14 massive upcoming PS4 exclusive games worth clearing your diary for

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14 massive upcoming PS4 exclusive games worth clearing your diary for

Our top picks of the biggest upcoming games playable only on PlayStation 4

We’re well into 2018 now, and the road ahead is looking mighty fine indeed. With a stonkingly huge number of exclusives confirmed to be hitting PS4, your console will be the epicentre of some truly great adventures to come.

Over the past E3, Paris Games Week and PSX shows, there’s been such a huge number of high profile announcements it’s easy to lose track of what’s on the horizon. So we’re here to help. Below you’ll find our top picks of the currently confirmed PS4 exclusives, and why you should be excited for every single one.

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Developed by Insomniac Games

Why you should be excited: It’s the world’s biggest Super Hero in an all-new blockbuster action adventure created by Insomniac Games, the world-renown studio behind Ratchet & Clank. With a fresh take on Peter Parker and his amazing cast of Super Villains, an expanded and fun move set tied to Spider-Man’s spectacular gadgets and a richly detailed Marvel and quest-filled New York City to swing round, this is an essential not just for Super Hero fanatics but adventure free-roaming gameplay fans everywhere.

2. God of War

Developed by Santa Monica Studios

Why you should be excited: Kratos is coming to PS4 with an epic journey the likes of which franchise fans have never experienced. Santa Monica is bringing its unique take on Norse mythology to offer adventure fans an action-packed fantasy blockbuster as a deeply personal quest sees the demi-god and his son Atreus face a world and threats that’ll leave you breathless.

3. Detroit: Become Human

Developed by Quantic Dream

Why you should be excited: The studio behind such thought-provoking – and thrilling – games such as Heavy Rain turns its attention to the fragility of co-existence between human and androids in this sci-fi neo-noir. See this critical moment in future history from three perspectives. Every choice matters, and can mean the difference between life and death for your trio of characters.

4. Days Gone

Developed by Bend Studio

Why you should be excited: Fight for survival in an open world that’s gone to hell in the wake of a global pandemic, where your best friend – and means to survive – is your motorcycle. Play as biker turned bounty hunter, Deacon St. John, as he fights to live against rival gangs, overwhelming hordes of roving human monsters known as Freakers and a brutal environment out to get him. Explore, scavenge, survive.

5. Ghost of Tsushima

Developed by Sucker Punch

Why you should be excited:
The creator of InFamous is hard at work on an ultra-ambitious open world action adventure set in Feudal Japan. Expect luscious landscapes to explore, character design with historical authentic flourishes and a story inspired by classic samurai stories.

6. Blood & Truth

Developed by London Studios

Why you should be excited: The London Heist, one of the highlights of PlayStation VR Worlds was so well-received its creator was inspired to build an entirely new PS VR adventure, set in London’s gritty underworld. With intense shootouts, choice-driven interactive touches and memorable moments, be the action hero of your own explosive crime thriller.

7. The Last of Us: Part II

Developed by Naughty Dog

Why you should be excited:
It’s the sequel to Naughty Dog’s harrowing, emotionally-taut survival horror. What more do you need to know?

8. Dreams

Developed by Media Molecule

Why you should be excited: Media Molecule’s newest game is as dazzlingly unique as the studio’s previous PlayStation phenomenon LittleBigPlanet. First, play the studio’s trio of interweaving, genre-leaping adventures. Then dip into the community’s own game creations – or try and create your own! Here are four videos encapsulating why you’ve never seen anything like it.

9. Concrete Genie

Developed by PixelOpus

Why you should be excited: Completely transform the practically abandoned fishing town of Denska into a vibrant hub of colourful, interactive art. This powerful but beautiful adventure focuses on Ash, a boy constantly picked on by the town’s older kids. By using the Dualshock 4’s motion sensor you can paint and create creatures on the walls that will come to life and aid Ash as he cleanses Denska using the power of his brush.

