Big discounts on PS4 exclusives start today on PlayStation Store

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Big discounts on PS4 exclusives start today on PlayStation Store

Plus, pick up savings on digital-only titles and DLC

This week’s PlayStation Store Deal of the Week is Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition. Not only do we have the full and deluxe editions available on offer, but also the season pass, all for PlayStation 4.


Only on PlayStation (until 21st March 2018)


We also have our Only On PlayStation promotion starting today, where you can save big on select titles that can only be found on PlayStation!

With the likes of Gran Turismo Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us Remastered* and loads more, you won’t want to miss out on what’s on offer!

The full list of content in the promotion is below, just head to PlayStation Store for local pricing.

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region


PS3 and Vita

Digital Zone (until 21st March 2018)

We welcome the return of our Digital Zone promotions this week with a host of digital titles available on offer until 21st March.

Whether it’s Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty, Volgarr the Viking, Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition or The Bunker, there is something for everyone in the Digital Zone.

The full list is below – start your next digital adventure today!

Add-On Deals (until 21st March 2018)

Looking for some more content for your favourite PS4 games? Look no further as our Add-on Deals promotion starts today!

Save on the Fallout 4 Season Pass Bundle, Mafia III Season Pass, Call of Duty: MWR Variety Map Pack, Dying Light Season Pass, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Future Tone Bundle and more for the next two weeks.

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  • I am not seeing the prices go down on the online store

    • Me neither. I’m in New Zealand, is this a regional thing, or was this just posted a bit early? :)

    • Once you add them to your basket they will be discounted. For some reason the game pages still haven’t been updated though

  • There meant be new games on store today but they are not showing try buy one new games what meant come on store. Some new games are missing which meant be out today . Sony sort it out or let Fred to do ps store update sort self out.

  • DontShoot-Me-Bro

    Can you please put Dead or Alive 5 Last Round on sale! I’ve been waiting months! Pleeaaaaseeeeeeee, the US currently has a sale on it but what about us in the UK/EU!!!

  • Alphabetical order at last. I was able to check if the title I’m interested is in the list in seconds. Please keep it so.

  • Any reason why the same Just Cause 3 DLC hits every sale recently but “Capstone Bloodhound RPG” is never included – seems a little odd tbh…

  • Aw, still many of my wishlist games have never been in a sale even after almost a year for one or two of them. Oh well I might pick up Jak & Daxter games. I got the first one for free so shall work out if it’s cheaper to buy the bundle or just the three I need (obviously i could just buy one now and get the others in a later sale. I’m most temped by Combat Racing as I’ve never played that one before)

  • Will buy Shadow of the Colossus Classics HD.

    Never played it before.

    I know its on PS4. But its £2.49 on PS3.

    Don’t @ me.

  • wow, some really good stuff here and i also see some good dlcs…

    i see you guys have found a way to sort the list too, praise sony gg

  • Would it be an impossible wish to see a sale dedicated to the handheld side of things? You know, to respect the dead or something? You just skipped over Vita’s anniversary like it was nothing. Instead it’s all the same titles circling around time and time again with maybe two bigger sales in a year featuring some actual variety.

    So many PSP games you would have to pay more for than AAA blockbusters during their sale periods.

    • That is a nice dream the vita has been ignored a lot when it comes to sales, i’m just happy that it got a mention here. I would love a specific one or just a large for it too, as they’re getting very sparse but I don’t have any hope for a specific one, and little for a large one.

  • Will the FFXV season pass EVER go on sale? I have seen the deluxe edition countless times but the season pass mysteriously has never been on sale, even now that we have an add-on sale!

  • Again, the Uncharted Collection’s *standard price* in the US is twenty bucks, why are you even pretending that’s a sale worth posting about?

    If you knew what “price drop” meant, nobody would complain about insanely expensive games such as this.

  • Would be nice for you to actually update the store first with the new prices and updated deals page before announcing new sales.

  • Also. Please fix the wishlist. It’s been unusable for ages.

  • “100ft Robot Golf” for PS4 is FREE, but not available to “purchase.

  • Half of these don’t seem to be on sale at all

  • Couterspy online trophies unobtainable as of June 1st and Wipeout games end of this month, if i remember correctly, for those thinking of getting them.

    Also nice one on the list being in alphabetical order for once.

    Pretty decent sale :-)

  • I swear the only sales we ever get are ‘Ubisoft’ ‘EA’ or ‘Exclusive to Playstation’. Those three in a cycle pretty much. Then we get ‘Digital Zone’ which is recycled every third week with the same games.

    Come on Sony, give us some new games that rarely if ever get a discount.

    • As a owner of all consoles including Xbox One and Nintendo consoles, i know they are equally repetitive on sale.

      The prices on this Sony sale is repetitive too as there is no price drop since previous sale, and some costs more now than last time on sale which doesen’t make sense.

      When it comes to biggest discounts on exclusives, Microsoft is the best since its up to 80% off on exclusives, and exclusive DLC.

      Anyway. All 3 console brands have this in common too. Loads of games that have never been on sale ever.

