A new PS4 System Software update is coming – sign up now for the beta

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A new PS4 System Software update is coming – sign up now for the beta

Help us improve the way you play and get a first look at new features coming to PS4

We’re getting ready for the next major system software update for PlayStation 4, and as with previous updates are looking for PS4 owners help to fine tune it ahead of launch.

Starting today, you can sign up here for a chance to be a beta tester and get an early look at some of the new features and improvements coming to PS4.

Beta testers for last October’s PS4 system software update 5.00, got early access to features like Family on PlayStation Network, friend list management, message improvements and much more before launch.

To register, you’ll need a PS4 system, be connected to the internet and be the master account holder. If you want to opt out of the trial, you can always roll back to a previous system software version at any time.

You can also choose to be added to future betas automatically without having to register again.

We’ll be back soon with an update on the features you can expect in the beta. And thanks to everyone who helped out in the previous beta trial – your feedback is always valued and we hope to see you online again for this one!

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  • Hoping it will let you download and play all your PS1 digital purchases on a PS4 but really probably gonna be a bunch more social features (some of which I admittedly find useful but would love to play Symphony of the Night on my main console with the extra features the PS4 has). Signed up anyways as been beta tester before.

    • We need ps1 ps2 ps3 games on ps4

    • And this is exactly why I kept my Playstation 3 console. Yes, it’s not my main console either and it WOULD be nice to play all the games on one machine but at the same time, I’m glad they didn’t do backwards compatability because I don’t think I would have been able to afford a $600 console at the time I finally did buy my PS4. (Hin hint, Sony, how about making a machine add-on to let us do all the older games on the PS4 ?)

    • Just let me stream the games on my PS3 to my ps4/vita, the tech is there but can only stream about 3 games to vita. But that would be a half solution to bc

    • yes but i didn’t expect ps2 or ps3 compatibility though would be nice. I certainly did expect PS1 compatibility since it’s been on every single other PlayStation system and the PS4 could probably run about 20 of the games at once (ok i don’t know that for sure but it surely can’t be a technical issue cos even my ancient phone and laptop can run PS1 games via emulation fine enough, but I want them on the actual PlayStation)

    • We do but we are not going to get it you can be sure of that maybe we will be allowed to purchase them via Playstation Now but as far as PS3 disc are concerned it highly lightly iexepct it will be all the features that most people will find unnecessary

    • The problem with you lot is you don’t understand the short comings of the PS3 and PS4 hardware. No PS3 game could run in emulation on the PS4 due to CPU load.

  • Still want to see backwards compatibility with PS1 games via disc & DL. If the PSP,PS Vita & even PS3 were all capable of playing them I don’t see why PS4 can’t

    • Forget PS3, all of the rest is possible, and in fact PS2 emulator is already on your PS4, you just can’t use your discs.

    • The PS2 emulator is already on PS4, but Sony need to make it compatible with more than 1% of PS2 games or there’s no point. There are PS2 games I would play on PS4 but they’re just not there and probably never will be.

  • Well i hope sony invites NEW PEOPLE to try the beta insted of using the same people over and over or signing up to a beta is pointless when sony obviously rigs it that they use the same people over and over and dosnt let new people try the beta well i hope i get into the beta this time after a friend gave me a code for last 1

  • Please please please add systemwide downsampling/supersampling for 1080p displays on Pro

  • A decent PS1 emulator please, I have lots of PS1 digital downloads for my Vita which I’d like to play on my big screen (perhaps with various options to change resolution, etc). Don’t bother with Trophies or anything like that, just a nice chance to replay some old friends a bit.

  • * Delete anything from Trophy/Games List

    * More customization for the ‘What’s New’ section (option to stop seeing friends’ trophies and the ‘Follow on Playstation’ section). I do love seeing new trailers in there.

    * Bring back support for non-Sony headsets (that connect via controller)

    Those are my most important issues. Hope to see some of it and it’s not all about the relatively useless option to change your name.

  • Also would like to be able to remove Beta’s & Demo’s from the Purchase section. Since although from a previous update its easier to sort through the games currently installed. But it’s a slight annoyance not being able to remove beta’s etc that are no longer needed/expired

    • This would make things a lot less cluttered. I don’t see the point in having demos for Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light still being listed when I have the full games for both now.

  • We need to be able to play old ps1 games on ps4 by just injecting the disc

    • I want the focus on new games, not old stuff, most of which you can get on psnow anyway.

      Backwards compatibility is hugely resource intensive and mostly worthless, I’m glad Sony are doing it, its what makes PS4 so good at the things that matter.

    • Disk support would make them less money than they’d get from selling the few games on the store to the few people that want them. It’s not like there’s a bunch of people waiting for the PS4 to have PS1 support before they finally purchase it either.

