Little Nightmares’ creators answer your questions about the latest expansion to its PS4 puzzle horror

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Little Nightmares’ creators answer your questions about the latest expansion to its PS4 puzzle horror

With the game’s final DLC releasing this week, Tarsier pulls back the curtain on (some) of the in-fiction mysteries...

Hello once again, children. We’re so pleased you’ve joined us for the last chapter of the Runaway Kid’s journey through the Maw, which will be releasing this Friday, 23rd February. It’s been quite a while since we last spoke about Little Nightmares, and although this particular story is coming to a close, the world of Little Nightmares continues! And we know that you still have many, many burning questions about that world and the curious things you’ve encountered during your time there.

So, to sate your hunger just a bit, we here at Tarsier Studio browsed through the shelves and drawers and cabinets at our disposal, all of them bulging with questions (including many that were gathered from your fertile minds, thanks to Twitter and Facebook). We were delighted to pluck out a few plump, wriggling answers nested there in order to serve them up to you. Delicious…

Little Nightmares

Beware, spoilers for the earlier chapters of the story may be ahead…

Can we unlock new Trophies in this chapter?

Yes, there will be Trophies to discover just like the other chapters. We have asked the watchers who keep track of such things to take extra care to record all of your deeds within the Residence. Even those you accomplish in secret.

Can this chapter answer any questions about the world outside of the Maw?

Sure it could, but we’ve resisted the temptation to just tell you everything, as it’s way too much fun reading all of the theories you’ve created! Though hopefully by the end of this chapter you’ll understand a little more about what makes the world of Little Nightmares turn the way it does.

Who are the shadow kids?

They’re nobody in particular. Just like all children, they’re forever being left behind; and just like all shadows, they’re difficult to escape.

Will there be more DLC for Little Nightmares now that the three chapters of the Secrets of the Maw have been released?

You only want DLC? You really should be demanding more of us! Rest assured, there is a world without The Maw, and if we ever get a chance to pay it a visit, there will no doubt be many tales to tell there.

Can we find out what happened to the Nomes from chapter 2?

Sure. They escaped The Maw and sailed off into the sunset on a 32-foot yacht called ‘The Endeavour’, where they sipped champagne and played shuffleboard in their pajamas. Then they woke up.

Will the Kid ever find out what happened to the Girl from the first chapter?

For us, their first encounter was perfect, so why spoil it? Some things are best left alone.

How did the Runaway Kid and the other children come to be in the Maw?

That, I’m afraid, is something that will remain their secret for the time being. There’s a reason why nobody here speaks.

Are there any normal grown-up humans as we know them in the world of the Maw?

Such things have no place in The Maw. The problem with ‘normal grown-up humans’ is that we don’t know them, we just know what they look like on the outside. The Maw knows them though, and that’s what you see when you pay it a visit.

Have we seen all of the Lady’s powers at work?

The Lady has been in The Maw for a long time. She’s learned all sorts of unpleasant things during her residence. It’s best that we don’t scratch the surface.

What connection does The Lady have to the Maw?

She belongs there, just like everyone else.

Is Six related to the Lady?

We get this question fairly often, and it seems the majority of people want them to be some sort of mother-daughter combo.

I don’t know what that says about the general feelings we all have about our mothers, but I can say that I was once trapped on a train for half an hour and none of the other passengers were my mother. Maybe it’s what we expect of drama after a lifetime reading Joseph Campbell, Sophocles, or the person that started the whole tradition – George Lucas; but the reality is that these two characters have been thrown together by forces beyond their control.

The child wants to escape and the adult wants to keep the child trapped forever. How people see that as a mother-daughter relationship, I just don’t know.

It’s a curious thing, isn’t it? How the taste of answers only sharpens your appetite for more? Take care, hunger can lead one to terrible ends for the sake of one more sweet morsel.

We hope you’ll enjoy this final chapter of Secrets of the Maw: The Residence, which will be available on 23rd February. Please do share your thoughts on its mysteries with us. You never know when another warm, fresh answer might show itself.

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  • Bad DLCs bringing no insight into the story.

    Glad I didn’t fall for this poor season pass.

    • If you didn’t understand more of the story after playing the DLCs then that says more about your comprehension and the way you played the game than the DLCs themselves :)

    • @xOnlyKiwiBoyx Garbage reply. Can’t help but notice you failed to actually provide story insight in your fail-smug response.

