Your PlayStation Plus games for April are Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo

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Your PlayStation Plus games for April are Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo

In Space We Brawl, Toy Home, 99 VIDAS, Q*Bert Rebooted also join the line-up

With spring finally ‘sprung’, 2018 is finally getting itself into gear. From here on in, we can look forward to longer days, warmer weather and of course, a whole slew of exclusive new blockbuster titles coming to PlayStation 4, including the likes of God of War and Detroit: Become Human.

To keep you busy in the meantime we have a fresh line-up of PlayStation Plus games for you to enjoy. You can download the following from 3rd April:

Mad Max

Honestly speaking, it’s amazing that George Miller’s influential Mad Max series didn’t find a footing in the gaming world sooner. Vast open wastelands, outlaw bandits, over-the-top action and petrol-guzzling battle cars… it’s a perfect fit.

Happily, in 2015, it actually happened and the results are… well, everything you’d expect. Gritty protagonist Max – the ‘Road Warrior’ – embarks upon a journey through a lawless post-apocalyptic world in search of supplies, solace and an even sweeter ride.

Build your own rugged, off-road dirt car and take it for a spin around the wastes of a scorched future Australia. Like any good apocalypse, there’s precious scrap and crafting materials lying everywhere, so knock over a few bandit strongholds, steal some supplies and power-up for the ever greater dangers lurking out there.

Trackmania Turbo

Staying squarely with the theme of over-the-top vehicular mayhem, second in our April line-up is mad-cap racer and all-round affront to Newtonian Laws, Trackmania Turbo.

A one-of-kind experience, Ubisoft’s outlandish arcade racer exists in a strange twilight zone between high-speed racing romp and rollercoaster simulator. In real terms, that means break-neck speeds, impossible loop-the-loops and the kind of ramp-to-ramp jumps that’d make Evel Knievel stand up and cheer.

There are four distinct environments, over 200 tracks, 16-player multiplayer and even a ‘track builder’ mode where you can create your own improbable circuits. What’s more, Trackmania Turbo also boasts support for PS VR for those who want to get even closer to the action.

Anything else?

As usual, there’ll be two additional titles apiece for both PS3 and PS Vita. If we do the sums, the final line-up works out like this:

  • Mad Max (PS4)
  • Trackmania Turbo (PS4)
  • In Space We Brawl (PS3)
  • Toy Home (PS3)
  • 99 VIDAS (PS Vita)
  • Q*Bert Rebooted (PS3/PS4/PS Vita)

All these games will be available for PS Plus members to download from PlayStation Store on 3rd April. Between then and now, there are a still a few days left to pick up any titles you missed from last month’s line-up. A quick reminder:

And that’s it for April, have fun and we’ll be back with a fresh line-up next month!

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  • Awesome games especially for PS4!

  • Not bad. but where are exclusives? Where is my TLoU Remastered??

    Kidding… already have almost all exs

  • Not too shabby yet again from Sony. Well played!

  • I really hope this is an April’s Fool joke.

    Knowing that we only have 1 year left for PS3 and Vita IGC titles, SCE could you be more generous?

  • Well there goes all hope of sending PS3 and vita games out with a bang , not bad on the PS4 side though

    • There is still a year of PS3 and vita support mate

    • …how many people do you reckon had Toy Home on their list of 24 games they wanted on Plus before the PS3 service stops?

    • Very few I would imagine, but what that has to do with what i said I do not know.

    • it has a fair bit to do with it as just shows how low and barrel scraping they are going to be, however i am one to admit when wrong so lets see what happens next month and ill come back to this post and retract the statement if they somehow shine :)

    • Fair enough, though I can’t see it getting any better so your correct in that regard. Although you never know maybe they will give it a proper send off next year. I was only pointing out that it had a year to go as I thought the op didn’t realise it was April 2019 and not 2018 support for PS3 and vita ended.

  • Great Games! Was looking to get mad max for a while!

  • I know PS3 and Vita games aren’t the focus anymore but wow, those are some shockingly bad games.

    Toy Home, an 11 year old downloadable with 57 on metacritic. Thanks Sony.

  • Hooray, something I don’t already own! I will happily play Mad Max. The rest… maybe not. Didn’t we already get Trackmania Turbo once?

    • Nhope. It’s not been in the mix before. I’ve been tempted to pick it up every time it lands in a sale, so am pleased it finally made it’s way to plus.

    • Not on plus before but TT has had a free demo with a fair bit of content to play. I tried it last summer after seeing some videos of it on reddit and almost bought it so this is a welcome bit of news. It you want to be impressed at the possible track designs have a look at “Push Forward” courses on youtube.

  • I really enjoyed Mad Max. Trackmania Turbo has a great little VR mode too.

