Open-world arcade racer Burnout Paradise Remastered roars onto PS4 on 16th March at 60fps

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Open-world arcade racer Burnout Paradise Remastered roars onto PS4 on 16th March at 60fps

Race across Paradise City, Big Surf Island in a vehicular roster that includes Legendary Cars and Burnout Bikes

Hello there PlayStation fans! As always, it’s great to be back here on PS Blog and today I’m incredibly excited to share with you the news that Burnout Paradise Remastered is coming to PlayStation 4 on 16th March. Did we mention it’ll be running in 4K at 60FPS?

If you’ve played Burnout Paradise previously you’ll no doubt have fond memories of the first time you got behind the wheel of classic cars such as the Hunter Cavalry, Carson Fastback, Jansen X12 and the Montgomery Hawker.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Maybe you have a soft spot for the toy versions of the Hunter Manhattan, Krieger WTR, Carson GT Concept or the Carson Inferno van? Perhaps you enjoy cruising around Paradise City on two wheels as opposed to four.

Paradise Remastered

Be honest now, how many of you owned the Jansen P12 Diamond?

Whatever your choice of vehicle, Paradise City allows you to tear it up in the ultimate driving playground. Race across hectic downtown avenues all the way up to the wild mountain roads and relive the high-octane stunts and wanton destruction that Burnout series has become synonymous with.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

But what better way to play than with friends? Burn rubber and shred metal across the open roads of Paradise City while discovering jumps, stunts and shortcuts. Wreck your friends online and collect their mugshots or join forces to demolish hundreds of online challenges.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Break the rules and crash anywhere at any time. Tear up the rulebook and set speed and destruction records all over town. Send your car launching, spinning and barrel rolling through the city. Leave a trail of destruction in your rear-view mirror, wherever you go and whenever you want.

Burnout Paradise Remastered

What’s in the box? I’m glad you asked!

  • Burnout Paradise Base Game
  • Big Surf Island
  • Party Pack
  • Burnout Bikes
  • Boost Special
  • Legendary Cars
  • Cagney Update
  • Toys
  • Cops & Robbers Pack

We’ll see you in Paradise City!

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7 Author Replies

  • Gaaaaaah! Take my money!!!!!

  • Now please. Take my money. Day one. Neeeeeeeeeeeed… Etc.

    Favourite racing game ever :D

  • And it is time to finish this game for the fifth time… YES!


  • Ahhh the Carson Fastback! Memories…

    Completely agreed. Loved this game so much I booted up my PS3 just to play it.

    Will probably be a day one for this too.

  • Burnout Paradise on PS3 was like…my social hub. Loved cruising around with friends online and starting races and challenges and such. I miss it so much. Insta-buy! As long as EA doesn’t mess it up with their dodgy dealings obviously.

  • Rinsed on the ps3, ready to do it all over again. All the DLC, 4k/60 on pro – bring it!

  • Don’t you dare mess this up EA. This is a chance to get some good will back for the lootbox fest that was 2017.

    I am gonna hand you some money, you hand me the complete product (minust the time saver key as that’s standard with these things, and I want to unlock stuff myself)

    Do not, shoe horn unnecessary content to add loot boxes. If this is to test the waters to see how a new.Burnout may fair, here’s an idea. Really well if it isn’t a games as service title or if it has lootboxes.

    • Hey link1983!

      Just a heads up, but we’ve got no plans for any loot boxes in Burnout Paradise Remastered. The game comes complete with a whole host of DLC (minus the time savers pack – you’ll be unlocking stuff yourself).

      Hope you enjoy the game.

    • SOUNDS GOOD TO ME. *throws money at the screen* much money am I needing to be a-throwing? Price please

    • Price is €40

      Preorder is available on ps store

    • No timesavers no buy

    • Eh? It’s just a cheat code essentially. Work for the stuff man.

