Everything you need to know about PS4 system software update 5.50, launching today

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Everything you need to know about PS4 system software update 5.50, launching today

Custom wallpapers, play time management, Quick Menu enhancements and more

Some of you may have already got hands on with the system software 5.50 update for PlayStation 4 via the recent beta. A huge thanks to all those who have taken part and helped us fine-tune the new features and improvements. The update rolls out today and to give you a closer look at some of the key features, including a few new additions, take a look at what you’ll be enjoying from today.

Custom wallpapers from USB

One major feature that was included with the 5.50 update beta trial was the ability to customise the PS4 home screen with your own images from a USB stick.

To get started, save your pictures into a folder named “IMAGES” on your USB stick. Ensure this folder is at the top of the USB directory, i.e. not saved within another folder. Note the max image resolution is 1920×1080 for PS4 and 3840×2160 for PS4 Pro.

Then with the USB stick connected to your PS4, select Settings > Themes > Select Theme > Custom > Select Image > USB Storage Device. Once your image is selected you can zoom and crop it, all while seeing in real time how it looks on the home screen.

You can also customise the thumbnail of group message threads with images taken from USB. Select Messages > Select Message > Group Settings >Image> Change Image> USB Storage Device

Play Time Management

Another major update is Play Time Management. This feature gives Family Managers (and adult family members set as Guardians), the ability to control when and for how long each individual child can play for. Playtime can even be set to vary depending on the day of the week, for example you could allow your child to play for two hours between 4-7pm during the week and then for 4 hours between 8am-8pm on the weekend.

This joins a long list of parental management features already available, including the ability to individually set what each child in your family on PlayStation Network (PSN) plays, watches and accesses online. All these features can be accessed on your PS4 via Settings > Family Management.

What’s more, you can also monitor and change these settings on the go from your PC or Smartphone via the PSN account web portal – giving parents greater flexibility and peace of mind.

Library improvements

New tabs and filters are also being added to the Library, to make it easier to organise and find content.

New “This PS4” and “Name/Avatar” tabs allow you to split content between everything you own and what’s currently installed on your PS4.

There is now a dedicated PS Plus tab too showing all Monthly Free Games you have access to, along with the ability to hide certain apps under the “Purchased” tab – such as old trials or demos of games.

Quick Menu enhancements

The Quick Menu is also getting some UI enhancements. You’ll shortly be able to access the custom friends drop down list directly from it, making it easier to see who’s online and send them messages or invitations.

Furthermore, if you’re using Spotify on PlayStation Music, the ‘square’ button will now serve as the shortcut for volume control. And when you’re on the Media Player or the USB Music Player, ‘triangle’ will work as the shortcut for play or pause, and the ‘square’ button as the volume control.

Notification management

You can now permanently remove old notifications from your PS4 – to help you keep on top of game invites, status of downloads etc. Just go to Notifications and press the ‘triangle’ or “OPTIONS” button to open up a menu that will allow you to select a single or multiple notifications you’d like to delete.

Tournament page improvements

In addition to being able to import your pictures from USB to use as your Team Logo or tournament page background, some further UI improvements are coming too. For example, with 5.50 you can now schedule events directly from the tournament page, and more easily filter between Team vs Team and 1v1 events.

As a reminder to set your tournament team logo and background, head over to Events > Teams > select your team > Edit Team Profile.
PS VR Support Icon


PS VR Support Icon

Never miss out on an opportunity to augment your experience with PlayStation VR. After this update, a PS VR icon will be shown next to all content on your dashboard and library which support the headset.


Supersampling Mode for PS4 Pro

The system level optional mode gives more control to the player, helping them further benefit from the power of PS4 Pro, even if they don’t have a 4K TV.

Once enabled, all games output at a higher resolution, which for many PS4 Pro enhanced titles is above 1080p, and up to 2160p. Then, with up to 4x the amount of visual and colour information to work with, the PS4 Pro is able to deliver a more refined image when downscaling to HD.