  • Good for PS4 but the rest are just a joke… Seriously explain why you would put something like Toy Home on!? The game is that old it doesn’t even have trophies… You really are saying a big you know what to PS3 owners, shameful.

  • Like Just Cause 3, Mad Max is perfect for me, meaning I’d never buy it but I’ll gladly play it!

  • What even is 99 VIDAS? It doesn’t have a store listing as far as I can see

  • Nothing for me. Mad Max is actually one of my fave games of this past generation (and I didn’t even care much for the Fury Road film) but I already got it when it was cheaper a year or so ago. Hm, just need to do a couple races to platinum it I think. :D Anyways, enjoy folks. :)

    • For me, while playing Mad Max the most gruelling trophy was ‘Up to the task’: Complete all non-repeating challenges. Once you have that out of the way, the platinum is an easy steal.

    • oh i got that one without much effort. I just got a bit frustrated with a couple races and stopped playing even though i was so close to the platinum. I’ll get back to it. Probably from seeing other folk playing the game when they download it for free next week. :D

    • Ghost Recon Wildlands. Kill 7 enemies with one mine. The rest is piece of cake.

      AC Origins.. Win 1 Hippodrome race. The rest is easy. All DLC is easy 100%.

  • Nice , gonna get trackmania vr too :) , great thx

  • Great month for PS4 never played any of the PS4 titles.

  • I’ll definitely check out that VR mode in Trackmania

  • It really is painful how bad and old PS3 games been put into PS Plus for some time. Vita is getting 1-2 good games once in a while, but PS3 is just awaiting burial.

    • It’s a ten year old console. Give it up. They don’t have to give anything for it…

    • @Alex79uk and? Nintendo 64 is 22 year old console, PSX is 24 years old, PS2 is 18 years old. Because console is 10 years old doesn’t mean you should focus just on the new console and put godawful or very old games on another one when you still have all of them in your services. I am happy PS4 gets better titles lately, but if you are supporting PS3 and Vita at this point, put some good games once every 2 months or something. Especially when Sony already said they will stop supporting older consoles next year…

    • “Nintendo 64 is 22 year old console, PSX is 24 years old, PS2 is 18 years old. Because console is 10 years old doesn’t mean you should focus just on the new console”

      Erm, yes, from a marketing point of view that’s exactly what it means. The inclusion of PS3 games will be selling pretty much zero subscriptions to PS+ at this point. It makes no sense to keep scraping the barrel for games to include on that system, when such a small percentage of subscribers will even bother downloading. I’d prefer to see the time and money spent procuring those last gen games funnelled in to better PS4 titles. Something we’ve seen gradually happen over the last few months. If you were Sony, would you spend maybe 30% of your budget on games 5% of people would play? It makes no sense to keep funding free games that barely anyone will play. And like it or not, they’re a business and their profit is the bottom line. Personally, I am disappointed Vita is being phased out but I think we are still seeing strong titles from time to time being given away. My PS3 though? It literally doesn’t get used any more, so doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    • What I meant was if Sony is supporting this console for next year and they know they will stop its support at specific time next year, they should end it with better products than what we’ve got for some time. I am too old for new console, that’s why I don’t want PS4/Xbone/Switch and sticking to my PS3 and Vita is all I need. I know there aren’t many people like me, but at least end it with something worth being subbed since the very beginning of the service.

      I don’t even remember last good PS3 game we received from Plus that I have finished and gave me any satisfaction.

    • What killed the ps3 for me? Ps4 rest mode, so damn convenient!

  • Wasn’t trackmania turbo included earlier as well?

  • Mad Max was surprisingly good, and Trackmania might be fun with friends. The other stuff, I don’t really know to be honest. 99Vidas looks kinda fun, especially co-op, but sadly it’s only the Vita version, not the PS4 or PS3 version we get.

    Anyway, 6.5 of 10 for this month (taking all consoles into account).

    • I know no one really cares about 99Vidas out of this list, but why wouldn’t Sony just make that crossbuy as well?? I mean, I hate to be a beggar and chooser but…

    • It is cross buy. They haven’t mentioned it for some reason, but if you check the store page, it’s cross buy. So by downloading the Vita one it’ll unlock the others for you.

    • US Blog now lists In Space we Brawl and 99Vidas as Crossbuy with PS4.

  • I kinda thought the Mad Max game kinda sucked. I haven’t played trackmania, but I’ve heard its good

  • Surely they’re joking with the PS3 and Vita offerings?!

    Total price of all four PS3/Vita games is £28.36.

    Metacritic scores are 54, 57, 61, and so old/obscure/pointless it’s not even on Metacritic.

    If this is what we can expect don’t wait until next year, just ditch them now. This is insulting.

    • Next year they taking off PS3 and PSP vita ps plus off since Sony know people are not downloading them plus not supporting PS3 and PSP vita anymore and ya PS3 was great consle.

