Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, F1 2016, Sniper Elite 3 headline this month’s PS Now line-up

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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, F1 2016, Sniper Elite 3 headline this month’s PS Now line-up

Defend Gotham, tear up the track and keep cool under pressure in this month’s fresh games on PlayStation’s streaming service

Yes, it’s that time again, as PlayStation’s streaming service PS Now expands with yet another varied selection of games that are available to play today..

And today’s new line-up means you can now clash with super criminals in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, battle the world’s finest drivers in F1 2016, play it cool under pressure with Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition or realise your building ambitions in the fantastic Terraria.

In addition, you can also play the following:

  • Follow the trail of a demonic preacher in gorgeous horror Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood!


  • Challenge yourself to some pixelated platforming in Bard’s Gold.


  • Challenge friends to a series of colourful puzzles in Yamayama.


  • Card game meets action-packed multiplayer in Alchemic Jousts!


  • Strap in and start defending your home from maniacal furballs in Blast ‘Em Bunnies.


  • Forgo patience and precision for explosive mayhem in Dynamite Fishing – World Games.


All of which cements PS Now as the place to go to try out a rich variety of experiences – and for one monthly price.

With over 500 PS3 and PS4 games already on the service, you’ve instant access to a selection of PS4’s catalogue, and you can dive back into PlayStation’s rich heritage (or try out classics you missed), there’s never been a better time to get your stream on.

And as of this week, PS Now is available in more territories than ever; along with UK, Germany, France and Benelux, this week the service has launched in Ireland, Austria and Switzerland! 

So, in summary, joining PS Now this month are:

  • Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
  • F1 2016
  • Terraria
  • Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition
  • Enigmatis 2: The Mists of Ravenwood
  • Bard’s Gold
  • Yamayama
  • Alchemic Jousts
  • Blast ‘Em Bunnies
  • Dynamite Fishing – World Games

And don’t forget, PS Now is the only place on PC to play PlayStation exclusives. Want to sign up*? Find out how here. 

*PS Now is available in UK, Germany, France, Benelux, and is now also available in Ireland, Austria and Switzerland

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  • This service is outdated and overpriced vs Game Pass on Xbox. (Even EA Access)

    1.) Costs ~3 times as much as Game Pass and only offer mostly streamed old PS3 games.

    2.) Doesen’t support native playing like GP. Only streaming which is inferior.

    3.) Does not get any future exclusive PS4 games added at no extra charge on release day.

    4.) PSNow is unavailable on most of the planet. Game Pass is in 10’s of countries.

    On Game Pass, you get all new exlusive games included for both Xbox One and PC. Not just console version.

    EA Access and Game Pass combined costs half the price of PSNow. As many knows, EA Access have almost all EA games this gen so far including season passes on the service. It only costs me 22$ for 12 months.

    • And where is the problem? PS Now is something completely else, as you already stated. It’s a game streaming platform, not a game download/licensing system like GamePass or EA Access. Although you can play it on your PS4, the idea of a streaming service is that you don’t need the hardware to play those games, just a device that can receive a video stream and send input signals. So I don’t get your point. That IS PS Now. Streaming, nothing native. The service isn’t outdated at all. Given a good connection (and that is why it isn’t available in more countries) you almost won’t notice any lag, that is top notch streaming technology.

      You can like or dislike the idea of streaming, but comparing it to download platforms is a bit weird, isn’t it? The price might be up for discussion, but comparable services in the past were at the same level (OnLive for example had 5$ monthly fee + 10$ for a game pass). If they’ll allow you at one day to play the games you own a license for, it will get much cheaper.

    • They’ve already removed the ability to play through TV’s, Vita etc.. The only thing you can play it through is hardware that would be capable of running the games anyway. So what is the point? I’m sorry but MS are supporting backwards compatibility to an almost embarrassingly good level. Crackdown in native 4k for example. Sony really dropped the ball with this one and the quicker they realise this isn’t a viable, or wanted platform for gaming the better in my opinion.

    • The problem is that Sony don’t want to admit they wasted a lot of money on buying Gaikai, back when OnLive was still around and game streaming looked like it would catch on. That was also the same time some people claimed consoles were dead and that we would all be playing games on smartphones from now on. PS Now is completely dependent on a good internet connection all the time, which a lot of places even in western countries still don’t have access to.

      What Microsoft are doing gives people access to both new Xbox One games and improved Xbox 360 games all on one console. You can also just put the disc in (and after a download) play. This also lets Microsoft offer both Xbox 360 games and Xbox One games on Games with Gold. Sony can’t do this with PS3 games, because even if they wanted to PS Now is only in a small number of countries anyway. There are working PS3 emulators on PC now so if an unofficial team can do it, then Sony could as well if they put their mind to it.