As a result some games will receive a clarity boost, feature sharper details and benefit from a reduction in jagged edges on objects. Performance will vary by title, as games are optimised differently for PS4 Pro.

To enable supersampling select Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings > Supersampling Mode.

We’re really looking forward to everyone getting stuck in to the new features, and are keen to hear your feedback in the comments below.

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  • Loving the new features already!!!

  • It’s been available for a few hours now. I guess the blog team didn’t know that.

    • Updates like this roll out gradually to all users. We didn’t want to jump the gun and post this before it was available to the majority of PS4 owners.

    • Is it so? Then why are you forced to update before you can log in to PSN again? If it is “rolling out” that means some people can still use PSN on the old firmware which I’m sure is not how it works. Pretty sure it works like iOS where the update is released to everyone at once. It’s even available to download now from the PlayStation website.

    • Doesn’t seem to bother you when you post articles on sales that haven’t kicked in on the store yet.

    • I saw an official reply to this comment again but it was deleted.

    • And btw, if you didn’t know I was talking about the LAUNCHING TODAY in the post title. It should be AVAILABLE NOW.

    • Incorrect. iOS updates are available to download, and are then shared through mirrors, but are not available in all regions simultaneously. The same can be said for Android OS updates, which are issued at different times depending on each carrier.

      The same can be said for PS4 system software updates, as they are done as a rollout. For example, the official update was available on my UK account before it was available on my U.S. account. It’s just how it works. Available right now would be fine to say later this evening, or tomorrow, but saying launching today is certainly a more prudent course of action.

      As far as “forced to update”, that only occurs once the update is available in said region. That is a normal process for both the XBL/PSN platform. No, PC/Android/iOS/Mac do not “force” updates, but you are not able to access certain features either, until you do. So for PSN/XBL, blocking online access once an update is available, to keep all users on the same Firmware system makes a lot of sense when they’re all accessing the same network.

      For example, changing the background picture on messages would be broken if one user could access said feature, while the other couldn’t. The rollout is available on a per region basis, thus there is some time where not everyone is in sync, thus it “launching today” and not “available now” which would be not true.

    • For Android you are right about the carrier part, but let’s take the Google Pixel as an example as it’s stock Android. Google themselves distribute the update, but as a gradual rollout to see if bugs are present. Then the update spreads over time. This also applies to Windows 10 updates.

  • Future software update idea: Info on how long you played a game for.

    Also these: http://turbogeek421.tumblr.com/post/152855605317/my-playstation-feature-wishlist

  • I’d love to have play activity for every game we play on the console too.

  • Underwhelming update as usual..

    • That’s a nice way to say it…

    • what EXACTLY you were hoping for? this comment is counter-productive…

      just saying, didn’t like it doesn’t mean anything… it will help if you TELL what would u like to see.

      don’t u agree?

    • I already said what i wanted multiple times in previous OS and beta versions and none of them still implemented so they’re not listening no point

    • Do you honestly expect them to be able to review every single one of the requests from the millions of people who own PS4’s and implement every single one of them? What world do you live in sir cause i want in.

  • Anywhere you can get the skater wallpaper used here to download. Id love to use this on my PS4.

  • Now if we could get custom music for our themes that would be great. I have 2 dragon quest themes, both static. The score to DQ is amazing and I would love to hear that when I fire my ps4 up.

  • The PS4 now finally have a “Custom wallpapers from USB” feature, and yet somehow it’s still worse than the PS3 where you could do this a decade ago. On the PS3 you could load huge photos you taken, it had no problems loading 6000×4000 pixel images (which somehow now even the PS4 PRO isn’t capable of?) and then crop/resize them down to fit the screen resolution. But it’s not possible on the PS4, instead you’re greeted with a “You can select an image with up to 1920×1080 pixels”. It’s such a joke.

