PlayStation Plus Double Discounts returns to PlayStation Store today

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PlayStation Plus Double Discounts returns to PlayStation Store today

Plus, Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy is your new deal of the week

PlayStation Plus Double Discounts returns to PlayStation Store this week! We have great discounts on a wide range of titles until 25th April, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, NBA Live 18: The One Edition, The Inpatient, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018, Destiny 2 and many more. Not only that, but if you are a PlayStation Plus member, you get an additional discount on top of the already amazing deals!


Deal of the Week (until 18th April)


And that’s not all. Our new Deal of the Week is Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy. Now’s the time to jump in and enjoy some classic platforming action with Naughty Dog’s iconic character.

Digital Zone (until 25th April)

Our Digital Zone promotion is back, and we have some amazing digital titles on offer until 25th April 2018. Save up to 60% on the likes of Layers of Fear, Accounting Plus, Speed Runners, Observer_, VR FC Virtual Reality Football Club*. Just head to PlayStation Store today to save, download and play!

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region and offer dates may vary for certain titles

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  • Japanese games? What’s that?

    • Having those discounted roughly once a year while EA garbage is beginning, middle and end of every single freaking sale is so insulting.

    • Well, there is no need for a good japanese game to be on sale to be bought, while crappy games that we see here every week won’t be getting any attention otherwise.

      Real shame though, so many good titles missing from my collection, but there is no way I’m paying 40$ for a 3-4 year old game.

    • It’s this mysterious thing that the PlayStation store has only heard myths and rumors about!

  • Somehow they get worse.

  • L.A. Noire -15% really????

    About Crash Trilogy the banner says -40% but on our store it’s just -38%… :D

  • I bought No Man Sky, how crazy am I.

    • I bought that on release and never regretted it. It was just a very chill and fun experience. But with the updates it has turned into a pretty good all around game, and this summer it will get another huge update, so why not?

    • Yeah No Man’s Sky has been good for a while now. Not even my type of game but I happily bought it for £11.99 when pathfinder stuff came out and have had muchos hours of enjoyment from it mostly when I’m too tired to play my usual action games and just want something pretty and more chilled.

  • Seriously, it’s always the same games getting discounts… I’m pretty sure all of these have been on sale multiple times just in the last few months

    • Sony putting same games over and over again? I’ve been writting about this for a really long time, nothing has changed in the past and nothing will change in the future, so we’ve got to deal with it and await Big in Japan. How is this a just once in a year event I have no idea, when you have EA/Ubisoft/etc putting their games every 2-3 weeks.

    • Yes, most of them have been on sale before. So what? It’s not like people look at a sale and buy 50 games they might want to play at some point. You look, you find something you want to play now or soon, you buy it. You get another sale, do the same.

      That said, some games have their first sale here, Stick of Truth for example.

      And though the offerings might not be to your personal liking, that doesn’t mean people don’t appreciate repeat sales or the added PS Plus value through higher discounts.

      Lastly, if you want to buy games you say should be in the sale, why not buy the games for full price or find a first-hand physical copy and actually support the developers?

    • “So what? It’s not like people look at a sale and buy 50 games they might want to play at some point.”

      But you have no choice but to do this with JRPGs, for example. You don’t have enough money to buy all the games you want? Too bad, you’ll have to wait an entire year for a similar sale to come back, and that’s if the ones you wanted return.

      Meanwhile, with EA, Ubisoft et al, “eh, next week it’s going to be cheaper.”

      “why not buy the games for full price or find a first-hand physical copy and actually support the developers?”

      I can’t wait to pay €39.99 for 5-year-old, digital-only Atelier Totori Plus. Can’t be on sale, otherwise pirating it would support Gust just as much.

  • Bought more than 200 games last year from the store, they can at least give me something other than Dragon age inq. I mean I got 2 pounds voucher one time and that’s it. I’m in Croatia.U.S. is so far isn’t it…

    My US friends get everything.

  • You know, once again, variety doesn’t kill the sales. In fact, it might actually increase them. PS4 is not your only platform, you know. Sucks to see only a couple of Vita compatible titles included, and even then they are pretty much only there because they are cross-buy with the PS4 version.

    And iff you’re going to have so much EA stuff constantly on sale, how about adding their PSP Burnout titles in there, as well?

  • If you’re unsure about the discounts per se, check the games you’re interested in on, it will show you the lowest prices ever of each game.

    If you haven’t played Titanfall 2, you should. By far the best FPS single player campaign in ages, the MP’s absolutely wonderful and still going strong, and the Co-Op is great fun (all maps and game modes were for free, too, so while it’s published by EA, Respawn did everything right for the community).

