Intergalactic parkour platformer Sprint Vector dashes onto PS VR next month

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Intergalactic parkour platformer Sprint Vector dashes onto PS VR next month

High speed thrills in eight player multiplayer or solo challenges from 13th February

Ready player…RUN! We are so excited to announce a final release date for Survios‘ multiplayer adrenaline platformer Sprint Vector, first previewed on PlayStation VR at Paris Games Week 2017. Now, Sprint Vector is blasting onto PS4 for PlayStation VR on 13th February, 2018!


Intuitive, addictive, competitive

Sprint Vector sends its intrepid contestants, running, jumping, climbing, flinging, drifting, and even flying across interdimensional 8-player race courses and challenge maps where your speed and finesse are put to the test.

Race in competitive online 8-player matches with global leaderboards, or invite your friends into a private match for a little friendly competition. Master 12 colourful, complex race tracks and nine solo challenge courses, or go at your own pace with customisable game settings for a more casual, free-running experience.


Go with the flow: introducing fluid locomotion

At Survios, we have a pretty simple design philosophy: “Why not?” It allows for a lot of fun experimentation because it presents obstacles as opportunities. Which brings us to Exhibit A: locomotion, a constant issue since VR’s inception.

We wanted to make a game where you could go absurdly fast, have complete agency over how you move, and feel capable of doing anything – so we set out to build a new way to move in VR while addressing all the pre-conceived notions of speed-induced nausea.


Sprint Vector’s Fluid Locomotion system and intuitive intended motion mechanics let you comfortably attain and maintain extreme speeds in VR.

Fluid Locomotion consists of smooth, natural arm motions and simple mechanics, which make its mechanics easy to learn and addictively fun to master. And in the process of conceptualising the game that would fully utilize Fluid Locomotion, we created a physically active, mentally challenging, ridiculously fun new virtual reality genre.

We’re so excited to welcome all you prospective new elite athletes to Sprint Vector, a brand new, high-octane adrenaline platformer that sends you rocketing through colourful space-punk landscapes as the star of an intergalactic parkour game show.

Start warming up now–your time in the spotlight is coming! For the best resources to attain maximum performance, check out and join the official Survios Discord to chat with Vectorheads and devs alike. And be sure to follow Survios on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see everything our studio is up to in all areas of VR.

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3 Author Replies

  • Looks like fun. But I’d love to try it first. Will there be a demo?

  • I need this yesterday.

    Will it offer Move controls?

  • Also, any estimation on pricing in the UK?

  • Do you have to stand up to play the game, or can it be played whilst seated (I’m thinking about disabled access)?

    • I think even with Move controllers you can play seated – just use an armless chair not to hit its parts. I tried it with numerous games where you don’t have to go sideways like in HoloBall (e.g. Skyrim VR, Rush of Blood or Raw Data – the last being created by the same team, Survios). You just of course have to point PS Camera rather at floor than straight ahead not to lose tracking of Move controllers when they’re close to the floor if the camera is on the TV and not under.

    • Thanks for the reply and insight. However, It would be nice to here from the Dev’s on this matter, for official ‘yay or nay’ confirmation.

      *edit: I’ve just had a Dev response on Reddit, confirming that the game can be played whilst seated, although some reviews say no way. I suspect that there’s a difference between being able to play and being able to play competitively.

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