Persona 5, Call of Duty WWII, more discounted on PlayStation Store this week

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Persona 5, Call of Duty WWII, more discounted on PlayStation Store this week

Plus, Games Under €20 and Digital Zone savings continue

From today until 7th February 2018, you can get your hands on the critically acclaimed Persona 5 at a discounted price in the latest PlayStation Store Deal of the Week.

With the Standard and Ultimate Editions available for both PS3 and PS4, uncover the picaresque story of a young team of phantom thieves at a drop down price.


Call of Duty: WWII promotion (until 13th February 2018)

To mark the launch of the first DLC pack, The Resistance, we have a two-week promotion on PlayStation Store for the awesome Call of Duty: WWII.

If you haven’t played this blockbuster on PS4 before, we have the full game, Digital Deluxe Edition and Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2 bundle available on offer until 13th February.


Games Under €20* and Digital Zone (until 7th February 2018)

Not only that, but just a reminder that we still have our amazing Games Under €20* offer and Digital Zone deals available on PlayStation Store, where you can save on a huge selection of full-game and digital titles

Head to PlayStation Store today to save, download and play!

Games Under €20

Digital Zone

*Or regional equivalent

**Please note, some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Persona 5 Ultimate Edition on sale… but the Costume and BGM Bundle, which contains everything in the ultimate edition, isn’t on sale?

    Jeez, way to make me regret buying games.

    • im sure they were half price in the january sales, i picked up the persona set, didnt bother with costumes though,also the ultimate edition was 29.99 also not 34.99 as here

    • Yeah, really feels like I won’t deserve anything because I already own the game. “What, you’ve already bought it? How dare you!” I had the audacity to buy the game for full price. In any other universe that would be appreciated but not here apparently. Hopefully I’ll learn my lesson.

  • Darnit. None of my over 20 or so wishlist games in the list. Though bought Cat Quest a couple weeks ago and loved it so much i was genuinely sad when i completed it. Fun platinum though

    • It’s a really fun simple game. Not had as much time as I’d like on it though. I’m at level 48.

      If you’ve completed it can you let me know how or where you get keys for the locked chests in dungeons as still not found a key lol

    • walk south, young kitty. more south than you might at first think. And you’ll need to complete Pawt City quests first

  • How much will Persona 5 be? Deal of the week is still Tom Smugly. Recantly did 4 Golden and adored the bejebes out of it.

    • if you search the game on the store it shows it at 34.99, so im guessing thats the price, just not updated the deal page yet, its a really good game, i played it just after playing golden too and loved it

    • £24.99 for standard and £34.99 for ultimate edition on the UK store.

  • Thanking you kindly, sir.

  • Also, Im thinking very loudly(headache inducingly so) about Hellblade Sacrifice…Any views?

    • Hellblade is amazing. Combat is limited but satisfying, puzzles are thought inducing but not overly complex or obscure and the story is top rate along with it’s acting. The downside to the game is that it is a short-lived experience clocking in at around 8 hours.

      I say go for it and, if you do, heed these three tips:

      1: Play the game on the default difficulty which will tailor the game’s combat to your ability making it easier or harder to give you the best experience possible. Don’t waste this little gem by playing on easy.

      2: Focus. I didn’t realise this what this was until the third area and it would have made the first couple of areas go a little smoother than they did. Check controls if you purchase and you’ll see what it does.

      3: Listen to all of the narrative.


    • Thank you, what a helpful bunch you are. You 2 would be the uppermost bannanas with no bruising or greenage. Mine hat is topft, sirs.

  • *Thumbs up*… Ive tried that icon but it shoots me to the top of the page.*frowny face*

  • Checking for the PS Plus update and see a Persona 5 image, I be like for a split second.

  • Why on earth don’t you put the list in alphabetical order? Just look at that shambolic mess, this blog went down the pan years ago but that is just pure laziness. Disgraceful.

  • The titles “Alekhines Gun” and “Lichdome: Battlemage” have both gone up in price to £24.99. Please fix this before the sale ends, thank you.

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