New Gran Turismo Sport update adds cars, tracks and GT League events

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New Gran Turismo Sport update adds cars, tracks and GT League events

Polyphony Digital gets 2018’s racing season off to a flying start

Happy New Year, drivers! We’re thrilled to announce that 2018’s first major update for Gran Turismo Sport – Patch 1.11 will be live tomorrow, bringing with it 10 new cars, new tracks with eight different layouts and four exciting new GT League events.

You can read the full list of updates right here, and with plenty more free content still to come, be sure to stay tuned to PlayStation Blog for the latest news straight from the track.

New vehicles

Rolling into Brand Central this month are 10 unmissable new cars, including fan favourites like the Toyota Supra RZ and legendary Ferrari 330P4 and Jaguar XJ13. Plus, for the connoisseurs among you, we’ve also added the Toyota 2000GT. Check out the complete line-up:

  • Dodge Viper GTS
  • Ferrari 512 BB
  • Ferrari 330 P4
  • Ford GT
  • Jaguar XJ13
  • Lamborghini Diablo GT
  • McLaren F1
  • Toyota 2000GT
  • Toyota FT-1
  • Toyota Supra RZ




New tracks

Next up, the famous classic high-speed track Autodromo Nazionale Monza finally makes its debut in GT Sport and we’ve added a total of eight challenging layouts to master, including three non-GP versions of the Autodrome Lago Maggiore – Centre, East and West.



GT League events

Finally, following the launch of GT League with update 1.10, we know you’ve been itching for more category races in which to test your racing mettle. So this month, we’re providing just that with the addition of four exciting new events, including:

  • F150 Raptor Survival
  • J-Sport Meeting
  • La Festa Cavallino
  • Gr.3 Endurance Series



Remember: you can stay up-to-date with all the latest GT news here on PlayStation Blog, and over on the official Gran Turismo website.

From all of us here at PlayStation – enjoy the new update, and we’ll see you out on the track.

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  • So 1 new track. And not impressed at car selection. They are slow at updates and we get this? Where are the classics? Nissan Silvia? Toyota Levin?….

  • Loving the post-launch support! First with GT League convincing me to get this game. Now again with the addition of some truly fantastic vehicles!

    What’s next? Weather?????

  • Some stunning classic vehicles there, I look forward to taking them into Scapes mode ;) Thanks for the support, keep it coming :)


  • IT IS STILL NOT WORKING!!! Conecting to game since day before yesterday… My profile is still locked in “appear offline” mode witch is obviously connected to this issue! No matter what I try the red icon of appear offline remains next to my avatar! Tick in the menu actualy constantly changes every time I turn console off, so sometimes tick is next to “appear offline” and sometimes next to “Online” option – BUT I AM ACTUALLY CONTINUALLY IN APPEAR OFFLINE! – Proof is that text next to my avatar informs me that I was online “2 days ago”… So nothing works here! On other hand on my usless secondary profile EVERYTHING works fine, both changing the ” appear offline/online mode” AND GTSport connection to server!

    BUT NOT ON MY PRIMARY ACCOUT! I’ve payed for day one deluxe edition of game and I’m PS+ subscriber for years! In fact I have bought it for 3 more years ahead – AND ALL IT IS WORTLESS AND NOBODY OFFICIALY ANSWERS!


    You could try at least forcfully setting everyones profile back to ONLINE setting and continue from there.

    • I have… but still NOTHING. After that only effect that takes hold is that actual option for changing wheather to appear offline or online i greyed out! Its taken away from us, like Sony actively wants to stop the use of that solution! All of this is crazy and I am actually unable to play a game that i bought entire system and peripherals for. GTSport is unplayable offline, usless. Sony…

    • You can try to reconnect in the game?

      Are you connected with psn?

      Sometimes the servers are offline in gt sport i had that 2 times. The next day or in a vew hours its back online.

      You need to be at the latest Update too play the game online maybe tomorrow when you have downloaded the update it might going to work.

    • Extreme I know, but you have removed your primary account from the console (backing up all saved data first of course), and then ran a factory reset?

    • I have this exact problem , when turning on ps4 i am asked which user . on my profile pressed options and then could select log on in online status, this cleared the red x of appearing offline . Still am unable to play gt sport online but all other games and online features work . Error code WS-36705-1 for GT sport sort it out sony.

  • Excellent update PD, keep them circuits, cars and GT league events coming.

    i hope to see Spa, lemans and classics tracks in near future update

  • And still nothing for VR  

    • It’s not a VR game. If they did actually add a huge VR thing, you can bet they would charge you for it via some DLC.

    • My thoughts exactly. There’s an embarrassing lack of depth to the VR content in this game (embarrassing since the game was marketed at both existing PSVR owners and new purchasers [via the GT Sport / PSVR bundle]). Maybe Sony can give PD a nudge in the right direction. I’m not holding my breath though.

  • For me and the racing community I’m part of, the issue/bug that needs fixing the most is the stuck on grid or auto drive from a rolling start

  • Really like this game, only the daily races I have problem with. Some of the combinations of cars/tracks are ridiculous and end up turning it off right away.

    Take today – slow ass car and boring track is race 1, race 2 is boring oval and anyone who plays Tokyo online is crazy person who wants to lose ranks fast. I do my marathon and turn it off which is a shame.

  • I’m not playing the GT League events because I’d love to play them in VR.

  • Soooooo, did they fix the pedal mapping? I haven’t touched GTS for about 2 months because of pedals not being treated 1:1. I bought the T300 at GTS launch since my CSW+CSP (v1+v1) would not work.

