New PlayStation Store discounts are live: ‘Games under €5’, EA promotion, GTA V, more…

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New PlayStation Store discounts are live: ‘Games under €5’, EA promotion, GTA V, more…

Plus, Diablo III: Eternal Collection is your new deal of the week

The hellgates are opening in the new PlayStation Store Deal of the Week, Diablo III: Eternal Collection!

The Diablo III: Eternal Collection features Diablo III, the Reaper of Souls expansion set and the Rise of the Necromancer pack, on PS4. We also have Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer available on offer if you already have the full game, so don’t miss out!


Deal of the Week


EA Promotion (until 21st February 2018)

We’re celebrating all things EA with our new promotion starting today on PlayStation Store.

With full game and add-on content available on offer across both PS3 and PS4, you can save big on the likes of FIFA 18, Star Wars Battlefront II, Battlefield 1 Revolution, Need for Speed Payback, The Sims 4 and more*!

The full list of titles discounted in the promotion is below, then just head to PlayStation Store for local pricing.

*Please note, some titles may not be available in your region




Grand Theft Auto V (until 21st February 2018)

If you haven’t played the blockbuster Grand Theft Auto V already, now is the time to pick it up at a drop down price.

We have the full game available on PS3 and PS4, the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, the GTAV Starter Pack & Megalodon Shark Card Bundle and more on offer until 21st February.

Head to PlayStation Store today to save, download and play!


Games under €5 (until 21st February)

Our Games Under €5* promotion is back! Whether it’s Magicka 2, Surgeon Simulator, Virginia, Super Meat Boy or Daylight, we have a massive selection of digital PS4 titles on sale for under €5.

The full list is below – start your next digital adventure today!

*Or regional equivalent

**Please note, some titles may not be available in your region

Steep – Winter Games Edition (until 28th February 2018)

To coincide with the 2018 Winter Olympics, we have Steep – Winter Games Edition on offer for three weeks and the Steep Road to the Olympics add-on.

Master the world’s most epic mountains with a snowboard, wingsuit, paraglider and skis, on PlayStation 4.

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  • Very nice sale! Definitely tempted . Although last sale was not too shabby either and I’m picking up Wipeout Omega Collection and Prey and obviously a few others now possibly before previous sale ends at midnight tonight. Also, I have seen too many times those who get so excited that they are the first commenter and I never have been nor have I been bothered lol but hey here goes nothing. First / 1st!!!

    • Oh, just one more thing, you haven’t updated the web store yet as none of the links actually work, now I know it’s only been just over an hour since this article was posted so hopefully it will be rectified by morning! Also hopefully, none of the links will be broken or games disappearing from the store like a commenter posted about the game White Night on the previous sale been taken away. What is that sort of thing all about?! Compared with the US I am disdained to even admit myself it does seem like us brits and the rest of europe get the short end of the stick when it comes to deals and even organisation of the store, and download list has also never been improved for searching for purchases spread out between consoles which is annoying as I have a hell of a lot of digital games and dlc spread out across all 3 PS4, PS3 and Vita. This is something that I have seen many complain about over the years and would think that it is something SONY would have made a priority by now!!!

  • As usual, logic is thrown out of the window when it comes to making a list and the Alphabet seemingly doesn’t exist in Sony blog land. Next time try this.

    • I know. I’m certain they do it on purpose. How hard would it be to put the list(s) in alphabetical order vs how easier it would be to see if a certain game is on sale.

      PlayStation: The World Without Logic

  • Thanks for that information nvrhere. How exactly does it work though, like how would I get all my PSN download information into it? I currently use this tool that I found from an article on Destructoid. PSDLE. There’s also a web extension, I use it on chrome, here’s the link in case you or others don’t know about it. Thanks again

    • Best I can suggest is Ctrl C/V your download list from PSDLE into a .txt file, tidy any unnecessary info, dates etc and dump that file into textfixer.

    • Cheers, I thought as much, have used the export function before, and pasted into notepad and word and such. Still not as good I think as if Sony just made the download list more user friendly by alphabetizing and adding a search function but, hey ho!

  • Dang. None of the 25 or so games on my wishlist are in the sale.

    Oh well I’ll have a look through the indie games and see if there’s anything appealing there I haven’t already got.

  • Gutted just bought Sims 4!

