11 useful features you might have missed in PS4 system software update 5.50

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11 useful features you might have missed in PS4 system software update 5.50

Delete notifications, improved Library, background music on PS Now and more

PS4 system software 5.50 has finally arrived earlier this month and has brought with it a range of new features to your console. We took an in-depth look at Play Time Management, and Custom Themes enhancements, but the update contains a wide variety of other improvements that deserve to be brought into the spotlight.

1. Library makeover

Your Library has been redesigned, meaning it’s never been easier to find your content.
The tabs on the left have been re-ordered to more clearly distinguish between the content already installed on the device (under “This PS4”) and the content that you purchased on PlayStation Store (under your account name).

  • PlayStation Plus has its own category that lists all the monthly games redeemed with your subscription.
  • The Purchased tab has been divided in two parts to separate the titles already installed on your console from those that are not.
  • Search functionality now allows you to filter results by category.
  • Unwanted or obsolete apps (like games alphas or betas) can now be hidden in the Purchased tab. Press OPTIONS on a title that you don’t want to display anymore and select “Do Not Show Content Item”. If you change your mind, press OPTIONS anywhere in the Purchased tab and select the content that you want to unhide.
  • You can find more information about Library improvements on PlayStation.com. 


2. Notifications update

Management of notifications has been improved with the option to permanently delete old or unwanted notices. Push Triangle or select [Delete] from the Options Menu, choose the notifications that you don’t want to see anymore (there’s also “Select/Deselect All” for a quick clean up) and press “Delete”. Please note that the deletion is permanent, so think carefully before removing the notifications.

You can find more information about Notifications on PlayStation.com.


3. Custom friends lists in Quick Menu

Custom lists were introduced in system software 5.00 as an easy way to organise your friends into different categories and in 5.50 this feature has been included in the Quick Menu. Taking a look at friends online and sending a message or an invitation has never been so quick. Press and hold the PS button, go in the Friends tab and press Triangle to browse the lists.


4. Capture Gallery improved

The existing user options available in the tile view of the Capture Gallery can now also be accessed by pressing the OPTIONS button on the full screen view of an image or video.


5. Trending section in Live from PlayStation reshaped

Stay updated with the most popular streams and broadcasts in Live from PlayStation. The Trending section will now display the Top 12 Broadcasts in real time, Top 12 Video Clips of the week and Top 12 Screenshots of the week.


6. Custom thumbnails for Groups from USB

You can now personalise the thumbnail of your group message threads with images taken from a USB drive. In order to do it, follow these simple steps:

  • Via PC, create a folder called “IMAGES” in the top directory of the USB storage device.
  • Insert your favourite images in the folder in .JPG or .PNG format. Remember to not exceed the resolutions of 1920×1080 on PS4 and 3840×2160 on PS4 Pro.
  • Plug the USB into your console, select the group you want to personalise the thumbnail for and click on “Group Settings”.
  • Use the analog sticks to cut the portion of the image that you want to display and confirm with X.


7. Custom Team Logo and Cover Image from USB

USB drive has also been enabled as a source for images in Teams. You can now personalise your team logo and cover image directly from an external drive. The procedure is the same as the previous point, so load the USB drive with your favourite images and select “Edit Team Profile” in your Team’s page. On a side note, you can now create events for your Team straight away thanks to the new option “Create Event for This Team”.


8. Events and Tournaments improvements

Speaking of events, system software 5.50 brings an array of enhancements to the Events section of PS4 that improve messaging, screenshots handling and roster management. Finding the perfect tournament is easier now thanks to the quick filtering option that lets you distinguish between 1-on-1 Tournaments and Team Tournaments right from the start of your search and the new categorisations that display events starting within one week, two weeks and one month.


9. Quick browsing of the home screen

Browse your apps faster with instant movements from one end to the other of the dashboard. By pressing L1 and R1 you can now move in a split second to the left or right end of the dashboard.


10. PlayStation Music in Quick Menu and wake up PS4 from Spotify

  • Volume short-cut command is now included in the Quick Menu Music section to give you immediate control of volume of the background music that you listening to during your gaming session. Push and hold the PS button and adjust the volume in the blink of an eye by selecting a Square button on controller.


  • Your PS4 can be turned on using the Spotify app on your mobile device. Tick the new setting under [Settings] > [Power Saving Settings] > [Set Features Available in Rest Mode] to enable the option. Please note that Spotify app needs to be installed on your PS4 in order to make the setting appear on the console.


11. Background music on PS Now*

PS Now users are now able to listen to their favourite tracks while streaming PS4 games from the service. Please note that background music availability depends from the game and might not always be possible.

And that’s it ladies and gentlemen! Don’t forget that system software 5.50 brings also Play Time controls, and Custom Themes improvements so head to PlayStation.com if you want to know more about those features.