    Why on earth do the PS4 keep making multiple things worse than the PS3 that was released 11 years ago? Still waiting for the PS4 to be able to run PS1 Classics like ALL previous PS devices do too, it would be a nice feature for the next system software update.

    • Pah, everybody knows that no-one wants to play games from old systems any more

      *cough* https://gamingbolt.com/xbox-one-backward-compatible-games-have-been-played-for-over-840-million-hours

    • They want you to use Playstation Now for playing those games because they screwed up when they bought Gaikai (for way too much money) and want to make some money back from it (by selling you a way too expensive service with a flawed idea to begin with).

      You know, because everything they do is 4theplayers (wait a minute).


      To be clear, I love my PS4 and I play the majority of games on PS, but in this instance the green team is way ahead of Sony, just because they are in front and don’t want to admit to their board that the screwed up by buying Gaikai (also they are starting to get cocky, which is a bad sign for next gen). It’s fantastic to be able to play my games from last gen for free (or games that I missed and still want to play, for cheap) on a new console.

    • As much as I like the PS4 I agree backwards compatibility is the only area where Microsoft is ahead of Sony. Sony needs to avoid becoming complacent, and thinking they don’t need to do anything just because they are way ahead of Xbox One sales. I like not having to choose between:

      PlayStation exclusives and 2. Not having inferior versions of multiplatform games.

      I don’t want Sony to mess that up again on PS5 like they did with PS3. When The Elder Scrolls 6 is out I’d rather not play at 15fps, just because Sony made another “difficult to develop for” PS3 style console.

  • xAlucardHellsing

    Yeah, but i really need the manual update file,when it comes out?

  • Sony you need to stop taking baby steps with these updates. Give us something worthwhile please (PS1 emulation wouldn’t kill you). And while you’re at it fix the Playstation store so videos and images actually load properly

    • It would as they want you to use Playstation Now for PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

    • Bit hard when neither PS1 or PS2 games are on PSNow….

    • Ok, I am totally wrong there then. I didn’t really check it out myself as I don’t believe in streaming games and just assumed it was PS1, PS2 and PS3 and now the last few months a few PS4 titles as well.

      If so, I don’t have a clue why they don’t give us the option to emulate/play those games on PS4.

  • Ιn the next update we want to change the psn ID. Thanks and many greetings from Greece.

    • That’s not really a PS4 update, but a database/network update.

      I suspect they made the mistake not to use id’s when they created PSN and everything is connected to your actual username instead.

      If that’s indeed the case, it is not an easy thing to change without breaking everything. I am sure they are working on doing that, but you are talking about changing a database with millions of entries while everything is running and nothing can break. The other option is to shut PSN down for a couple of days during the upgrade, but I suspect most people wouldn’t want that either.

    • Seeing as how it’s one of of the most requested features (maybe even the most requested features), I think people would be fine with PSN being down for a few days if it meant that the end result was the ability to change our PSN’s.

    • I am sure a lot of people would be fine with it, but a lot of other people would be very angry that they pay for a service that is down for a few days. It’s not very professional either.

      Be patient, I am sure they will make it work (for me personally it’s not a big deal at all, but I understand why people want to be able to change their username).

  • The library improvements alone make the update worth it for me. Now I can hide the demos for games I bought three years ago.

  • Supersampling does not work if you set 1080p on a 4k TV ?

  • Pressing L1 or R1 on home screen or in a folder immediately takes you the start or end i.e. PS Store or Library on the home screen.

  • Where is Croatian,Bosnian,Serbian,Slovenian language localization????

    • You should be happy that you have your own region not like some others who have to create, as I like to say, fake accounts!

    • At least you get your own country’s flag on PlayStation Blog comments, Scotland doesn’t exist as far as the PS Blog is concerned. Even US users get their own flag here when they have their own US blog.

  • And still not possible to change usernames.

    I’d seriously pay to be able to change my username instead of having to make a new account.

    • See my post at 11.1 about this. I am sure they are working on this, but this really isn’t an easy thing to do if they didn’t prepare for this when they created their database in the beginning of PSN.