    • That is easily the best news for this! I was excited for the game anyway, but my heart sunk when I remembered this was owned by EA so is bound to be remastered and filled with Loot Boxes, expensive DLC ripped out of the main game and various other problems that the EA brand is known for. I’m so glad you will be avoiding this! Day one purchase for me now ?

    • @Coolrichy007UK

      Lol your willing to pay €40 for the game but only if they give you something that skips half the content? O.o I’m more inclined to go the opposite way, they sell me a game for €40 I expect everything in the game to be there lol not skip half jeez.

  • I think it stands as the best open world racer and I’m looking forward to see it return.

  • Before I start posting happiness, let’s talk about micro trans actions in this game….

  • Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. It’s still EA, so …

  • Thanks you for brightening my day a little (I’ve had a kind of a [DELETED] day today). <3

  • So the rumours were true… awesome!

    Please tell me none of the soundtrack has been lost due to licensing issues?

    PS. Digital and retail release?

  • great game, but 34.99 really?? just seen the price on the xbox store, will be a sale purchase one day though but not day one

  • Weird they dont link the trailer in this blogpost

  • Yas! Here’s hoping we get a remaster that does the original justice and that EA keep the loot boxes away!

    • No plans for any loot boxes. The game is just like it was 10 years ago, just remastered.

    • nearly same price too, have you seen some of the remastered game prices- okami-15.99, crash- all 3 games for 25 quid, wipeout-get pretty much 3 games for 30 quid,star ocean 17 quid, assassins creed rogue 20 quid, seems typical ea greed :( however i will not cut off my nose and will but at some point when it goes on sale…in the first month please :)

    • One of my all-time favourite games.

      One question: the remaster’s website says online multiplayer is for ‘up to four players’, which is down from the original’s ‘up to eight players’ online awesomeness — any chance the site might have got it wrong, and the game is indeed “just like it was 10 years ago”?

  • Mr Walke, you’re in the know! Any chance of a Burnout HD Collection if Paradise does well?

  • Day 1 buy !!!!!! Hope we will see a Burnout Paradise 2 some day ! oh and what about NFS Most Wanted (2012) remaster ?! Pls,Pls,Pls ! do that one too !

    • “oh and what about NFS Most Wanted (2012) remaster ?!”

      Please tell me this is a typo or brain lag and you actually meant “NFS Most Wanted (2005)”. :o

      I bet nearly the whole NFS fanbase would die to get a MW05 Remaster… IMA GONNA RECK YOU ALL WITH JEWELS MUSTANG!! >:(

      No, seriously, when I was playing online back in the days… I got compliments like “That is a really fast Mustang! :o”, but actually, different to other people I can drive… And the car was great… These BMW drivers had literally the best car but are too bad to use it…

  • Finally a good PS4 Racing game from EA.

    I.m.o. one of the best PS3 arcade racers on PS3.

    Day1 buy

  • Have so many fond memories of playing this, it was actually my first platinum too.

  • Nice! Been waiting for an official confirmation of this. It’s looking really good.

    Could you elaborate on any technical changes you’ve made for this remaster beside a resolution boost?

    Also, any chance of HDR?

  • Awesome.Very interested in playing this again in its remastered glory.

    Will the trophy list be exactly the same as the ps3 version? With the likes of 8 players meeting at the stadium (if I remember correctly) and having to take a pic with the ps camera etc.

    Just a heads up, long grindy trophies and insane online ones mean a no purchase from a lot of serious trophy hunters,therefore affecting your sales. Battlefield Hardline Thanks to its dlc is a fine example. Please don’t ruin Burnout.

    • 8 players in the stadium is correct. That’s the last trophy I got on the original which got me my first platinum. ?

    • Awesome.It was the first game I did a boost on with, the 8 player trophy was the first we went for.Met some great people that day.One of my 1st plats too. :-)

  • Any bonuses for Pro 1080p users?

  • I already have the game on PS3 and on PC, so I’m not planning on buying it again (I think the remasters are great for those that couldn’t play the first one).

