How to summon help in Bloodborne – and how to offer it

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How to summon help in Bloodborne – and how to offer it

A hunter is never alone! Find out how to play co-op in FromSoftware’s lovecraftian horror game

Since its recent PlayStation Plus release, the streets of Yharnam have seen a sizable income of new Hunters, making it the perfect time to hunt together! Want a Hunter to help you with a particular boss or clear out a tough area? Here’s a quick guide on how to play online in Bloodborne.


The Insight system is the Lovecraftian mechanic at the very core of Bloodborne. This stat represents the amount of inhuman knowledge you have acquired by exploring the world and defeating bosses. Accumulating Insight points will lead you on your path towards the eldritch truth, seeing the unspeakable, and a lot more.

When it comes to playing online, Insight is also the main currency you’ll need. For the cost of one insight, you can summon players to your world to assist you in the hunt, and you won’t be able to play online until you get your first bit of Insight.

For this, however, you have a few options. The easiest way to get Insight early on in the game is to encounter a boss for the first time or consume Madman’s Knowledge, which you’ll find scattered across Yharnam or as a drop from certain enemies.


Getting help from others (the Beckoning Bell)

Once you have you have some Insight, you’re (almost) good to go. The item you need to summon help in Bloodborne is the Beckoning Bell.

After you’ve obtained your first point of Insight, you’ll buy the Beckoning Bell from the Messengers in the Hunter’s Dream.

Ringing this Beckoning Bell while playing online will grant you the ability to summon helpful players to your world.

Once rung, the bell will open your world and connect you to players who have offered to assist and that are within range of your in-game level and position. A good tip to find helpful players is to use the bell either at the beginning of a level or just before a boss room.

You can have two guests summoned in your world at once. When you play online, enemy health bars will adjust to reflect the extra Hunters in the mix, but co-op has a lot of benefits – for example, other players might distract the boss’s attention, letting you get in behind for some easy attacks.

Online, be wary that opening your world to friendly hunters might also attract unwanted attention from blood-starved Hunters. You will be notified in game if an adversary has invaded your world, so you have a little bit of time to prepare to fight (or to hide).


Helping other players (the Small Resonant Bell)

To be able to help other players, you will need the Small Resonant Bell. This item can be purchased in the Hunter’s Dream from the upper Messenger shop, which will appear once you’ve collected your first Insight.

All you need to do to help other players is ring the Small Resonant Bell and your game will connect to players who are ringing the Beckoning Bell in their world. Once again, a good tip is to use the item before bosses’ rooms or at the beginning of a level. Helping other players and helping them defeat bosses is a great way to gain Insights so you can summon players to your world later on!

Playing with friends

If you want to play with a friend, both the person using the Beckoning bell and the person using the Small Resonant Bell will need to put the same password in the settings under Network. Make sure you are both in the same area and try to stand as close as possible to each other in your respective worlds.


Ending a session (the Silencing Blank)

If for one reason or another you need to put an end to the co-op hunting session, you will need to use the Silencing Blank. You’ll get this item from the same Messenger that gives you the Beckoning Bell. When firing it up, you will end the online session and either return to your world or send the players helping you back to theirs.

Summoning The Old Hunters

After gaining your first point of Insight you’ll find an item known as the ‘Old Hunter Bell’ sitting on the steps of the Hunter’s Workshop, inside the Hunter’s Dream. This special bell can be used to summon the spirits of legendary hunters all around Yharnam and even within the Chalice Dungeons.

The summoning points will appear as small, glowing wells that resonate with a high-pitched chime. Stand over them and press ‘X’ to ring the Old Hunter Bell. Doing this will consume one Insight and summon to your world a friendly NPC hunter who will follow you around that area of the game, helping you to dispatch enemies and – in particular – tough bosses.


Share Play

If Beckoning Bells, Insight and cooperative play are not quite what you had in mind – if you just need to pass the controller to a friend for a moment so they can show you a cool hidden secret or a smart boss strategy, then why not fire-up Share Play?

This unique PlayStation 4 feature allows you to hand to control to a friend via the PlayStation Network and wherever they are in the world, they can take control of the game using their own PS4 as though they were sitting right beside you.

You can continue to chat via parties while you’re using Share Play, meaning you’re free swap strategies or point things out as you go. If, on the other hand, you’d really rather tackle things yourself, you can even simply invite someone to simply spectate and offer hints and tips rather than taking direct control.