  • Not all PS4 Plus game show up in the NEW library area.

    • I had the same issue. I fixed it by going to the ‘Playstation Plus’ tab, then to ‘Purchased’, then back again for it to refresh and correct that on mine. Hope it works for ya too!

  • We need proper 2K support Sony. Supersampling is alright but far from ideal.

  • Livening new features but still hasn’t fix problem since sometimes my PS4 screen stand still and keep getting error . Keep having this problem every since last update. Maybe get another update to fix problem.

  • I would like to see an old feature from ps3. The ability to import music cd’s would be great! ?

  • I like the new features but still waiting on a fix for the super slow lag and chopiness when running apps, Internet and switching back and forth between them. My data runs between 90mps and 110mps and the console is not running hot at all. It is getting frustrating and old to the point where im thinking about getting an xbox one x.

  • I just want to delete PS+ games from my trophy list…

  • Great update ,

    just missing THE support for 4K HDR on YouTube app .

    Any chance Sony can ask Google to make this to work on THE PS4 pro ?

  • All these shiny new features, many of which I have zero use for, and I still can’t move YouTube into my Media Apps folder.

    Are you kidding me?

  • Now can you set your own background music or use a downloaded theme’s music when changing your background?

  • updated ps4 now battlefield 1 don’t work why?

  • I just updated my PS4 and now it won’t work!! What the heck should I do?

  • My PS4 is bricked. Thanks, Sony.

  • Finally the ability to do what should have been possible in the first place and remove all those annoying notifications.

  • Does the PS4 downscale the wallpapers to 1920 x 1080 by itself?

  • Please…. Sony…. Anyone… what should I do?..

    • It sounds like the firmware failed and bricked the device. That really shouldn’t happen. You can either call PS4 support by telephone or Google “how to fix a bricked PS4”. Don’t do anything that would void the warranty though.

    • From Gamefaqs.

      1. Grab a screwdriver

      2. Unscrew the Hard Drive

      3. Take it out

      4. Boot up PS4 without Hard Drive.

      5. Turn off PS4.

      6. Put hard drive back in

      7. Boot up hard drive

      8. Automatically installs firmware

  • Always good to see a big update with lots of new features. I’m glad to finally be able to hide demos. I do wish you’d introduce a feature that allows us to configure DS4 stick sensitivity and dead-zones though. I noticed with the second generation DS4s that you have to push the left stick right to the edge to consistently move forward at the fastest speed (in games like Bloodborne and AC Origins for example). The slightest reduction of pressure and you stop running. I even had my first 2nd gen DS4 replaced because I thought it was a fault. Nope. The second one is exactly the same. On PC I can adjust this easily. On PS4, not at all. If I could buy another first gen DS4 controller I would, despite the trigger wearing issue. At least that only really affects racing games. I don’t know what it is about the controller with the PS4. I got through two controllers in eight years of PS3 ownership. I’ve already gone through four DS4 controllers in four years of PS4 ownership. That’…

    Show full comment

  • Would like to finish my game before you start updating [DELETED]

  • hj gamers, after download ps4 wont start up again! i get default SU-42118-6!!!!!!!!!!

  • Since iv downloaded this update every time i start up my ps4 and then an app like spotifiy or a game my internet turns off! Considering i was on the beta and this never happened (apart from nowtv) but that’s another complaint. What the hell has gone wrong with this update?!

  • I had my issues with PS Plus when it was first launched but accepted the change but now I noticed that since this update my kids can no longer benefit from the PS Plus subscription that is on the PS4 console. I have 3 accounts on the console and we have been happily gaming away with just the 1 subscription to cover all, but now it seems since the update I will have to shell out 3 x (soon to be 4 x) the amount of money for online access, which is funny because I already pay an IP each month for this. Or we can go with the other option will be to not pay for 3-4 subs and I’ll pick my faviurite child each month and they’ll get the access for the month, which personally is what i’m leaning towards. Unless it turns out to be an inadvertent change due to this update? If so please ignore this early morning sarcastic rant and put it down to a lack of caffiene ?

