‘Games under €20’ discounts kick off today on PlayStation Store

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‘Games under €20’ discounts kick off today on PlayStation Store

Plus, a fresh batch of new deals on digital titles

The January Sale might be over, but we have two promotions starting today, the first of which is the return of our Games Under €20* offer, where a huge selection of full-games and add-ons are… under €20!


Whether it’s Hellblade, Fallout 4, The Last Guardian, DiRT Rally or Far Cry 4, you can grab a top title at a drop-down price** until 7th February.

The full list is below, but head to PlayStation Store for your regional pricing.


Digital Zone (until 7th February)

Our Digital Zone promotion is back, and we have some amazing digital titles discounted until 7th February 2018.

You can save up to 60% on the likes of How To Survive 2, Salt & Sanctuary, Abzu, Adrift and more**. Just head to PlayStation Store today to save, download and play!

*Or regional equivalent
**Some titles may not be available in your region

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  • Again… 549 czech crowns is definitely not under 20 euros…

  • There’s this thing called the Alphabet. It’s really useful for putting lists into a logical order, you know, an Alphabetical order. Please Sony, teach your blog staff the Alphabet!

  • Wishlist implemented in Web browser PS Store for years now. Yet still no Gifting feature so whats the point. Also weak sale this one in terms of games selection they’re all meh.

  • Again, the link for “games under £16” is blank. Please have everything in place before posting. Thank you.

  • Now i hate that i have not much time…Getting older, less time.

  • Hm none of my wishlist here. It’s weird how Kero Blaster has been out since April and has not been in a single sale yet but really oughta.

  • I’ll be picking up the Deus Ex Mankind Divided Season pass. At a price of 5 quid I can’t resist. Is there ever a chance that the Muramasa Rebirth DLC bundle will ever be on sale? Keep waiting but never comes around. Well Vita’s birthday is in February maybe then… but who am I kidding

    • For that price = definitely worth it, i might redownload the ps plus Deus ex and just play and complete whole story with season pass.

    • @jehuty_2174 maybe it will come out during Big in Japan… but that’s just speculation on my side.

  • “Hunt the Grey Wolf” discount – finally! It took only 4 years. Shame it wasn’t included with Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition.

  • Thank you for making Psycho Pass PS4 free for EU Plus users, too. Much appreciated.

    • I was really looking forward to that game. It’s very annoying to be mislead and lied to as they plainly said that we also would get the PS4 version in another blog post. Sony really should Start sticking to what they say as it does impact their reputation.

    • I don’t think they lied to us. It was an unfortunate mistake on their part with a incorrect cross buy listing. I for one am super thankful they honoured it. It must have taken some working out with the publisher of the game to renumerate them accordingly.

    • The game is now free for Plus users :) When I checked earlier it was showing as £11.99 (sale price). I’ve edited my original comment to reflect this. Happily so!

    • Ain’t my kind of game at all but it should still get even a small blog post that alerts everyone to the fact the PS4 version is PS Plus freebie now too before it disappears at end of month. I added it to my library just in case I feel like playing it someday.

    • I didn’t realise it was free :)

  • Thank you Sony! Psycho-Pass is now free on ps4 for plus subscribers.

  • Deus Ex pass only thing of value here. Already picked it up and didn’t even play the game again since then… Didn’t think it would drop this low. More season passes at that price, please. And more season pass and DLC sales in general.

  • Ended up coming across the Cat Quest demo and giving that a go and was disappointed it ended so soon cos I was enjoying it and then noticed it’s in this actual sale for £5.79 so figured I may as well get that. Cheers! :D

    • I’m in 2 minds whether to get that for that price or get it on switch at full price as it’s probably a fun game to play in portable mode

    • why does every frickin’ reply I get on here or twitter or whatever include mention of the Switch? Sick of the darn thing. :P But yes it’s a fun game and it’s up to you which machine you’d prefer to play it on. It’ll be a dark day that has me giving any money to Nintendo again after the crud they’ve pulled over the years.