  • Gt league needs longer races like the wind in a endurance race i beat the first install of gt league in 1 day infact bring back gt5 endurance races 2 3 4 6 10 hur races

  • Can we please get some drift or seasonal events like the last version had.

  • I just don’t understand some people but maybe it’s just me. As i bought the game i did it for the actual content, not for future dlc promises. And still there is no DLC content, where you have to pay but FREE updates to get new cars, tracks, content… To be honest this game is getting better and better and I’m really happy how it gets bigger and bigger.

    Some people still think it is going to be a new GT 6 matching that content…

  • Nice car list (I look at you Ferrari 512 BB), but you have to bring the absolutely rare McLaren M6 GT!

  • And if you purchased it taking advantage of a promo on PS Store or some black friday deals held across Europe you must admit you got more than you ever expected

  • I just hope they change 1 thing in the next update. Please You guys: change the arcade laptiming of the nürburgring nordschleife tourist lay out. Stop the laptime at the last sector checkpoint (audi banner/gantry), just like we, real life tourists, do! Don’t make us race trough the entry gates. It’s so silly and not at all realistic. That’s the only thing that spoils this great game.

  • OK list of cars. Ferrari 512BB I will definitely pick up. But I really want a regular Audi R8… I doubt it’ll be a part of these DLC updates but maybe you could make it part of the Mileage Exchange cars? Every week I hold a small hope of seeing it in there… :(

  • Needs to be way more cars. SOOOOO disappointed when I first looked at the car selection. Here’s some cars I thought would’ve FOR SURE been in this game that NEED to be: Corvette Z06 or ZR1, Camaro ZL1, challenger hellcat or demon, jeep trackhawk, Ferrari 488 gtb, mclaren P1, porsche 918 spider and gt2 RS, aventador and aventedor superveloce, huracan performante, bac mono, Ariel atom, Dodge Viper ACR, (New) ford gt and gt350R, More GTRs, Ford Focus RS, VW Golf R, Alfa 4c, Tesla P100D, jaguar f type, Mazda 787B . These are all just off the top of my head and I think it’s unacceptable for these extremely hyped/popular cars didn’t make it onto the game. I would rather play a remastered GT 5. And I haven’t even mentioned how awful the car modding is.. upgrading by power level??? COME ON. There better be a lot more updates coming or this game is going back to the store.

  • please help! my internet is perfectly working but my psn will not work ive tried everything but nothing is helping. i can get on to the play station tore but i cant use any game that requires psn like fortnite and i cant get new cars in gt sport bcuz that requires psn. thank you for reading i will greatly appreciate a solution. thanks

  • Spoiler alert: The very first Gran Turismo had more content than this. I am utterly appalled by people who have the guts to defend this piece of garbage.

  • @lathiel couldn’t agree more it’s this sort of blind gt fanboy following that makes them release half finished, content staved [DELETED] of a game,man up guys they need a slap in the face not a pat on the head Imo;-)

  • You folk are just complaining about gt sport.this update is not good and this cars and on and on.give the gt sport a try.there we be a lot of new tracks and cars belive me.this gt sport will be some day the biggest game with cars and tracks.So soon there will not be new gt thats for sure.this game will be masive upgraded.Be patience folk and enjoy in this great game.thanks

  • Need the ability to save data offline

  • I am blown away by so many negative comments here.

    If you don’t like what’s on offer, then jog on.

    I’ve played GT since launch on PlayStation. This is the best version yet.

  • Like: graphics & sounds.

    Miss: spoilers + real setups & more cars.

  • Yall sound like a bunch of spoiled little brats! You’re never satisfied with anything! I think this game has improved each and every update! Stop Crying and RACE!!!

  • exhaust flame bug !

  • I do love the game but I don’t understand why you are not able to do a qualifying lap, like the older versions. Starting in 20th, 45 seconds behind the race leader is hardly worth even racing because you know you have no chance.

  • Hello as a super masive fan of PlayStation and a big fan of the Gran Turismo series I’m very disopointed wheres the full car modifications just like in the older ones. Okay some cool “Vision cars” but what about the breaks? the turbo? driveshaft? the exauster and what about the modification of car bodies? I want to play this game but right now I dont like it the it is and I prefer my older GT 5 do something about it please and just before I go why did you add car requirements for car racers that never was a thing. This is not Gran Turismo its just some bad car game that goes under the Gran Turismo brand name

  • Please add the new Ford Fusion/Mondeo, just like you had in previous GT game, the car pick is so small, and race tracks are a small pick, it’s a such a huge difference, in your previous GT you had over 1,000 cars, and twice the amount of tracks…

    What’s up with this? Now I payed for full digital edition and not a huge variety of cars and tracks, it’s kind of ridiculous don’t you think?

    And remove the race numbers, I want to race and show off my design, not the huge number you randomly give me that all over my car

    Graphics are great, and game play. I’ve been a huge fan of GT racing, and I’ve had every single game, and played the hell out of them, but this one just has nothing interesting, small variety of cars and tracks…

    Sport mode is broken, so many hackers, and laggers, racing someone with a same car and everything is locked and you can’t have more power or lower the weight but somehow try keep teleporting ahead and take turns so easily without letting go of the gas pedal. And then there is the penalty time of 10 seconds when someone who can’t drive for [DELETED] and they hit you and you fly off the track and you the only get penalty time, where is the common sense? I though when I watched the introduction it says that they will get penalty if they hit you, at least make the cars turn into ghost when someone about to hit you, this is ridiculous

  • Alfa romeo is one of the most historical car manufacturers and you don’t even have a museum for them. Come on guys…….

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