    But in case. if I rethink it and buy it… which control is implemented in this remaster? I ask this because when the game was first released, it included a control, but some months later it was modified for an easier way to control the car that I hated (in comparison) because it didn’t let me do some things that I could do with the first one.

  • Would hav loved a remaster of burnout takedown from ps2…. was dope mhennnn

  • So do you want my money just now or?……

  • One of the Ps3 greats, met a lot of friends that I still have as friends on BP, myself and a friend done literally everything on this game back when there was no trophies and Xbox had achievements and we were gutted when they had problems with retroactive trophies and made the list very easy compared to the Xbox list. Please tell me the list will be full this time (not that it matters I’ll do it all again anyway lol) really happy to see this make a comeback and not long after I got a pro and a 4k TV :D Day 1 purchase.

    Sorry to end the post with a dampener but gotta say RIP Doublejack, my good burnout friend sadly passed away but he will be with me in spirit in the game.

  • Just a quick question.. When is was released on all the platforms, the PC version have had full Hungarian language support. (audio, interface, subtitles). Will this version going to include these?

    By the way, do you want to make a new Burnout game with the Frostbite engine?

  • This is great news as Burnout Paradise was THE best game on the PS3 apart from the over easy trophies. Please tell me that the trophies are harder this time as the XBox achievements were way better that the over easy PS Trophies. We need a trophy for completing 104% of the game (not 30% like before), a trophy for completing all 500 of the online challenges (not 10 like before).

    Also a game of this quality needs DLC, so please make some.

    • No way! Just keep trophies away from any multiplayer crap!

      I thought the original trophy list was pretty good, apart from too much mp stuff. Just like the boooooring DLC trophies. I don’t mind you guys playing for mp, but a lot, if not most, ppl don’t like playing mp anyway. Thankfully (for me) you’re not in charge of the trophies and I hope EA/Criterion will go about it a bit more considerate of ppl like me that have a fulltime job, a family, sports etc. and more than one game to enjoy/dedicate their time to.

    • The trophy difficulty was just right. And those 10 challenges bugged for me, it’s the only trophy I don’t have.

    • Platinum trophies should be awarded for completing the ENTIRE game not 30% of it. The PS3 Burnout trophies are the most pathetic set of trophies in any game, especially the one that expects you to have additional hardware to get it. How can anyone feel a sense of accomplishment for getting a trophy that is literally given to them. There is literally no other game out there that gives you the platinum trophy for only completing 30% of the game. The Burnout trophies were designed to sell the game to people who wanted an easy platinum as they were added to the game 6 months AFTER the games release when PS trophies were new and everyone wanted a platinum, whereas the XBox achievements which were in the game on release were much more realistic as they rewarded you for completing the game.

  • Pleeeeassseee tell me that there will be steering wheel support??? (And not just logitech like NFS ???)

  • I hope there’s still a following for stunt runs online.

  • Brand new trophies or just the same repeated ones from the original? New trophy images would be nice.

  • Missing timesavers dlc = incomplete game without it so as they say in dragon’s den sorry but im out i just saved £35 :D

    • Why would you want that?

    • He probably thinks it’s an actual DLC named like that? XD Timesaver dlc = paying to unlock stuff you should be playing for ;)

      He said the game comes with a host of DLC so, that’s good…

    • With Legendary Cars and Cops and Robbers DLC you start the game with some of the best cars in the game. So you’re good to go online right away if that’s what you want

  • I previously got this game free in 2012 during the Sony hack issue. I had PS3 back then obviously, but does this mean I can restore the purchase on my PS4 for free?

  • I love arcade racers and I am not intereted in racing sims. I want jumps and explosions. This looks about just right.

  • I would have loved a Burnout 2 remake. Not into remasters that I only played 1 generation ago. Although I’d might get Motorstorm Apocalypse as it’s one of my favourite race games of all time :p

  • Just please tell me the sound track was updated.

  • Rubbish. Our investors ain’t happy with ‘Star Wars gate’. How do we get the chimps back onside? Give em something they already had but with minimal effort and 60fps then watch that share price!!!

