Dirt Rally, Yakuza 4, Knack headline PlayStation Now’s April line-up

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Dirt Rally, Yakuza 4, Knack headline PlayStation Now’s April line-up

Race against the clock, explore Shinjuku’s underworld, enjoy a family adventure and more

It’s a new month, and that means a fresh batch of games are joining PlayStation’s streaming service PS Now!

From next week, you’ll have the chance to test yourself with sporting’s best drivers in Codemasters’ Dirt Rally, experience the tense underworld of Shinjuku in Yakuza 4, and go adventuring with Knack.

Anything else?

Also on PS Now this month, you can:

  • Team up with a squad of fantasy warriors in fast-paced co-op fantasy Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide.
  • Take the tower defence genre for a sci-fi spin in Defence Grid 2.
  • Get your point & click on with an adventure that spans the globe – and time – in Yesterday Origins.
  • Explore a heritage park to save family and rescue the world from an ancient creature in Eventide: Slavic Fable.
  • Travel through – and survive – a colourful world using the unique skills of a band of adventurers in World to the West.
  • Solve puzzles in beautiful isometric platformer Lumo.
  • take a dip in Gearbox’s recent MOBA/shooter crossover, Battleborn.
  • Escape a decaying spaceship in the fast-paced and horrific sci-fi Infinity Warrior. (And if you’re jonesing for even more sci-fi, you can try out evocative sci-fi puzzler Soul Axiom.)
  • Alternatively, try out some engaging family entertainment – and manage a farm full of sheep – in charming sim Clouds & Sheep 2.

And don’t forget, PS Now is the only place on PC to play PlayStation exclusives. Want to sign up*? Find out how here.

*PS Now is available in UK, Germany, France, Benelux, Ireland, Austria and Switzerland.

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  • Make it cheaper and/or throw it in with PS+. It’s the only way PS Now will ever compete with Xbox Game pass. Seriously, it’s a really great service, but it’s Just. Too. Expensive.

    I’d happily pay £10/£12 a month for a joined up PLUS/NOW service.

    • That would make PS+ even more expensive, and PS Now is not even available in most of Europe. I don’t want to pay for a service I don’t have access to.

    • That’s cool, but it could be an option for people who do.

    • Ps now is mainly interesting if you don’t own a ps4, Ps+ is interesting or mandatory (online) if you have a ps4. So it seems strange to want to merge the two services…

      In my case, since a still have a ps3, I have clearly no need of the PS now.

    • I can see what you’re saying,but if you’re new to PS and have never played God of War, Uncharted, Infamous and some of the other Sony classics then it’s a bargain. And I remember what it used to cost to rent just one game from Blockbuster.

  • I think yearly sub of £60 would be fine, £5 a month. Or a choice of PS+ ‘Platinum’ maybe, identical as PS+ but has PS now included too for £100 a year.

    Seems like a good way for new Yakuza fans to play the rest of the series then.

  • Please make it available in SWEDEN! SWEET LORD JESUS IN HEAVEN! SHOW ME A SIGN!

  • So Yakuza 4 but not Yakuza 3 & 5? It’s good to see the fourth game on PS Now, but it would help if the rest of the series was on there as well.

  • PSnow works great. Look like that i have the game in my ps4. No lag, fantastic video quality.

    But the game collection offers is in general very old, almost all games are ps3 games.

    PSnow is better than GamePass because no need to install the games, click and play, is amazing.

    But GamePass is better than PSnow because have recents games mostly.

    That’s why I pay GamePass and not PSnow

  • What day of the month does PS Now update ? I wish they would put the original Tomb Raider on from the PS1

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