  • At least in czech republic, many of those are still NOT on sale. Wanted to grab Nioh season pass if it was decently priced, but only game itself is discouted. Many of PS2 classics are not discounted too :(

  • Nice sale will definitely pick up something once all prices have been updated on the store. I am also happy to see the inclusion of DLC and next time please add Muramasa DLC and Sound Shapes single pieces of DLC

  • It looks like a good sale. I can only say “looks like” because a lot of the prices STILL haven’t been updated 10 hours after this post went live. It really is embarrassing and I’m sure it costs Sony sales. How many people are going to keep coming back to the store to check whether a reduction has been applied yet or not? Some will give up or just forget. I for one would rather the blog posts didn’t get updated until all the prices on the store had been changed. I get that managing a region wide store with different languages and currencies isn’t easy but surely what I’ve suggested is just common sense?

  • I wish more “Minis” were on sale as they are nice for VITA. Extreme Pinball, Pinball Fantasies etc. have never been on sale.

  • Killzone: 8 euros / Season pass: 20 euros / Killzone + season pass: 55 euros

    Big discounts according to Sony. LOL!

  • Can we get some obscure PSP games on sale?? Persona 2 (£25) and Persona 3 (£25), whilst Persona 4 is only (£6) or so :(

    • Price drops is a thing they should be better at some games retain their intial price for way too long compared to retailers and other places, if a game is really old it should be cheaper than its intial release price.

  • Sony, I know you don’t care about the Vita and are happy to let it die when you pull ps+ support from it for no reason, but could you guys at least separate Vita deals and ps3 deals? It’s kind of a pain looking down that list trying to remember which games are ps3 and which are Vita.

  • Alphabetical order and old hunters dlc. Good times.

  • I don’t understand… Why Soul Sacrifice Delta is not on sale?

    • I don’t understand why this is called “Only on PlayStation” and has such small amount of titles on every PS console once again. I think it has even less titles than year ago.

      By the way… anyone has problems with paying right now? I wanted to buy Old Hunters and my payment is getting “Session Expired” for last 15 minutes. Gonna wait an hour and check if it works.

  • I like how Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture™ is sandwiched between Everybody’s Golf & Everbody’s Tennis. It makes it seem like it’s part of the “Everybody’s series”.

  • Hm, hm, hm….

    So…”deal of the weak” BO3, the only way to get base game and season pass is to buy Zombiegolddigitalpremium somethingsomething edition for 45£ (such great price ) and if i wanna play just the base game, also i have to buy some Zombie stuff edition, not to mention that i don’t care about zombies in COD games…

    Nice move Activision…you will get my money…..

  • Hatsune Miku encore packs are discounted, but the season pass isn’t? The Season Pass has all those DLCs and an avatar bundle you can’t get otherwise.

  • PS4 exclusives… Then, where is NieR: Automata, Yakuza Zero, Persona 5?

    And many items on this sale has bigger prices, than on the other sales…

    • Was wondering about NieR too. Never saw it on sale.

    • Nier is on PC too so it does make sense that it isn’t. Yakuza and Persona are great exclusives so they should of been on sale, but Nier isn’t a PS exclusive, it was for about a month.

    • To be fair CounterSpy, Gulty Gear, Nioh, Helldivers, flOw and quite a few more aren’t actually exclusives either.

    • By your logic Nioh shouldn’t be on the exclusive sale either. That’s on PC too. There’s no reason Nier doesn’t qualify if Nioh does.

      Games companies have about 5 different meanings for exclusive. In this case I imagine as long as they are console exclusive they count

    • Comment doubled.

  • I’m still slightly interested in the Taken King for Destiny 1 but I still don’t get their whole DLC structure for the first game. Does the Taken King contain absolutely all the DLC Destiny 1 has to offer, like a season pass? But then again, with the light level and everything they added it’s just too confusing to get through the grind too. I really just wanted to see the other environments…

  • Can you please add Resistance Burning Skies on the Romanian Store. I want to buy it.

    Thank you


  • It seems weird how Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-keeps going on sale and not the two later versions.

    It’s pretty much just Revelator with 6 missing characters and no way of getting the later addons.

  • I am not sure if this is obvious or not, However I will mention it just in case.

    The Fallen Legion Bundle does only include the Vita version of Flames of Rebellion off the bat,

    however upon purchase if you search out the Ps4 version on the store you can “buy” it for free and then download it.

    In turn the Bundle actually includes Both the Vita and Ps4 version you just have to jump through a hoop to get it.

  • Am I the only one still not getting updated prices even after adding to cart?

    • No, my guess is that anyone browsing the American PS store, including people with a Brazilian flag in their profile, will not see these discounts. This blog describes discounts on the European store, which is available to people whose PSN profile claims to live in Europe, the Middle East, Australia, or one of several Central Asian countries, IIRC.

    • Oh, I see! Thank you very much for that reply

  • thank you for Uncharted, I deleted [DELETED] account and now I am in the world of PS4 exclusives. Actually, Uncharted 2 is my favorite one from the first 3 parts. It is time to play the last chapter.

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