  • good features , but there is no option for a family manager to set play time for Users , it onky allows you to set times for a child account or sub account . If your like me , most people when setting up a profile for their child thought thye could change the settings at any time and get to the parental controls at a later date , and just set them up to get going . BUT , NO once set up its set up for that user . an Adult user can not be appointed as a child or sub account once set up . Which is pretty crap really when you can upgrade a sub account to a master account no problem , but not the other way round . in future up dates it woudl be good if the appointed Family member could choose which users are able to access anything and be able to choose playtime for any of the Users that are on the console , being the primary user . only option is to delete my sons profile and set him up again as a child or sub account . this means losing all his game saves , profile , trophies etc . and im not about to start that war , id have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of my life . “future update request” appoited family manager can choose controls over other users on the system whether they are adults or not . I can choose network or internet access but not Play time .

  • Supersampling on HD with PS4 Pro and COD remastered – blown away :) New library features are great too. Need eject disc from the quick menu too please ;)

  • The new firmware update is great, but there’s one thing that is not making sense.

    I have noticed that the “Purchased” tab of the Library is showing both purchased titles and PS Plus titles which are obviously shown in the “PS Plus” tab as well. Why are PS Plus titles being shown twice?

    They should be only shown in the “PS Plus” tab, that’s the point of it.

  • I would like to see proper user management. It’s underwhelming that when I play, say, Rocket League as a secondary user, my customizations from when I log in as primary user aren’t there at all, and I am a Rookie again. This happens on other multiplayer games, and betrays a deficiency in how the system itself manages users.

    • So you are saying that when you play with your second user/account your progress from your primary/main account is not used?

      To be honest that’s how a lot of Multiplayer games are designed. Your stats are tied to the accounts/users. It’s a flaw if your stats from other users/accounts are showing when you play on another account. Anyway a lot of games these days store multiplayer stats/progress/information on the company’s database/servers. Most likely to avoid people altering info. That would mean that when you log in with an user/account the data you receive is the data tied to that user.

  • So this update causes my PS4 fight stick to desync every 5 minutes or so. It’s incredibly frustrating when I’m in the middle of a match and I lose all control and have to go unplug and replug my controller and hope to god I can salvage the situation. Anyone have any advice?

    This occurs whether I’m in game or just at the Home screen. Please advise. I don’t wanna have to switch to PC, lol.

  • I like the update however since the update my controller freezes ever 5-7 minutes any idea how to fix this out wworked fine before the update

  • I can’t find the Play Time Management option!

  • This update does not want to install on my ps4. Disabling my psn and unable to play any of my games …. what do i do ?

  • PS VR Support Icon – the silimar icon for PS4Pro will be nice.

  • You still cant change your name?

  • All this update did was freeze my playstation. Any help?

    • Yeah, same.

    • Same problem. They need to push out another update to fix all the problems they’ve caused with this update. Contoller fisconnects every couple minutes whether im direct connected or not. Everythings hella laggy when i try and play online even though im running 90+mbps. Playstations pretty much useless as of now until a fix comes out. Soooo annoying!!

  • Everyone on Reddit/psvr says I’m imagining it but I’m not… System Software Update 5.50 increased the mura “curtain’ effect on my CUH-ZVR2 vr headset. Has Sony had any other reports of this? How to resolve?

  • Why is it that after all the updates the quick menu received, there’s still no way to quit out from a trophy description back to the trophy list without closing the menu? Everywhere else in the menu the O button is “Back”, but in the trophy description the same button for some reason becomes “quit the menu”. I thought it was a simple oversight surely to be fixed soon back when the trophy lists became accessible from the quick menu, and it’s still there after months if not years of updates. Or am I missing something?

  • Problem with my controller cuh-zct1u,after update 5.50 it freezes every 5 minutes,please help

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