Battle robotic foes & solve puzzles in futuristic PS VR adventure Apex Construct, out 20th February

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Battle robotic foes & solve puzzles in futuristic PS VR adventure Apex Construct, out 20th February

New trailer, details on control scheme for post-apocalyptic tale from former Battlefield, Mirror’s Edge developers

Hello, my name is Erik Odeldahl. I am the Creative Director at Fast Travel Games, a VR games developer founded in 2016 by former creators of franchises such as Battlefield & Mirror’s Edge.

Little over two months ago, we announced our debut title called Apex Construct – an action/adventure game built from the ground up for VR that we believe delivers an immersive and extensive experience unlike anything available today.

The reception from VR gamers following our announcement was extremely strong and positive, so I am happy to finally be able to reveal that the game is releasing for PS VR worldwide on 20th February, and that PlayStation Plus members will get a 20% discount when pre-ordering!

If you haven’t heard about Apex Construct before, let me recap a bit: The game is set in a strange future where merciless robots prowl the world as a result of mankind’s reckless experiments. As the last human alive, you will need to explore this world to uncover its secrets while defending yourself from the synthetic creatures, utilising an upgradable bow, arrow & shield setup. Progressing through the adventure, you will gradually reveal what actually happened to the world you once knew – and what your role is in the drawn out conflict between two powerful AIs.

Apex Construct

One of the stated missions for us at Fast Travel Games is to make VR games that last, and Apex Construct is really created to deliver a lasting experience. In addition to completing the main campaign, which should last around five hours and take you to places like pre-apocalyptic research stations, underground caves and parts of an old city, Apex Construct is filled with hidden areas to explore – and the more you explore, the more you understand about the world and the story. We call it ‘Exploration Driven Narrative’ and believe it really rewards players who take their time with the game.

An integral part of Apex Construct is the ‘Safe House’ from which any mission can be replayed, allowing you to find items or areas you might have missed when completing a mission the first time. This is also where Radiance Points, gained after killing enemies or finding secrets, can be spent to upgrade your equipment and improve your chances of survival against enemies determined to end your life.

We estimate that 50% of the game will be about exploration and puzzle solving, while the other 50% will be about fluid combat, sometimes against multiple enemies at once.

Apex Construct

Lastly, we also have some news to share regarding how you move around. While Apex Construct was initially built for teleportation movement only, after listening to feedback from VR gaming communities I can now confirm that direct movement with smooth turning options will be available in the game, from launch. We really want every player to be able to experience Apex Construct in their own prefered style.

So, a long road has (almost) come to an end. In just around six weeks, we are making Apex Construct available for PS VR players around the globe, hopefully providing that engaging and lasting VR action/adventure you have been waiting for. It has been a blast creating this fantastical world and we simply can’t wait for 20th February so you get to experience it yourself.

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