10. Erica

Developed by Flavourworks

Why you should be excited: Erica is an intriguing interactive live action drama that joins PS4’s growing PlayLink range, a tense thriller in which you dictate what happens next. Help identify a killer while piecing together Erica’s lost memories as you explore her world, shaping her story by interacting with the on-screen action via your smartphone.

11. Medievil

Why you should be excited: A PlayStation classic is resurrected for a new generation, as Sir Daniel Fortesque returns to your skelevision. It’s a chance for fans to rediscover their love for the spooky hack and slash adventure, and a chance for PS4 players to become acquainted with a beloved PS icon.

12. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

Developed by SEGA

Why you should be excited: SEGA’s brilliant action series set in Japan returns! Yakuza 6 features a fascinating mix of exploration, brutal combat and stunning, explorable renditions of Japanese towns (with arcades featuring authentic, playable SEGA games!). Don’t let the 6 put you off; this is a great intro to the successful SEGA franchise.

13. Firewall: Zero Hour

Developed by First Contact Entertainment


Why you should be excited: A multiplayer face-off between two teams is all the tenser when played through PS VR. Infiltrate the map and carry out your objective as the attacking side, or showcase your superior strategy skills by successfully protecting the objective as the defenders. You get hit, you’re out of the game: prepare for some tense online matches.

14. Death Stranding

Developed by Kojima Productions

Why you should be excited: Hideo Kojima returns with an all-star cast including Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen and Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro, who are lending their likenesses to the upcoming game.

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  • “Clear your diaries for these things we don’t give you dates for”…

  • Does anyone know is developing medevil

    • bluepoint comes to mind. but idk was a fun game way back when so hope its good.

      only one im really really excited for is last of us the rest i maybe play when its low in price.

      buying games new at full price nowadays means buying glitchy half done products so i just wait most times. i pay less for games with mostly more content.

      and oh yeah…Bring back SOCOM!

    • Guerilla? I don’t think they’ve been linked with anything else post-Horizon…

    • Bluepoint is small studio they didn’t dont do the game and just realse shadow of the couloirs . But I could be wrong

  • Still no standard editions for God of War or Detroit: Become Human available for pre-order on the EU store, only the more expensive “Deluxe” editions

  • We are still waiting for that Spider-Man release date Sony :/

  • I suspect some of these will be played on a PS5.

    • Death stranding will be. Maybe ghosts of Tsushima too. Reckon rest are ps4 but could see last of us being ps4 last hurrah and a better version on ps5 a year later like they did on ps3 and ps4 with the first one

    • I agree however I don’t think they will be re-released as PS5 games. I think the PS5 will be BC with PS4 games providing they stick with x86 (I don’t see why they won’t). I can it working like the Xbox One X does with some old 360 games. You pop in the PS4 disk and you get a PS5 enhanced mode.

      This is what happens for the likes of Fallout 3 on the Xbox One X.

    • Microsoft re-release backwards compatible games like Fallout 3 in Xbox One cases, with both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 logos. I hope Sony do something similar with PS4 games on PS5, since it’s a good way to advertise backwards compatibility.

  • Days gone been delayed for year so coming out next year also last of us 2 our next year and both zombie ?‍♀️ games looking for that . Also I hope dreams and Spider-Man come out this year and if both get delayed a year be no exclusives games for winter to come out and PlayStation be trouble . Ps looking for Detroit game.

    • There hasn’t been a big Winter PS4 exclusive in years, I think Sony learned their lesson when Driveclub launched in shambles and LBP3 got buried by the usual big third-party hitters. Winter will be all about exclusive content for third party games, again – a new strike for Destiny 2 year 2, early CoD maps, HZD-themed robotic horse for Red Dead 2 preorders, that sort of thing

    • Sony aren’t stupid. They know that the big 3rd party games like COD/battlefield/destiny/AC launch in Oct to Nov. And with partnership deals with Activision etc they sell more of them on ps4 especially with console bundles and can have their exclusive games spread out to periods that aren’t dominated by COD etc. It’s definitely not an accident. I don’t think spder-man will come out Oct or Nov if it makes 2018. It will likely be September at latest or 2019

    • >HZD-themed robotic horse for Red Dead 2 preorders,

    • Ya I guess learn there lesson but it would be nice if one or two exclusives games come out that time I guess not doing that because big games like call of duty and new battlefield game set come out winter.