      It would probably be digital purchases only (to make them a tiny amount of money), which would also prevent incompatibilities like the PS2 and PS3 had (with games like DoA and FF VIII on disk).

    • A lot of people value backwards compatibility st0rmbr1nger, PS Now isn’t the same thing as just being able to put the disc in and it plays. On PC you don’t have to choose between older games and newer games, you can have both. I don’t see why it shouldn’t be the same on consoles. Microsoft have the right idea in having three generations of Xbox games playable on Xbox One. It’s time for Sony to catch up.

      Sony getting complacent because PS2 sold more than every other console, was the reason why the PS3 launch was such a disaster. They shouldn’t assume they no longer have to make an effort, just because they are way ahead of Xbox One right now. It could quite easily go the other way again with the PS5 and next Xbox. The Xbox 360 did well so Microsoft thought all those users would just go straight to Xbox One. They didn’t.

  • Make parental controls actually work….

  • surely change psn id will come soon, its what everyone wants. could be first for free then any more feel free tp charge us and generate a huge fast income to support the network

  • I think we should be able to play remote play on every device not just made by sony and on remote play on PC i would like it have keyboard instructions (r2 = up on PC) or something like that

  • And change your username

  • You all need to do your research on backwards compatibility this is no easy task it sure as hell wasnt for Microsoft lucky for them they had lack of projects to focus on to achieve it stop complaining bout it if you don’t know the process if they can get to it they will for now enjoy all the games and features they have to offer they have more projects on their hands than to even focus on that, hell Nintendo was supposed to have GameCube compatibility on the Switch since last year The process isn’t easy

    • PS1 should be. It’s basically prehistoric compared to the PS4

    • @raidenX54Don’t give me that rubbish. Even PSP is capable of running PS1 games. It’s not like it’s trying to run a PS3 game.

    • It’s certainly not an easy task but it can be done. There are working PS3 emulators on PC now and these are just unofficial projects. So “PS3 emulation is too hard” doesn’t seem as convincing as it did a few years ago.

  • Why not give us all what we really want backwards compatibility

  • Your software “updates” are always crap.

    • I would agree adding PS3 & PS2 Disc activation would make perfect sense Playstation Now after 3 years has only 450 titles that can not be purchased for keeps most of them that are up there i own on the PS3 anyway.

      I guess we are in for things like more c**p custom themes system Stability tougher parental controls that will justify a 6 months system update

    • Agree more like downgrades. For example i can’t use remoteplay on psvita anymore thx to recent updates

  • Please fix direct connection between Psvita and Ps4, it has gotten worse with recent updates. And also please allow xperia devices to directly connect to Ps4 just like Psvita

  • Great

    More ‘software stability’ or at best some nondescript social feature

  • The best feature would be to change the Gamertag, but it’ll never happen. They would of done it ages ago if they were going to do it. Can you imagine the chaos that would follow though, tens of millions of users changing their Gamertag at the same time, Sony servers would explode. Without sounding insensitive, who cares about playing old PS1 & PS2 games on the PS4, what a waste of processing power and electricity?! If you’re that bothered buy a scart lead and hook up your old system.

    It’ll just be visual software tweeks, moving stuff around, just like usual….

    Here’s an idea Sony, fix your email issue before you redesign the PS4 desktop. I never get any emails, newsletters, promotional emails or statistics as promised. Despite being signed up for the lot. Talking to customer services is like trying to have a conversation with a wet kipper! And on Twitter, they’re just aweful. My Nan could give better advice.

    Being able to remove any game from your library perminantly would be great, purchased or otherwise. Or at the very least have a “hide” feature, some junk I’ve bought really gets on my nerves.

    Also having the ability to delete any set of trophies I want from the profile, hey some stuff is embarrassing!

    • Change Gamertag is coming. Shawn Layden said so on the last Playstation conference.

    • Some people do care about playing PS1 and PS2 games on PS4, it’s convenient having an all in one console. Some new TVs don’t even support scart leads any more. I’d say having four consoles connected to my TV all at once is more of a waste of electricity, than just doing it all through the PS4 would be.

  • Great! Can’t wait to turn my console in a social media machine! (Sarcasm)

  • I have sign up for the beta test

  • trophy tracking system

    trophy tracking system

    trophy tracking system

  • Please allow to buy PS3 etc. Purchases

  • It would be nice to receive the vr content previously promised as other platforms seem to be able to make the step over with pro cars 2 assetto corsa and ps4 could not even cover what it promised in gt sport plus I notice vr has been pulled from other games such as ace combat7 leaving gamers with meagre last minute experiences and novelties quickly cast aside

  • iPad remote play!


  • Believe it when I see it

  • Please, the ability to delete unwanted trophies! It’s just ugly to have a game stuck at 3% because you gave it a try and then decided you don’t want to play anymore. Or, at least, the ability to delete trophies under 10%! Will this ever happen?