    I was hoping for some price drop in December or January but nope, then literally 2 days after I buy it goes down! Even cheaper than I expected as well.

    Ah well.

  • Ugh i really really wish there was a refund system. I bought a game here for full price about 2 weeks ago and haven’t even played it yet now it’s on sale a big discount :/

    I need to stop buying digitally until a refund system is in place

    • or could just wait :) although i must admit i used to do the same with physical and digital,would buy when first comes out at higher price, not get chance to play for a month or so, by time i do the game is half the price, took a bit of willpower on my part do to this but i very very rarely buy anything on release now and save loads of money by doing so

  • Sky Force Anniversary is a steal for £3.25. One of my favorite pick up and play games on both PS4 & vita.

    • Anniversary was on PS Plus a few months ago. Think Reloaded is the newest one but not sure how different it is to Anniversary if at all. :P

    • Indeed you are correct, both excellent games none the less. Just keeping my fingers crossed that Infinite Dreams keep up the franchise and release more good old fashioned schmups!!

  • EA, go and jump in a lake!

  • The only EA sale I am interested in is that of the whole company. Whoever buys them will be a far more decent outfit by default and may actually look at the IP’s EA have condemned to the trash pile.

    Theme Park/Hospital

    Command and Conquer

    Dead Space


    Dungeon Keeper

    There are loads and those muppets have said they’d rather leave them in that state than sell them..

    EA hates consumers.

    • Yep. Would still love Burnout PS2 games on PS4 even as PS2 Classics. And I heard rumours of Burnout Paradise remastered but dunno if that’s true. I’d buy them all again even though I dislike EA, just cos I love Burnout.

    • Carnivius, it has been confirmed for Japan and that’s it. I completely agree with you, some games just have to be bought regardless of the morally bankrupt companies behind them. Crash Bandicoot was the first Activision game I had purchased in over 10 years.

    • If the rumors are true (of the Burnout Paradise Remaster), one can be sure that this new version won’t be any different than all the other electronic FARTS slot machines they were releasing recently (chock full of loot crates/micro-transactions and whatsoever). They can just keep it – their gross stuff grosses me out. I rather play the old version.

  • Dang was hoping for a full blown Vita Birthday sale, with the Muramasa DLC being among the list, but who am I kidding

  • Once again EA discounts with literaly same games over and over again, plus few new ones from last year. January sale had huge amount of EA titles, same happened during December promotions. I am so bored with same games over and over again and I will say it loud so SONY can hear every person out there. I know they won’t, but whatever.

    Indie games on the list are pretty interesting, but nothing particular cought my eyes. Well, once again no money will be spend during this deals. Gonna wait once again for Big in Japan.

  • Same stuff as always. Remind me to never get a BF premium at full price again (unless maybe for BF2143, which at this point I doubt will ever happen). In the PS3 days the premium pass for BF3 maybe got one or two sales, very late in its excistence after all the DLC had been released. Now they’ve been on sale 10 times before the last DLC drops in. Not that I’m complaining about sales, I just have to remind myself not to get digital stuff full price.

  • I hate when games have timesaver dlc, but in nfs payback’s case it would get past all the loot box crap.

    • So the solution to scumbag tactics from a publisher is to give them more money? Are you actually serious? And people blame EA…

  • Inner turmoil of wanting games but not wanting to give EA money…

  • This is just your typical EA price dump where they’re racing towards the financial year end in April. Gotta get all the juice from those oranges.

  • So Dragon Age: Inquisition gets three story DLCs, but Mass Effect Andromeda gets absolutely nothing apart from some overpriced multiplayer junk? Dragon Age: Inquisition actually had a lot of the same issues as Andromeda, but these were improved on in the story DLCs. The Descent and Trespasser dropped the tacked-on open-world side of the game, and took Inquisition back to what was good about the series. It’s a shame EA just gave up on Andromeda so quickly, when even No Man’s Sky still got continued support after it was released.

  • The EA sales is a joke… I mean who would even want to buy from them after the Battlefront 2 scandal…

    I will not buy from EA even if there is a 90% sales ! and BTW the BF2 deluxe edition upgrade the discount is a JOKE ! Going from 12.63$ to the incredible sale of 12.56$ !!!! I MEAN ARE U FOR REAL ???

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