      @Ryusennin I wouldn’t say this DLC was ‘bad’. But I partly sympathize with you; the story still has gaping holes which this final DLC did little to fill in, and with no apparent guarantee for a sequel, that’s pretty asinine on the devs’ part.

      What the DLC revealed:

      -the ‘nomes’ are former children that The Lady caught and… did whatever it is she does (steals their vitality? soul? who knows)

      -The Lady wears a mask and breaks mirrors because it turns out she’s just as physically hideous as all the other adults, minus the extreme obesity. Presumably she wasn’t always ugly, hence her distress at her appearance in the present.

      And… that’s it. That’s all the additional concrete story insight this DLC gave us. There’s new fodder for fan theories what with the totally unexplained ‘shadow children’ and a few other items, but fan theories aren’t confirmed canon / explanation, obviously. The devs haven’t said a sequel is actually in the works, so as far as we know, this vague, cryptic skeleton of a story is all we’re ever getting. I suspect the devs don’t actually have the plot fully detailed even to themselves, hence the pretentious BS in this nothing-burger interview.

  • What I really wanted to know is, if there will be a physical release with all the DLC on?

    And it sounds like a sequel in the universe could be something we could see in the future. Just imagine a game set in this world in 3rd person.

  • I was kind of interested in picking up the Complete Edition in the sale, but if more DLC has now been released, it’s not really the complete edition, is it???

    • This DLC is part of the complete edition. The “Complete Edition” is a game+season pass bundle that has been available since the release of DLC1; it’s only now that the whole thing is available to play

  • Me ha salido una actualizacion del juego (edicion completa), y cuando voy a ver, me sale el dlc (la residencia) bloqueado, con un candado. Y cuando entro a la opción la residencia, me dice que el contenido actualmente no está disponible. ¿acaso este dlc no es gratis para los que tienen la edición completa?

  • Love this game and dlc. Will give you more money for more dlc or sequel.

  • I love but also hate the way they go about answering questions, in that they don’t answer anything lol I wish we’d get a just a bit more info because so much of the game is so vague but I’m not gonna hold my breath.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the DLCs, have to say that ending took me by surprise. I feel so bad for the Kid……

  • will you guys be willing to use some of our own OC’s for Little Noghtmares next game/dlc? And will there be a multiplayer mod for the future Little Nightmares games and DLC’s??

  • Will it be alright if we show you guys our OC’s that we’d like to see you Guys to add in for the future Little Nightmares games or DLC’s??

  • “It’s a curious thing, isn’t it? How the taste of answers only sharpens your appetite for more?”

    Oh, please. This pompous jackass deserves a slap.

    Little NIghtmares is interesting and the DLC had some nice moments insofar as gameplay, but this joke of an interview is simply obnoxious. If they don’t plan to make a sequel that actually fills in all the holes and answers all the unresolved questions, something this DLC totally failed to do, then the devs shouldn’t be doing a tedious, asinine interview like this. It’s practically just trolling. They should just own that the plot and story universe is nebulous and open to interpretation.

  • My question is , will they have a sequel or not? We pretty much did not learn much from this interview besides the Geisha and Six are probable not related. But, I’m wondering why the Geisha has a portrait of Six (I think) in her residence? Maybe she collects portraits of her victims/residents on board the Maw? Though I did not see one of the DLC boy. In any case, I liked the game and DLC, so I would really love more. Also, will the third and fourth comic be coming out soon so we could learn more about the backstory?

  • The story kinda reminds me of snow White. A women obsessed with beauty meets and child just or even more beautiful then her and locks her away before she takes over (could explain six and her hunger/soul sucking powers) also the man you encounter at the very beginning could of been six’ father or uncle? He learned what the lady had done and assumed the worse and killed himself? Also why does six have a lighter? I hope a future game or dlc can explain the world beyond the maw and also what kind of world can it be if once a year fat hungry people decide to just go on a one way trip and are never heard of again? So many questions! But I think that’s exactly what the creators of little nightmares wanted.

  • Great game and DLC. Don’t listen to the whiners in the comments. You’ve obviously whetted our appetite for this unique world. Bring on the Sequel! Little Nightmares 2!

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