VRFC brings eight player football to PS VR on 27th February

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VRFC brings eight player football to PS VR on 27th February

Cherry Pop Games details its Agile Locomotion mechanic to get you fit for the pitch

Get your Virtual football boots ready, because we’re really excited to finally be able to announce the latest social VR title from Cherry Pop Games, VRFC (Virtual Reality Football Club), coming to PlayStation VR on 27th February.

Play for global glory or enjoy private matches

VRFC takes eight football-ready enthusiasts kicking, tackling and running into the world’s first FPF (first person football game). This first person soccer game, played in VR where you control the running, dribbling and kicking motions with the unique agile locomotion mechanic, gives you the ability to play a game of five-aside football in VR (with the goalies being controlled by AI).


Play in competitive online eight-player matches with global leaderboards, or tackle your friends in a private match for a little friendly competition, and with fully customisable game settings you can tailor your agile VR experience to suit you.

VRFC is not just your typical football experience. Its energetic and fun, an innovative upper body workout burning calories as you play. Virtual reality is a great place to exercise as you’re transported to a world of fun and games, you can feel the burn but it doesn’t feel like a workout!

Get moving in VR: introducing Agile Locomotion

At Cherry Pop Games we invest a lot of time ‘playing’ in VR within our dedicated R’nD department (known as Cherry Labs). We delve deep into VR locomotion experimenting with a variety of wacky ways to just ‘get around’ in a virtual world. Running was a pretty simple and fun mechanic, but how could we take this one step further? We’re introducing Agile Locomotion – an innovative intended form of locomotion which allows you run, sprint and kick a ball in VR with no physical discomfort.

We live for social VR at CherryPop, but with this release we wanted to experiment even further with VR locomotion and tackle the impossible; strike up a game of five-aside multiplayer football in VR!

Agile Locomotion gave us the ability to do this. With the use of two Move controllers acting as your feet, natural arm motions provide the base running and kicking mechanic, while a series of basic button presses control the more precise movements. VRFC is easy to pick up but harder to master. To play well as with any sport, practice is key.


Get training

There are a variety of offline training activities to help you up your game; learning the basic controls, to striking, passing and target practice. The training activities and online stats are hooked up to the global leaderboards. Want to hit those top spots? Practice and learn to play as a team.

We’re so excited for you to join our Virtual Reality Football Club, and we can’t wait to gain all your feedback and ideas for future updates, check out www.vrfcgame.com and join the official VRFC Club for all the latest news and events. And be sure to follow cherrypopgames on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see all the fun and crazy VR antics that go on at Cherry Pop.

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