So now you know how co-op works, what next? Well, you can put a call out to your fellow Hunters across social media, using the hashtag #BuddyUpForBloodborne. Are you a veteran wanting to guide newcomers through those tougher areas of Yharnam? Offer up your services using the hashtag. Fresh to the game and need help on a boss? Do a social shout-out including the hashtag and see if an experienced Hunter’s in the area to lend you their expertise.


Remember, Hunters don’t have to go it alone!

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  • Important detail about online play – if you are helping somebody and you die, you will return to your game and keep all the experience. Helping others is great way how to explore new areas and level up faster. (without risk of loosing experience)

  • You don’t really ever have to worry about invaders in Bloodborne, due to the slightly odd system.

    When you ring the bell it spawns a lady who opens your world up to invaders until you kill her. But as she doesn’t fight back, and is always in the same place, you can just ring it next to her, murder her and then no more invaders.

    Then again PvP in Bloodborne isn’t very good, so you’re not really missing out on much. Nor are there really any invaders even if you leave it open.

  • Stupid way to start co op in a game. I bought the whole darn game (in a sale but still game of the year edition) just to help out a friend who was struggling in it and we just assumed it would be like any other game where co op is easy to set up and just get on with things. But it’s not. It’s a frustrating, lousy piece of silliness. Didn’t find it much fun in single player either. Awful game.

    • It is objectively not an awful game. It is one of the most praised and respected games of all time. If you were awful at it, fair enough, but it’s not an awful game.

    • Another person who doesn’t know the difference between a bad game and one that they just don’t like or aren’t good at.

      Just leave the tough ones alone if you can’t play them. Games like these require experimentation, patience and practice. Too many gamers expect to breeze through games without dying these days.

  • It’s great to be able to have the co-op available in this game. I purchased it from the store very cheap, also it’s the Game of the Year Edition.

    What I didn’t expect was how bloody (pun intended) hard it is. Well, after much battling and not giving up, I’ve blasted the first boss back to Hell and Father Gascoigne has had a boot up his ass. Although it took ten attempts, but I stuck to it and won in the end.

    Now wandering the Cathedral Ward is much fun and I’m looking forward to the next boss who’s going to want a tight gripped hand shake to the head!!

    This is a hard game… start with. It seems to settle nicely if you remember to level up and repair your weapon. The Hunters Dream is your friend, keep going back.

    I won’t be looking to share my gameplay with anyone as yet cause this Lovecraftian hell hole is having it’s guts laid out on the floor and I’m going to morris dance all over them with pretty bells, spandex and a cup of tea!!

    • “What I didn’t expect was how bloody hard it is”

      Really? I mean… OK.

    • Glad you’re enjoying it, though!

    • I’m finding it easier now though.

      I never played Dark Souls and to be honest this is the first RPG style game I’ve ever played so I’m assuming that the style of the game threw me at first. Not in my comfort zone…etc.

      I’m survival horror mad, love that genre but I have a genuine soft spot for anything Lovecraft, mainly the literary sense. When I saw that this was Lovecraftian in its execution I decided to make the purchase. That first part when in Central Yharman to get to the first boss took me ages. Now I’ve settled into the play style and the dodge moves and R3 are my closest companions…im finding it more smoothly. Loving the story and I’ll probably immerse myself into the online world of the history of the town and what the f***s actually going on…but I’m sure the story will unravel as I continue.

      Loving it though bud. Incredible game….and definitely not awful.

    • When you’ve finished the game (or you could watch as you play, just watching areas you’ve already done) go on YouTube and search for ‘Prepare To Try’It’s a let’s play series that’s actually worth watching. Three guys from IGN UK (Gav Murphy, Daniel Krupa and Rory Powers) play through games. They started with Dark Souls, season two was Dark Souls III and season three is Bloodborne.

      Its a fantastic series, can’t recommend it enough. The three guys are hilarious. The premise was with season one Gav and Daniel were coaching Rory through the games, but he’s GIT GUD now, although that makes it no less entertaining. Probably my favorite series on YouTube.

    • Cheers bro. Will check it out. Thank you….i appreciate it.

    • You think Bloodborne is hard until you start a new character in Waste of Skin mode. Basically you have to complete the game by staying at level 4. The toughest boss for me during that particular playthrough was by far the Shadow of Yharnam.

      And of course the main game is a piece of cake compared to the unforgiving DLC (fun trivia: Lady Maria is clearly the prototype of Sister Friede in DS3).

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