailble for already over a month in Israel on PC and Mobile,

    it even available in israel on Xbox Live.

    When will spotify be available on playstation in Israel?

    It’s strange that I need to listen to Playstation Music in Israel on Xbox live.

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • Is there any chance we can get this soundtrack on vinyl soon?

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