WipEout Omega Collection’s free PS VR update is out today

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WipEout Omega Collection’s free PS VR update is out today

The full game is available to play in PS VR, with new ships, new cockpit view and full 3D audio

AG Pilots, the time is upon you. It’s time for you to experience WipEout in a way you have never experienced it before. Suit up and put on your PSVR headsets, because this is a rollercoaster ride like no other!

With a free update, your copy of WipEout Omega Collection is now playable in VR. Simply update your game, switch on your headset and your main menu will transform into a 3D world with ships zooming right past you.

You can select any game mode, be it Racebox or Campaign, and play the full game in VR from start to finish.

We’ve added three new VR exclusive ships for those with headsets for HD, Fury and 2048 classes. Look in amazement as you are placed into a cockpit and can zip around your favourite tracks from a brand new perspective.

Not only that but you can also enjoy the games soundscape in full 3D audio making this the most immersive way to play WipEout. The update will also feature the new remix of Shake It by competition winner Vieille Griffe.

For those of you who haven’t yet picked up WipEout now is the perfect time, with a brand new demo version coming soon, so you can fly before you buy! We love to treat you guys.

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  • Amazing! Could this be the first real killer app/game for PSVR?

  • Please don’t be nerfed into the ground because of motion sickness! >.<

    • just make sure you’re crazy enough to think that you are really in the vr world, so no motion sickness…..

      works for this crazy dude…. 

  • H*** Yeah!!!    Finaly got used to the difficulty level of dirt rally vr, so bring it on!!!! thumbs up for the dev team!!!

  • Just picked up a promo copy for £7. Bargain and good timing for VR action. Hopefully won’t get any motion sickness with this.

  • I will let the Zone mode absorb me!

  • any one still playing driveclub vr? I’m still looking for some pro competition….   (love the bac mono)

    send me friend request with tag driveclub vr

  • This is great news, I bought this game a while back in anticipation of the VR patch. So happy I did now. Awesome that it’s a free update.

    Not sure how my stomach will hold up but I’m looking forward to finding out. Either way this adds some serious clout to the VR collection. Along with Driveclub, GT-Sport, and Dirt Rally WipEout Omega Collection gives us a decent selection of VR driving/racing games.

    To the Devs and everyone involved in bringing this to VR (and as a free update as well) Thank you, thank you thank you.

  • Wow, it looks and feels great!

    I’ve just played like 7 races in a row and don’t feel any motion sickness but that might be because I’m used to Dirt Rally VR hehe

    Keep adding VR modes to AAA games like this please!

  • Has anybody not changed and kept the Wipeout theme on since it was released like me , it’s my favourite.

  • Hurrah! I’ve been waiting on this patch since I heard the news that it would be getting a VR mode. I purchased the game in the sale at Christmas on the PS Store and it’s been gathering digital dust since then.

  • Thx so much . What a day !!!! It is absolutely stunningly amazing.

  • Am I the only one having issues? PS4 Pro, PSVR day 1 version, and every time I connect the VR, or turn VR on, or load Wipeout with VR on, it crashes. Stuck on loading screen until it crashes if starting with VR on, game loads fine when VR not on but turning it on crashes it… Tested other games and they are fine.

    I’ve deleted the game and am re-downloading it, bit of a pain as it’s 30GB and I need to go to bed now. Gutted!

    • Read this YouTube comment on Push Squares Gameplay vid hope it helps …

      Wayne Higgins

      Hey people just a heads up, make sure you turn off supersampling if playing on a pro. This caused my version to get stuck on the load screen time and time again until I turned it off. Enjoy! ?

  • Im having the exact same problem. PS4 Pro, new PSVR version headset. Crashes when launching game while PSVR is powered on. Game launches normally if the headset is powered off. The furthest anybody with this glitch will go is to the “All Clear!” camera warning for PSVR games. Then a splash screen until it crashes.

    The first thing I tried was a simple restart. Failed.

    Then I rebuilt the database by long pressing the power button until the second beep is heard to see the troubleshooting menu. Failed.

    Now I’m going to delete the game and reinstall it. Hopefully it works. Failed.

    Here is the fix:

    UPDATE: If you have this problem and use a PS4 Pro, you must disable “Supersampling Mode” before you launch the game. This ‘fixed’ my issue and saves others time because you don’t have to download it again.

    • Good work, I wish I’d thought of that. Hopefully they’ll patch it so we don’t have to keep turning that on and off- it’s a feature I appreciate when it works for other games.

    • No doubt. Supersampling is surprisingly nice. Not a gimmick. Matter of fact; it actually improves the PSVR Cinematic Mode image quality. Yes, they should definitely make the feature auto toggle off and on, would be way more convenient.

  • Game is super fun, always has been, but this takes it to another level. Hard to believe they’ve been able to maintain the longevity of a game who’s original studio is closed down.

    To me, it’s a perfect racing game. The only racing game I actually play. By the sounds of it, I should probably get that Dirt game too, but would want a driving controller with pedals and the steering wheel.

    A HOTAS controller would be perfect for this PSVR game.

  • This game is so meant for the VR I already played in the headset before it got the proper VR upgrade. It’s wonderful now and it hasn’t made me throw up yet ;)

  • I don’t think i can handle the motion sickness

    i can barely tolerate skyrim

  • Ended WipEout 2048 multiplayer support though :(

  • Well I was never a massive fan of this game… but last year I heard a mention of a VR update. So I manage to get the game in one of Sony’s sales and waited until this update was released. … OMG… This has to be experienced to truly understand what an amazing VR game this is. They have made some very subtle adjustments to the pilots view to stop motion sickness, which really works…. This game has now become my BEST VR game to date. Wasn’t expecting this to rock as much as it does. If you have a PSVR then it’s a no brainier… Get this !!!! You won’t be disappointed.

  • i have an issue, when i’m playing and i start a race, slowly my cockpit is turning to the right so i’m off center. When after a while i turned almost 30 -40 % on my chair to keep the cockpit in the center

    • This is usually due to how you calibrate the PSVR headset. Try standing the headset on your chair/sofa and making sure it is completely still before you turn it on using the button on the headset cable. This should set the gyroscopes up for so that it knows what it is to stand still. If that fails, redo the PSVR headset calibration in your PS4 devices menu. These fixed the issue for me. The difference was phenomenal!Good luck! :)

  • I absolutely love WipEout in VR. This is the future of gaming!

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