    And there’s lots of other great games in there to take a look at, like Battle Chasers or Bulletstorm, and others for very low prices, like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Just because a lot of them have been on sale before it doesn’t mean they are bad games, especially at these prices.

    On the other hand, there are “not so good” games like Bound by Flame – or Destiny 2, for that matter.

    Still, it’s a pretty good sale, and PS Plus subscribers should at least appreciate the added discounts.

  • I am waiting for Tekken7 sale but again EA garbage sales [DELETED] AGAIN !! how long i have to wait for normal sales ???

    • As Tekken 7 has about half the content of a normal Tekken game, it probably shouldn’t be bought for more than 50% of the base price.

      Unless they add proper endings for the characters, team battle/survival/proper arcade/a character editor with at least 10% as many parts as Tekken 6 and some kind of other mode other than a short story and treasure battle (online is pretty much abandoned).

      Also avoid the season pass, it’s a pretty lazy (every character uses the same animations) and featureless version of tekken bowl and then 2 massively overpriced characters.

    • I think 34.99€ in sale is still expensive for Tekken 7 with that content ! i hope in future will be some about 65% of sale on this game !

  • I have too many games to play already, so i only bought 2 puzzle games on this sale.

    Peggle 2 complete on PS4, and Sparkble bundle for PS4, PS3 and VITA.

  • Bad sale and sad to see this is where our PS+ costs are going, while I can barely play a game online without experiencing lag.

  • awesome. bound by flame for 4 euro seems like a great deal!

    and nevermind the entitled haters whining and complaining every time a new sale goes up. srsly people, if you never find anything to buy during the sales you’re at least saving up enough money to buy any other game at full price.

    • Yeah, we should be grateful that Dragon Age: Inquisition is finally on sale. People might have missed it the other nineteen times it happened [source:].

      Maybe it’s not the “entitled haters”‘ fault, but the sales that have become immensely worse over the past year or two. But no, we’re just whining for the sake of it every time a “new sale” goes up except it’s not new because it’s the same games over and over and over again.

  • Buy that Dragon age origins, or else!

  • What about latín América? I dont have this discount un my PS Plus account.

  • PES 2018 64% dicsount looks really nice

  • If you have’nt yet get Warriors, one of the best gmes of all time in my humble opinion…..Come out and play, can you dig it?

    • Is one of my 2 fave games on PS2 (the other being Canis Canem Edit) and I’ve bought it on PS2, PSP, PS3 and yep, PS4 (the latter of which works with Shareplay for 2 player online). :)

    • Ps2, PsP, Vita and Ps4. All time for me not just Ps2. Having it in my pocket via Vita is great. Also loved the Ape Escape’s from that era. Did’nt really get on with Bully though. Rockstar are a super developer though.

    • Strange cos I love Bully but hated Red Dead Redemption and absolutely bored stiff with GTA. :P I think the much less violent school setting added a ton of extra charm for me. :)

  • After seeing the God of War reviews, I’mma gonna save my monies up for that. Folk seem to be liking the adventures of beardy Kratos and mini-Kratos.

  • I have never played Saints Row IV Re-Elected or Agents of Mayhem. Maybe I should?

    • I’ve bought Agents of Mayhem on the last sale, and I already deleted it due to the 20fps. It won’t be a bad game if they could fix it. But thats never going to happen.

    • I have already bought Agents of Mayhem now and I’m so glad I did. Agents of Mayhem is so awesome, the shooting and moving around feels so good, and the different heroes with different abilites is way more fun than I expected! The graphics are beautiful and the sound effects are cool, but I have only done the first mission while the game was downloading. I can’t wait to get back in!

  • The best deal on this sale has to be Elite: Dangerous at just £16 including the expansion pass. Other than that it’s a pretty lacklustre sale.

    • Yeah I noticed that, hows ED’s community holding up? I don’t think the delayed ps4 launch helped its chances

    • Had fun playing Ghost Recon Wildlands for free over the weekend but I’m bored of those travel a map unlock areas action romps. So I just bought ED Deluxe Edition, looking forward to the space environment

  • All pretty average to be fair. To be honest, usually if I saw the likes or Mirror’s Edge etc for £5 I’d think yeah, why not at that cost. But I’ve been stung like that before and months later they’ve ended up on Plus, so nowadays I steer clear of any deals like that. Same goes for anything such as Gravity Rush, God of War 3, Watch-Dogs, Killzone, The Order etc. All titles I imagine will end up on Plus at some point.

    I thought there were some good deals in the Easter sale but, to be honest, I’ve got such a backlog of games I may as well wait to see if they become cheaper in a years time.

  • #videogames Destiny 2

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