    • I know not stupid but would be very nice have one or two exclusives games I hope dreams come out for Xmas and Spider-Man.

    • I guess your right

  • Hm ones there I really want are Spider-Man, God of War (is that it’s whole title? Bit confusing), Dreams, The Last of Us Part II. That Ghosts of Tshushima might be good (not my sorta setting but Sucker Punch have entertained me muchly with Sly and inFamous) and Medievil could be fun.

  • Already got a pre-order on the Yakuza 6 CE, and I will probably pre-order Marvel’s Spider-Man too whenever possible.

    Detroid: Become Human, Ghost of Tsushima, Dreams and Medievil are interesting too, but I might wait for those to drop in price.

  • looking forward to the last of us II, days gone and maybe dreams. just too bad days gone got moved to next year in fear of going head to head with red dead 2..

  • Days Gone and its debut trailer was shown way too early. Its sort of baffling because that was the one game out of a lot of new game announcements at E3 2016 that got a gameplay segment too. Surely you would have known how far on the development was when you showed it.

    And was going with Unreal engine 4 really worth it now? Seems like making the game on Naughty Dog’s engine would have been a better choice and Sony Bend could have stretched out that engine’s open world legs for the first time since the Jak and Daxter days. Now its taking ages to make a game that’s being built on a game engine that wasn’t even made from the ground up for PS4.

  • You also forgot to put the Spyro G. Nasty Trilogy on that list. ^_^


  • Where is this Week,s psn update yet again delayed

  • Most of those games were announced years ago and won’t be released in 2018.

  • Yeah….easy, when 90% of them have no release date or have been pushed to 2019.

    Maybe focus on the once 1-2 months away from release?

  • What happened to FFVII remastered?

    • Basically they didn’t get the feedback they wanted from the trailer they showed, so went back to fix things and change team members.

      Though strangely instead of focusing fixing the things that were the cause of the complaints (such as the combat) they’re instead “redesigning the main character to look more like the original”. So I guess he’ll be a deformed tiny man now.

  • Still hiring staff for ff7 and “brainstorming”, its really looking like a ps5 game at this point :(

  • Kojima is genious

  • Greatness Awaits!

    This slogan couldn’t have been more fitting. Looking especially at You Years Gone, sorry Days Gone.

  • If Firewall Zero Hour is anything like Siege I’ll be all over it.

  • I’m interested in Ghosts of Tsushima mainly because it’s (apparently) a stealth game in a nice setting. Though also kind of worried that it will pretty terrible for some reason. Kind of the same with Medievil.

    DS is a bit hard to get excited for when we don’t really know anything about it. Other than it has a naked guy and some crabs. It would be nice to get some more information as to how it is as a game.

  • Looks good, just hope they don’t follow other companies directions such as EA & Ubi and start chucking in loot boxes.

    Keep up with the quality content

  • I even consider AAAA third party games like PS4 exclusives when reception is concerned.

  • We need that MediEvil as soon as possible!! Would be great if both MediEvil games are included with a few extra mission added. Been waiting for years and years for this.

  • Great line-up. Good to be PS4 ownera :-)

  • Detroit, Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima are my most anticipated. LoU2 will obviously be epic too but lost some of its novelty. Excited for Days Gone too. God of War is probably my least favourite of the bunch. Would’ve loved something like GoW3. This looks ok in general, though. Not sure about Spiderman yet. Not a big fan of Spiderman but I do love the developer and their games, so I might give it a try.

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