Dragon Quest XI gets a PS4 release date

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Dragon Quest XI gets a PS4 release date

UI changes, pre-order exclusives detailed as the classic JPRG sets its sights on the west

It’s a pleasure to meet everyone. I’m Hokuto Okamoto, the producer of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. I’m very ecstatic about having been able to announce the release date for the latest installment in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI, for everyone in the West.

Dragon Quest XI was developed so that it would become a culmination of sorts for the series up to now, a title that essentially represents “a new beginning” despite it being the latest game in the Dragon Quest XI series. The game itself has been received quite favorably by consumers since its release in Japan, and I believe the title has shaped up to become something “both nostalgic and new” for existing fans of the series, and something that ignites the desire to play the other titles in the series upon completing the game for those experiencing Dragon Quest for the first time.

Dragon Quest XI

The game’s scenario amounts to one of the most epic narratives in the series. Much time was spent localising the game in an effort to properly communicate and deliver the rich localities that amass “Erdrea”, the world of Dragon Quest XI. But, reflective of the time spent, it is truly shaping up to become a wonderful game. Of course, it does not end with localisation, some arrangements are being made throughout the game to ensure greater accessibility for Western players, including voice overs and adjustments to the UI design such as the menu.

Dragon Quest XIDragon Quest XI

For example, the Equipment screen in the Japanese version reflects the traditional text-only UI, familiar to Japanese fans, but the Western version adopts a UI that displays icons so that it is easier to visually grasp certain information such as the weapon type.

The scenario, characters, and overall universe were particularly praised in Japan, but I’m especially excited about hearing what kind of sentiment and impressions everyone overseas will have towards the game! Please look forward to Dragon Quest XI.

 Pre-orders start today!

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is coming to the West on 4th September, 2018. Pre-order now on PlayStation Store to receive the exclusive “The Legend Reborn” Theme (shown below), along with in-game DLC items when the game launches (Vest for Success, Seed of Skill x15, and Über Agate of Evolution x3).

Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest XI

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  • Hopefully you’ll leave the option to play without voice over ?

  • Please add music to the theme. I have 3 dragon quest themes and not one have the theme on them. :( huge fan so cannot wait for September 4th.

    Are there any plans to bring 1-8 to the PS4? Individually or as legacy sets. I have them on mobile and DS but prefer the big screen.

    Thank you so much for this. It’s not easy being a fan in the west, even more so the UK.

  • About time we got a release date! Pretty excited for a new DQ game!

    So guessing people who pre-order physical instead of digital is not getting the theme? Or any other bonus? (Assuming the game isn’t digital only. Please don’t let it be so.)

    • We’re excited too!

      There is indeed a physical edition, but the digital version on PSN is the only way to get this exclusive theme. :)

    • Damn. I love themes, but I love owning physical copies of a game more. Gotta stop making themes exclusive to digital pre-orders.

  • Are there any physical pre-order bonuses (CE/steelbook/etc.)? Also is the game Pro enhanced?

  • This game has been a long time coming! At least it’s finally here. Though, people would have probably preferred a straight translated release, but still.

    It does have me a bit worried though, Square Enix are known to “westernize” things rather badly (and heavily) for no real reason and not in the best ways. It’s already weird how you’ve changed some of the characters names.

    Senya isn’t hard to say, but at least Serena isn’t weird.

    On the other hand, カミュ (Kamyu) isn’t remotely anything like “Erik” which just seems like a name picked at random.

    Hopefully Sylvia is still Sylvia, and hopefully you haven’t done anything to “westernize” his flamboyant personality.

    Hopefully there’s an option for original names and no voice overs too.

  • Can’t wait,

    Glad to hear we get English voices. I always love the voice work in Dragon Quest games.

    I will preorder as soon as I know if there is a Collectors Edition or not

  • Will there be any way to get the japanese UI back? I loved it in the previous DQ games, something would be off if i played a DQ game without them.

    I love the rest of the changes, specially the voices. Very fitting ,at least the few we’ve heard. The name changes are mostly great, but im not feeling Gemma (was Emma in Japan, her name is seen in the “The journey begins” video) and Erik (was Camus), but im sure i’ll get used to them. Serena is weird, because while i love it, it feels a bit out of place because there is already a Serena in Dragon Quest! Either way, great name.

    Also, thank you guys for bringing this game to Europe! I love the series! As others said, i’ll preorder as soon as i get to see the limited edition that is teased at the game’s site.

    Any chance of us getting the 3DS version, even if it’s digital-only? I know this is the PS blog, but i want both versions.

  • The perfect game to end summer with. Ni No Kuni II surpassed my expectations and I’m pretty sure this will too. A Dragon Quest VIII remake/remaster would also sell pretty well btw. *hint hint*

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