    • Nail on head! As much as I enjoyed this game back in the day EA will never get another penny from me. I’ll be giving my cash to Codies for the excellent looking Onrush to get my arcade racing fix.

    • Look, there’s still hope.

    • You can get both. I hope onrush is great it would be nice to have 2 racing games worth playing on PS4.

    • Hey wanting to buy one of my fave racers of the past gen again to play it on my current console doesn’t mean I’d automatically buy anything else of theirs. I’m not an idiot. I have no interest in most games that deal with lootboxes and I certainly ain’t into Star Wars and such. I just really miss driving around Paradise City with my online friends and want to do so on my shiny PS4 Pro. :)

    • Hey, I hear you. I spent a few hours in the original game and I imagine that my son would love this but until EA crashes and burns, they can do one. I can’t believe the company that gave me road rash and desert strike back in the day have been reduced to what they are now. Then again, public company=public policies. Cash grab all the way. Investors are number one in these business men’s (not gamers) eyes!

    • Road Rash was fun. Never really cared for the Strike games (found them rather fiddly) but my fave thing EA ever made was Deluxe Paint. Not a game but provided me with hours and hours of creative enjoyment doing pixel art and game sprites which I still do today using modern software such as Pro Motion which is heavily based on Deluxe Paint. Good times. :)

    • my faith in ea is so low at the moment though that I imagine If they were to release any paint software now, it’d be 40quid and then you’d have to buy the colours separately via random loot crates.

  • Will there be steering wheel support? I will probably buy it nonetheless but it would be nice

  • If you’d put Crash Mode in this I’d have paid anything you asked for it. As it is, I’ll wait for a sale.

    • If memory serves it sort of has one. You activate it at any time and can do it on any road you want.

    • The crash mode in Burnout Paradise is nothing like the crash mode from the earlier burnouts, all you really do is bounce your car down the road causing damage, it’s ok but nowhere near as good as the original crash mode.

  • Iv always loved EA yeah they messed up on some games but this game is brilliant but still hoping for fight night yea we got UFC but you can’t beat fight night

    will we be able to use the wheel?

  • Thanks Criterion for a great game not sure why EA are getting all the credit.

    Unfortunately I don’t think early sales will be great due to the high price, typical EA.

    Come on Microsoft buy them I am sure the PS community won’t miss them too much.

  • The first PS2 game I ever played was Burnout and it blew me away at the time. Since then I’ve been a huge fan of the series. Can’t wait to jump back into Paradise City all over again.

    If this sells well (and why wouldn’t it?) can we please have a Burnout collection for PS4 with remastered versions of Burnout, Point of Impact, and Takedown? I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  • Never played this one – Takedown is one of my all time favourites though.

  • (Sorry for double-post — this second one is in case it increases chances of a reply)

    One of my all-time favourite games.

    One question: the remaster’s website says online multiplayer is for ‘up to four players’, which is down from the original’s ‘up to eight players’ online awesomeness — any chance the site might have got it wrong, and the game is indeed “just like it was 10 years ago”?

  • Is it actual 4K (on the PS4 Pro) or Checkaboard 4K? Just wanted to know for clarification. Anyhow I’ll still get this. I’ve got a lot of fond memories of this game ?.

  • Ah the memories, my first trophy and my first platinum came from Burnout Paradise, more than 9 years and 15600 trophies ago.

  • Any plans for posible PSVR support?

  • I loved Burnout Paradise so much! But I battered it so hard back in 08, I’ve never replayed a game I’ve finished, and I don’t have a 4k TV to take advantage of the increased resolution, but on the other hand no racing game since has been as fun, and it’s not like there’ll ever be another Burnout… Bit of a dilemma really.

  • This is the best news I”be heard since my girlfriend bought a second controller…just going to get in that delorean and fly,day one, minute one

    see you guys at the start line

  • Hold up… it says “Wreck your friends online and collect their mugshots” yet on the US blog entry a question was asked about the camera functionality and the answer was it won’t be present. What gives?

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