    • “The only thing you can play it through is hardware that would be capable of running the games anyway”

      TIL you can play PS3 games on the PS4 and PC. As for PS4 games, pretty sure you can’t play those on the PC either. If you want to download games, try subscribing to PlayStation Plus.

    • No you didn’t learn a thing bro. You can’t play PS3 games on PS4, though you ignored my point as I said it’s ‘capable’ of doing so. It just requires a little time and effort on Sony’s part. Effort that MS are putting in with Xbox. Effort that doesn’t go unnoticed by consumers. Enjoy playing your PS4 games on PC, pal but stop ignoring the point owners of PS4’s and PS4 Pros are trying to make about Backwards Compatibility and fuelling your own arguments. We know how PS Now works, we just think it’s garbage.

  • That’ll come back to bite them on the ass. They’re showing the same arrogance as they did in the PS2 era and look what the 360 did to them. Granted the PS3 later recovered but if MS come out of the blocks firing next time the same thing will happen again. We’re moving towards a subscription model like films and music and the one that represents best value will win the next generation.

    EA Access was never about ‘not representing value for money’, it was monopolising their platform with their own poor value services.

  • Did you forget about last month’s games

    • Not at all. Best ever, even though I already owned both. I’m an old cynic and I suspect subs were down so they give 2 good games, reduce the price of a 12 month sub to rope people in for another year and we’ll be back to Mega Drive games from next month. I hope they prove me wrong however!

      I’m a subscriber regardless but know plenty who let their subs lapse.

  • Wow we have actually had a blog post about the update and it’s on time! Nice one. Please keep it going.

    Be nice to be informed what console version the games are and if it has dlc with it or not. Lego Batman 3 is on ps3 and ps4,so which is it? Or do we get both like qbert rebooted and Pure Chess? And chances are there’s no dlc given. Sniper Elite 3 is ps3 and ps4 also and with it being the ultimate edition then it will have the dlc with it.

    And I guess any information like, online servers shut down/unobtainable trophies etc

  • I don,t believe this first of PS-now is rubbish i still own a PS3 with games half of them are already up load & can play either by physical disc or digital download & decide to cancel my 12.99 subscription secondly its pointless putting PS4 games on PS-NOW would have been better to put PS1 & PS2 GAMES PS-NOW & still rolling out the service after 5yrs what a load of rubbish PS-now is rubbish bring back backward comparability for ps3 games now

    • Pointless? I think you underestimate the fact that there are millions of people out there with a PC but not a PlayStation, and PS Now allows these people to enjoy PlayStation games without buying a console.

    • It’s cheaper to buy a PS3 and PS4 than 2 years of subscriptions.

    • “It’s cheaper to buy a PS3 and PS4 than 2 years of subscriptions.”

      And the games are free, no?

    • With the extra money you’d have left over, and the extra 155+ a year you’d have to spend from not having to pay a subscription, you’d be able to buy pretty much all the interesting PS now games.

      Oh and have unlimited choice rather than which ever ones happened to turn up.

  • Amazing how this service has no momentum at all after being around for 2+ years. I mean I’m not really surprised, communication is basically non-existant, most updates are lacklustre and there has never been a consistent schedule.

    Why isn’t DLC included with most of the older games? Take Fallout 3 and New Vegas as recent examples, great additions but you excluded the expansions, why? It’s ridiculous, are we supposed to wait for an elusive “DLC update” which has happened once in PS Now’s lifetime and only added DLC to a handful of games?

    Then you look at Xbox’s backwards compatibility, ok I hear you, they’re not exactly the same thing, sure but they’re actively listening to what people want to see and adding them to the list, can anyone say the same about the PS Now team? I can’t, we’ve never even had a response from them.

    Lastly if anyone on the blog team reads this, any chance you could tag PS Now posts in the future both PS Now and PlayStation Now, some months are tagged one or the other.

    • If they fixed the severe performance issues (YouTube “Fallout PS3 lag” if you don’t know what I’m talking about) in Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition, and Fallout: New Vegas Ultimate Edition they would be worth including. It happens in the standard edition with DLCs as well. If they can fix the lag in Skyrim PS3 (still has that constant choppy framerate and hitching though) then surely it can be done in two less demanding games as well.

  • That update is very poor especially considering the last one was so long ago! I won’t be renewing, nothing for me- just bring it up to parity with US selection would have been fine I was hanging on for Tekken Tag 2 (which I own digital on ps3 anyway but don’t have a ps3 anymore) and Yakuza.

  • Thanks for the update. The first four games alone on that list are already worth the price of the sub!

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