  • Awesome! Couldn’t be happier with the PS4 games. Been meaning to pick both those up for absolutely ages! We’ve had a good run on PS+ last few months.

  • None too shabby. Mad Max is a good fun open world experience and will keep people playing for a good 60-70 hours if they want to see and do everything in the game.

    I’m not overkeen on Trackmania but it will be worth a look for the sake of VR racing experience. It probably won’t hold a torch to WipeOut VR though.

  • Mad Max is really good game, good choice.

  • mad max is probably as bad as the reboot movie was and trackmania looks like some mobile micro transaction infested garbage bin grab. I don’t care bout that crap.

    well at least I don’t need to free up space this month.

    • Mad Max is a great game. I don’t like a lot of modern AAA games but that one had me addicted.

    • Ok I’ll give it a try ;)

    • Mad Max is a lot of fun, it has the usual WB Arkham combat system, but the addition of cars you can upgrade brings it into its own. And there’s no micro-transactions in Trackmania, it’s a very fun game. I’m not a fan of time trial solo racing, but these small tracks are all about massive jumps, driving horizontally, loops and huge speeds. Instant reset stops it from being overly frustrating, at least until later levels where the game gets incredibly hard. But great fun until then.

    • Mad Max is fun. It’s basically Just Cause with an Arkham City brawler mechanic and a Mad Max skin on it.

    • Trackmania has no microtransactions… It’s weird and niche, if you play it on the day it’s free with a full server you’ll get the appeal. When it’s dead it’s pointless, also the trackbuilder is pretty good if you’re into that but the sharing system is shoddy so it’s likely you’ll never get anyone to play with you on your built tracks. PC with servers running custom tracks & music is the best way to play trackmania tbh.

    • You didn’t like the movie? It was awesome! Hopefully the game will be nearly as good. Trackmania, from playing the demo, is actually pretty fun as well. If you’ve ever played and enjoyed Trials Fusion, you will like it I think.

    • Fury Rd is not a reboot.

    • Mad Max is great looking and a lot of fun to play

  • Great games got mad max on disc and got Trackmania in digital nothing for me this month enjoy people haven’t play them.

  • Nooo!!! Not Mad Max!!!! :P

  • I don’t understand all the rage with the ps3 titles. You’ve had the system for this long, chances are you’ve gotten just about every game you’d want by now.

    PS4+ titles are looking very shiny and chrome, can’t wait to try Mad Max.

  • Thanks guys. I appreciate that you’re starting to give decent PS4 titles, but that’s 4/4 I already own so nothing for me the past 2 months.

    Any chance of a compensation scheme for people who already own the games digitally? A short PS+ extension would do.

    Kidding… keep them coming. There’s bound to be something I haven’t bought eventually!

    • And that’s what exactly is going to happen when they give us “decent” PS4 titles although your wording is still the normal subjective use of what “decent” actually means. There is a much higher chance that you have played the games on Plus when they are less obscure titles, notice I didn’t say perfect 10/10 games lol because less obscure titles does not translate to better games.

  • 84 sad faces from ps3/vita guys… cheer up guys, Eu Plus has been going 8 years (this August) Sony should be credited for how long they’ve supported both systems. By the time they finish support you’ll have had 9 years, its time to push on now with PS4/PSVR.

    • Not PSVR. That would once again be discriminate against the larger part of their audience, which doesn’t own PSVR. Just like it’s safe to think that a lot of people have to subscribe to this service merely for the online services but really aren’t interested in PS+ itself. In the end, one group ends up with an advantage, at the cost of the other which gets nothing for the same price.

    • Well you could also look at from the point of view that we supported and bought the VR system forking out £350 so maybe we deserve to be looked after. I don’t play my PS3 anymore so the games are pointless to me but I have no problem paying for my plus subs.

  • Decent month. I have Mad Max on PC and Xbox One, but not PS4. I have Trackmania on Xbox One only, but not PS4.

    I have tons of games on PS4 and Xbox One, but its random what i have on both.

  • Didn’t really pay much attention when madmax came out (just realised how funny that sounds) but after watching the trailer I think it looks pretty good. I know it’s only a trailer but 1st impressions are good even if they are 2years late

  • Mad Max is a good game, lovely use of the DS4 speaker as well. My only complaint about it is that they didn’t bother to add new game + mode to it.

    As my mum battled breast cancer (and sadly didn’t survive), that Mad Max game really kept my mind occupied while I was taking care of her. So it’ll always be a game full of mixed memories for me.

    I had been thinking of buying Trackmania Turbo when it was on sale some months ago. Glad I didn’t

    PS3 games have been atrocious for a while anyway.

  • Mad Max is good, so per usual I own it on those rare occasions there’s something I deem worthy of playing… That has always been my general experience with PS+, 99,9% of the time I’m not interested at all, 0,1% of the time there’s something ok but I already own it.

