Check out the new enhancements for the Gold Wireless Headset, launching 6th April

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Check out the new enhancements for the Gold Wireless Headset, launching 6th April

Details on how the new model elevates your PS4 and PS VR experiences

We are pleased to announce that the new Gold Wireless Headset will be available across the region from 6th April.

As announced last month, the Gold headset keeps those features you loved about the Wireless Stereo Headset 2.0, while offering multi-position hidden microphones and a sleek new design for greater comfort and durability.

Let’s take a closer look at how these enhancements can heighten your gameplay experience on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

Gold Wireless Headset


Greater clarity during in-game chat

Through the addition of a second hidden microphone, the new headset is even better equipped to pick up the players voice. Both microphones are located on the right ear cup and are carefully positioned to deliver optimum voice clarity, however you wear the headset.

The microphones are noise-cancelling too, working together to actively filter out background sounds to ensure your friends and teammates only hear what’s important.

What’s more, the headset retains integrated volume and mic mute controls, so it’s quick and easy to adjust settings mid-game.

Gold Wireless Headset

Refined comfort and durability

The new sleek design of the headset offers enhanced durability thanks to an extra sturdy frame while refined over-ear cushions provide greater comfort – both great for those who enjoy long gaming sessions.

We’ve also been able to optimise the design to make it extra comfortable to wear over the PlayStation VR headset. This can help keep players immersed for longer in their PS VR experiences and ensure they hear every voice, footstep and explosion.

The headset comes complete with a 3.5mm jack audio cable for use with PlayStation VR and mobile devices.

Gold Wireless Headset

Here’s a quick reminder of the whole host of other features the new Gold Wireless Headset offers:

  • Stunning 7.1 virtual surround sound in PS4 games
  • Bespoke audio modes for select games plus the ability to create your own all via the PS4 Headset Companion App
  • Fine-tuned 40mm speaker drivers
  • Plug and play, seamless lag-free wireless control on PS4, PC and MAC via the included USB adaptor

Get the new gold standard in gaming audio from 6th April, or take your experience to the next level with the 3D Audio powered pro-level Platinum Wireless headset available now – which you can find out more about on

Platinum Wireless Headset

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  • Have you solved the problem with the cracks on the headbands? The previous model had issues galore, my set looked like they belonged to Jack Duckworth by the time they finally gave up.

    How they can crack in 3 places just by taking them on and off I don’t know….

  • Don’t even know why you’d promote the “3D Audio powered pro-level Platinum Wireless headset” when the last 3D Audio mix a developer made was for HZD over a year ago.

    • Because they are for the high end audience. The Platinum are amazing and easily the best headphones for Playstation 4 pro/VR.

      The 3D audio is a game changer and should be experienced before making any other claims. Yeah, they crush both gold and the old masters, Pulse Elite.

      Get with the program ok!?

  • Hmph! it isn’t gold, it’s black. Anyone can see that. But you’re right: it’s very sleek.

  • Sorry SONY BUt i will never buy this product from you any more. So little games support it. It cracked x-times and no refunds due your stupid policy !NO MORE MISTAKE FROM MY SIDE. Sadly i love the wifi headsets with nice surrounds profiling etc… With your last product you LOST ME FOREVER.

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