    • @Carnivius_Prime

      Lol I agree. I must have heard “perfect for the Switch” about 5 times today already

    • Bought it for ps4 along with hellblade which I’ve not stated yet but cat quest is a lot of fun

    • Glad you enjoy Cat Quest. I’m having a lot of fun with it too. Exactly the sort of simple, charming but challenging hack n slash rpg-ish thing i was hoping for. :)

    • I played the Steam version getting all the achievements (but they added more since then, guess I’ll have to install it again) and it was amazing. The game is short (about 10 hrs for a single playthrough) and not very complex but so much fun. And cat puns were super hilarious all the way through

    • Dragon Quest Builders was released on PS4 and Vita in 2016. Next Friday it’s coming to the switch, wanna know how I know, the bloody community are up Nintendo’s bloody backside. I haven’t forgiven them for the Wii. I do have access to a 3DS but only for the DQ games.

      Switch zealots put me off of ever looking at one. “Ooh have you played skyrim on the switch?” “Have you played Doom on the switch?” “Have you……” at this point I felt I should help them go from their vertical positioning to a more comfortable horizontal one.

  • Nothing for PS3/Vita? Wow… Its pretty bad the state you have just left the PS3 in. Why you have never fixed the store on PS3 I will never know, pure laziness.

    • Is it? They supported the console for 10 years and it still gets fairly regular sales, quit your griping. And as far as the PS Store on PS3 goes it works perfectly fine for me so maybe it’s you.

    • The PS Store on PS3 works for me it’s just very slow. I’m not expecting continued support for PS3 at this point but some loading time improvements for the store on PS3 (seeing as it’s still active and still has sales) wouldn’t hurt. It wasn’t this slow until after Sony did the 2012 redesign.

    • Let’s just say PS Store is working pretty bad lately for many people. In November, after Halloween deals there were few issues with Store. Store on Vita and PS3, as well as on the website stopped showing any discounts. Even at the beginning of December/January deals my Vita was still clueless about them. After reinstalling shops on both consoles I had still issues, reporting did nothing. Currently page doesn’t show this “Games under 20 euro” in Deals list, you have to search main ads to find it. PS3 shows not all of the games from the lists. So whenever I need to search if games are discounted, I do have to visit other website “psprices.com” to check what’s discounted. This is ridiculous.

    • Vita store works fine for me, haven’t used the PS3 one in a while. Also they don’t do regular PS3 sales like the Vita they are slowly fading them out, there weren’t that many last year the only big one was the January they had done good PS3 sales, but in about the last year they stopped really including offers on them.

  • Xcom 2 war of the chosen never gets a sale. It looks great but not paying full price of a game for dlc that will likely run badly on ps4 and never get patched up.

  • This is a much better sale than the January sale. Looking at Hellblade and Trackmania Turbo, possibly HF The Revolution too.

  • Gotta buy Gravity Rush Remastered and Gravity Rush 2 as digital backup copies as a (Dusty) token of gratitude for prolonging the server time. Maybe some Tales of DLC as well.

  • Deus ex mankind divided season pass has gone back to $22.95. It was around $8 when the sale first started?

  • Yeah, yesterday I forgot to buy the season pass for Deus Ex and today it’s at 14,99 euros. Two days ago it was at 29,99 so…maybe the price cut bugged the store or something.

  • Deus Ex Mankind Divided is showing as full price to me for some reason too, instead of free as part of the IGC!

  • Yep, Deus Ex season pass was a fiver the other day but is now back at full price! Please fix this quick so I can pick it up!

  • Same issue as everyone else, do please fix the season pass price for Deus Ex! Thank you!

  • Clicking digital zone on the store doesn’t lead to anything still!

  • Kind of annoying when you give a discount to the PS4 versions and not the Vita but that was a long running thing from last year, it was pretty much only the January sale when you did do offers on them. Be nice instead of actually just stopping Vita sales without telling us you do one last big sale and notify us, I feel like they’re just gonna fade out and you will stop doing them without telling anybody (which isn’t a cool move btw)

  • Not sure if I’m the only one that cares about this, but White Night has completely disappeared from the store. I wanted to buy it, it was at a good price, and I’ve been interested in the game for long. But now it’s gone.

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