    • Nope I have noticed a few people over the past 10 years ask for this. But I just don’t think they ever will or even if they can put such a feature in place. I think the best you can do is hide them from other players seeing a certain set of trophies on your profile.

    • Why wouldn’t it be possible? There’s other ways around it too, like they could at the very least hide the hidden trophies from the users themselves (except for in the selecting menu, obviously), or bump them all the way down under my very first PS3 games.

    • What’s the point….honestly.

      just because you have OCD?

    • Some of us like a job well done, and not all of us play games to escape reality. I, for myself, play games to challenge myself and I approach them very rationally. Maybe not your cup of tea, but mine for sure.

      Getting 100% completion give me a goal to work towards. So it does bug me when I try out a game that I later discover to dislike and I can’t erase from my trophy list. And it has nothing to with OCD; I am just an orderly and tidy person in general

    • Harrisown, you might only own a few games, I’ve been ammassing trophies since Uncharted on PS3 and I almost only play on Playstation so I have hundreds of games. Last thing I need is even more unwanted games in there (usually the very few PS+ disappointments that I did decide to give a try…)

  • I would love to play my old digital ps3 purchases. I have the ps3 but worried that you will stop supporting it soon.

    Is it possible to put a search engine in the purchased software too?

    • in time Sony will but gaming developers will still support for a long time after Sony only developed the PS4 cause they want to make a cheaper console the PS3 used a more expensive chip-set where the PS4 is cheaper & has a more powerful but cheaper Chip-set. That does not change the fact that Sony should bring PS3 games to the PS4 cause both PS3 & PS4 Game disc use Blu-ray Technology thus they both use HD both are designed for wide screen both have no region protection so there would not be much modification required streaming is great for movies but not for games

  • Dolby Atmos support for games and Netflix via AVR’s and Headphones… and Supersampling for 4K videos on the YouTube app on 1080p displays.

    • Atmos or DTS:X is needed indeed. As the Blu-ray’s next step was 4k together with Atmos, and the other console is doing Atmos, this is a must. Furthermore Sony has 3D sound is some games, which were achieved using DTS technology. So Sony please gives us Atmos support

  • Delete trophies.

    Change psn Id.

    More sort options when comparing or viewing own trophy list.

    Delete demos.

    Trophy tracking system like seen on psnprofiles and truetrophies

    Ps now games request option

    And finally give us the details of the employee(s) that added the insane trophies like battlefield hardlines dlc lol. :-)

  • I tried PlayStation Now but it’s useless until we can choose the language we want. No way I’ll ever subscribe until we can. I live in Belgium and am a native English speaker. All I wanted was to play Fallout 3 but no. It’s in French! I could live with it in Dutch as I live in the Dutch speaking part but I don’t even have that option! Useless!

    • Be happy you even have ps now. We never had the chance to relive the old legends in Sweden. I just want to have the possibility to stream my former ps3 games.

  • I just want the first Red Dead Redemption on PS4. Please!

  • No one cares for backwards compatibility, why would I buy a New Console to play games I’ve already played? Backwards compatibility on any platform besides pc is Stupid. New Console We wanna play new games not games we’ve already played before. What we really need is PSN Online ID name changing.

    • Glad to hear you include everyone when you say something. God, how can you speak on the behalf of gamers when you have new clue what you are talking about?

    • I wouldn’t say BC is an absolute necessity but it sure would be handy (unless you’re a pc gamer who doesn’t own many previous consoles or games?)… And the competition’s got it… The way I see it, BC is kind of a goodwill thing, a nice gesture towards your audience and gaming in general. A way to say they want to give something back for all our undying support. Those that don’t offer it, obviously care more about profits than about their customers or gaming market. To me, things like that really matter, the impression they make with some of their actions. I have lost a lot of respect for Sony since they started charging for online via PS+, and in the meanwhile Microsoft got BC for their public, too…

    • Speak for yourself IILeGiT_GhOsTII. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t mean no one else is interested. Console generations are a very outdated idea now. PC users don’t have to choose between older games and newer games so neither should console users. Xbox One users can play new games and also have an extra 400+ Xbox/Xbox 360 games in the Xbox game library. Time for Sony to catch up.

    • Judging by the comments I think a lot of people care.

  • ps3 game compatibility for ps4

  • 2 things…

    Backward compatibility (old record I know) but sales of ps4 would inevitably go up if we could bin old consoles once and for all.

    Remove purchases from download list. We all have games, demos and other stuff we’d like to get rid of. Both repetitive wishes but ones which many users have always asked for.

    • Well its worked for Microsoft over 400 hundred XBox 360 titles & there not frightened to further it by adding Xbox Originals

  • I have recently made a switch to PS4 from Xbox One, I like the cleaner UI in the beginning but miss lot of Xbox UI features. Have mentioned below some features or options, kindly go through and try implementing them. Also please refer to competition regularly (Xbox) for new relevant / good features they are implementing regularly.