    This is why this ‘service’ is so utterly useless to a player like me. I’d be willing to pay for online only, swallowing all my pride and sense of right, but even the online experiences aren’t close to what they used to be (maybe it’s all the american xbox players that crossed over?). Honestly, Sony… Before this generation you were like the best gaming had to offer me. This generation you pale in comparison (mostly due to your online costs/PS+ combo).

    Making online free (or at the very least detach it from PS+ and make it a smaller fee) would be a great, necessary first step and sign of respect towards your customers (as opposed to, you know, forcing it on them via PS+) and would make it easier to forgive all the laggy experiences online, just like it was on ps3. But you’re only going to make it worse or at least keep it going until the public finally wakes up and calls you on it, aren’t you? -_-

  • After a little check, I think there are some mistakes in this article about the cross-buy features of some games (namely 99vidas and In Space We Brawl).

    Right now, here is the cross-buy situation of the list as per the PS Store (and I would very much doubt that they make special PS+ versions of the game on the store) :

    Mad Max (PS4)

    Trackmania Turbo (PS4 / PSVR)

    In Space We Brawl (PS3 / PS4)

    Toy Home (PS3)

    99vidas (PS3 / PS4 / PSVita)

    Q*Bert : Rebooted (PS3 / PS4 / PSVita) – this one is listed as “A Q*Bert: Rebooted Game and Pixels Theme Bundle”

    Could someone confirm this?

  • These last few months ps plus has finally started getting great again!

  • Really happy with the last 2 months, keep it up.

  • “Honestly speaking, it’s amazing that George Miller’s influential Mad Max series didn’t find a footing in the gaming world sooner.”



  • PS: Hey Vita-owners! What games would you like to have? :))

    Vita-owners. Well, most of us bought it for Japanese games. That being said, how about…

    PS: OKAY, there you go!! :)) <throws some PS4-crossplay-indies at us>

    • :'(

    • I’m quite happy with the majority of crossplay indies myself. I don’t think there’s any japanese games i enjoy playing on my Vita. Apart from Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max..which is a PSP game anyways. :P

    • Most of the indie games for Vita were not for me, but I find something once in a while here and there. I would really prefer JRPG’s over indie games, but whatever I will buy them when their price will be lowered. Still can’t believe why Stardew Valley wasn’t released on Vita… such a shame.

  • Mad Max is fun, and Trackmania looks good.

    But man oh man, those two PS3 titles look like absolute stinkers. File those under: Add To Library, but never actually download them. Yikes. Surely something like Yakuza 3 or even Yakuza Dead Souls seeing 6 launches in a few weeks?

    Could we possibly see the final 12 months of PS3 and Vitas titles out without including another neon indie twin stick shooter?

  • Trackmania is good but it was already on gold, sucks to get repeats.

    Mad Max I’m happy with.

    The PS3 and vita titles sound like trash, here was me thinking they’d send them out with a bang.

    Was hoping for Ni No Kuni…

    Missed opportunity

  • Mad Max is well worth the DL, nice month……. Partly…..

  • PS4 line up is good Mad Max is a great game, when PS3 was the main console it was giving away those sorts of games at this price which made plus really good, the last few months have been really good in terms of PS4 line up. THe PS3 and Vita though those are jank and have been for ages, it just feels like whats the point whenever I see them, if just giving us one would increase the quality I would definitely prefer that if not it kind of just seems like you should end support for them now.

    • Just a clarification : PS3 and PS Vita Instant Game Collection support will end after March 2019, it has been officially announced last month.

      So we get whatever they will throw at us this last year, but I was hoping for some little gems (even unknown or underrated ones). Right now, it really feels like unnecessary and boring filler

  • Awesome really pleased to see this, I wanted Trackmania and Mad Max specifically and it’s now free. Cheers!

  • Thanks for Mad Max. Might try RollerCoaster game.

    PS3….can offer better. I am not turning it on for those games.

    Vita…pretty decent. 99 Vidas is good. Q Bert is broken.

  • Nice on the PS4 front. Been wanting to check out Mad Max for a while…..happy with that!!!

  • Really scraping the bottom of the barrel for those PS3 games. There are plenty of good PS3 games like Yakuza 3 that haven’t been on PS+ yet, that aren’t available on PlayStation Store at all. I’m sure it wouldn’t be difficult for Sony to arrange for disc-only PS3 games to be made available on the Store, so that they could be included on PS+.

  • I was really looking foward to maybe some PlayStation exclusives that i haven”t played yet and i am not so sure should i pay for them games like The Order 1886,Beyond Two Souls,Heavy Rain,Gravity Rush,Wipeout.

  • Decent month, but i own the PS4 games already.

    Toy Home is so old that it doesen’t even have trophy support.

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