I hope you have found the list interesting and that you are enjoying PS4’s latest update. Leave your feedback in the comments and see you soon on PlayStation Blog!

*Only applicable to territories that have PS Now. 

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  • Trophy tracking and leaderboards. Game statistics please. Similar to what Xbox have. Only feature they gave that I’d want

    • At the rate they add these Features , they will scrape bottom of the barrel and add others before adding those must haves !

  • “9. Quick browsing of the home screen”

    Thanks. I missed this. A feature i used alot on Xbox One, and now i can do it on PS4 too.

    I wish i could pin games too like on Xbox One were you can have 40 pins/favourites on main screen.

    BTW: The PSN webstore download list. Could you add categories there?

    I have ~3000 items in my download list mixed on PS3, PS4 and VITA. Its hell to use that list without console filtering, and category filtering like DLC, Themes, Avatars etc.

  • 4/ The Capture Gallery is largely inferior to the PS3 viewer. You still can’t zoom on a picture nor rotate it left or right with the triggers, like we can do on the PS3.

    5/ PlayStation Live seems somehow abandoned. Its exclusion from the PS App sounds like a planned death sentence. Strange move from Sony which is usually adamant in promoting the social features of the PS4.

  • Trophy removal of all percentage and more control over what you see in ‘What’s New’ (don’t care about what trophies my friends unlocked and don’t need constant updates on it, it literally clutters the entire section. I’d rather just have new trailers and reveals pop up in there).

    Also, I really don’t see the point of a seperate PS+ section in your library if you’re gonna add all that PS+ trash to the ‘purchased’ list anyway. All this does is create a seperate list just full of PS+ titles, for which we already have a seperate PS+ section next to notifications…

  • Agreed with #4, PS+ games should not appear in the purchased list as well. They’re currently in two lists. Pointless. If I hide something in purchased why isn’t it hidden in the PS+ list? ?

  • It always boggles my mind why such simple features like having the ability to quickly alphabetize games within a folder is not already an option. I have a ton of games on my external and would love to have this added in the future. Besides that I like the improvements in 5.50

  • Why we can’t adjust volume in media player like it was on PS3?

  • Trophies need a revamp with more statistics. When you press down on a game where you see which of your friends have played the game, why not make it into a leaderboard?

    Also the “hidden games” list REALLY needs an option to sort alphabetically or recently installed. Its a real pain to go through especially for beta testers who have to do this every week. My list probably has over 500 items

  • Well, update after update I’m waiting for you to fix the Playstation TM Video due an error in the system software (CE-36329-3) please, need your help with this issue.

    • I had this error loads of times as well! Not on ps video but everywhere. Reported it multiple times too. Apparently the issue carried over from the Beta. And was not fixed in the official release (I’m a beta tester).

  • Can we please get an update to our download list. I have a huge list of games I’ve bought dating from like 2009. I have PS3/Vita/PSP/PS1/PS4 and PS2 games and literally no way to search by platform.

    I just want to go through the games I’ve bought without scrolling through years worth of games. Let us search alphabetically via platform.

  • If you could develop a way to actually delete trophies instead of hiding it because it still count your trophy totals

  • “Pin YouTube to the main menu so you never have to start the spammy and slower-than-a-wet-week TV and Video app ever again.”

    No? #$&!

  • Yo how about backwards compatability ? I gotta pay for a psNow subscription TOO on top of my psPlus. You must be higher than 4 kites on a [DELETED] windy day. Plus you just change the games all willy-nilly.

    If ps3 was blueray (dont tell me it wasn’t cause I had to buy a new one cause the blueray reader went bad) AND ps4 is blueray.. WHY can’t we play them backwards?

    Do you expect people to just go buy ps3s or subscribe to your terrible NOW service? At least XBOX let’s people play backwards.

    • Apparently people are just expected to have multiple consoles set up at a time if they’re not Xbox One users. It’s not related to Blu-ray though. This doesn’t mean backwards compatibility is impossible, unofficial teams already have working PS3 emulators on PC. Sony could do it as well on PS4 if they put their mind to it.

    • I’m all for backwards compatibility, but bluray really has nothing to do with it.

  • Playstation Plus Library feature is bugged.

    It only says I have 14 games… even though Im a plus member since Ps4 was released.

  • when will Sony Playstation fix their Store that is damn slow and doesnt load at all sometimes and need to reboot to make it work

  • Still needs a lot of improvements but this was a good update. Keep up the good work.

  • I found it quite interesting and i learned quite a lot about my ps4

  • Hello the How to delete trophy list if you have 0% of trophies becouse there was once a feature in app now its gone :(

    Nevermind I got it

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