    1> Better navigating system (like Xbox guide) – for all the messages or party connect/options a separate screen opens which becomes very annoying, it is taking me away from the game also taking some time to open. All these are very easy through Xbox guide.

    2> Use of L1 / R1 / L2 / R2 – while navigating kindly give access to these buttons eg. scrolling down or up with L2 & R2 (same present in Xbox). Home screen can use R1 & R2 for different tabs accessing main pages like My games, Whats New or News feed, Community activities, game store and app store.

    3> Top options (using L3) eg. notifications, online friends, messages, settings, etc. – while scrolling up using L3 all these options doesn’t provide detail information (eg. online friends, notifications etc.), we have to press the option to get into details as there is no space.

    4> Search option and inviting new people from LFG – searching alphabet by alphabet is pain, please improvise this. And if I have to invite (for game and party) a new player through LFG or other source I have to add him first which is not good as if I am not comfortable then I have to remove the player.

    I know these changes will led to another changes in the overall UI but suggesting for a better user experience. Have lot more to say regarding trophy system, UI changes (messages, party, playstation button menu on controller etc.) but keeping it to the above suggestions as these points seems critical to me, I would like to participate if you need more suggestions on these options or general.


  • Ahh! Yet more social features and parental guidance options that literally nobody wanted or needed. Sony engineers must be living in a bunker. How about a ability to remove demos and betas from library? Too “hard” or even “impossible” to program like backwards compatibility? Or how about something really crazy like an option to hide [DELETED] 1% plus-games from trophylist? I know that’s like rocket-science of the 22th century., Does Sony have brainstorming weekends in some secret space station or volcano hideout where they come up with these outrageously useless ideas or do they just arise naturally?

  • Bugado esse chat em !

  • Waiting for

  • Please support the PSVR

    And add HDR when we turn off psvr

    It’s too sad, when i connect ps4 pro hdmi

    To psvr processeer, it will cancel HDR function!

    When i asked technical support on twitter

    They said, new model is coming with HDR support!

    It’s not fair, we bought the old model and cost us a lot of money

    Sony please fix that problem with software update

    • This isn’t possible at a hardware level the HDMI specification of the original PSVR breakout box isn’t capable of HDR, suck it up and disconnect the PSVR or buy the newer model headset.

  • Things I’d like to see: 


    – A nicer viewing experience (not just a simple list)

    – Ability to delete unwanted game trophies (not just 0%. could use security email or SMS to verify and have a 30 day undo period)

    – Add a progression bar to trophies (so we can see how far/close we are from getting a trophy)

    – Trophy tracker (a box that stays on screen when playing a game with the progression bar to show how close we are to getting a trophy. Also ability to place the box where we want it to be on the screen) 


    – Deeper stat tracking (how long we’ve played a game for, longest played multiplayer game, trophies in the last month etc.) 

    PSN ID:

    – Ability to change PSN ID.

    User Interface:

    – Pin favourite games to the front of the PS4 menu screen. 

    Quick Menu:

    – Ability to change the colour, opacity and font size of the quick menu. 

    PS Store:

    – Add a wishlist to the PS4 systems store (currently only on PC web browsers)

    – Ability to gift games to another PSN ID via the PS4 systems store

    – Refunds (for example if a game hasn’t been played yet or has only been played for a few minutes)

  • Allow the deletion of notifications (as we could before).

  • Get ready for a great new major update for the PS4 system, where you’ll be able to:

    Change the font of the clockChoose one more colour for your notificationsSelect from more brightness settings for your Dual Shock’s light bar

    More seriously, though, here’s what I hope:

    Being able to sort and filter the purchased items. Like many, here, I’m sick of seeing these betas and demos in my list. It’s a mess!Being able to delete Trophies would be niceBeing able to let folders automatically sort the items inside (by alphabetical order, last played, etc.)Like someone else suggested here: I’d like to see more stats. Time spent playing one game, time played VS tophies earned, this kind of interesting dataI also wouldn’t mind more functionality around trophies, like progress barsI wouldn’t mind more available colours for the default themes, either

    Thanks, Sony!

  • Please add this time a small and important feature like “timer” you added a clock when we click on the quick menu but a timer is a must for people that goes for trophies and some of them ask for speed run, I found myself using my iphone timer but it’s not that convenient.

    Also an option to remove an Update version will be nice! if i remember right we have that on PS3.

    make a progress info for trophies like: you need to shoot 20 times with this gun so you will have on your trophy 12/20 so I will know how much I have missing (I heard X-box have that already long time ago)

  • Please fix the free storage bug introduced in 5.0. Also there are ~80GB free on my system storage, I can’t install games, download patches, or even start some games, unless I delete something first :(

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